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  1. Koduj dla Polski

    By Jason Addie & Eric
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    • 1. xTraktr
    • 2. Problem Citizens, activists, journalists, scientists, and public officials are struggling to understand a variety of attitudes, trends, and mechanisms, processes, changes in their environment.
    • 3. Problem While there is much more data out there than you might imagine, much of it is closed or siloed in organizations and is often lost in time.
    • 4. Problem Often organizations rely on reams of text to communicate ideas that can visually be communicated in a matter of seconds.
    • 5. Problem There is a lack of cross-tabulation tools without a steep learning curve that are also open source and enable users to export, embed, and otherwise easily use the outputs in other media.
    • 6. Linked Data > Informed People xTraktr StoryBuilder Audience
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