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    • 1. Personalized smart phone for pilots Carmen Lew
    • 2. WingThing: the Smartphone for Pilots  Text and video messaging  Flight paths with GPS navigation  Specialized weather channel  Aircraft interaction Carmen Lew
    • 3. Say hello to John Carmen Lew
    • 4. John turns on his WingThing and logs in using a personalized password. Carmen Lew
    • 5. John sees that he has a new text message and pushes “T” to view it. Carmen Lew
    • 6. John pushes “V1” to see the video message. Carmen Lew
    • 7. Later, John gets a call from Rodney. Incoming call… Rodney Carmen Lew
    • 8. John pulls up the map by pushing “L.” Carmen Lew
    • 9. John puts the other three locations on to his map… Carmen Lew
    • 10. …and WingThing automatically creates the flight paths for him. Carmen Lew
    • 11. Then, John checks the weather by pushing “V2.” Carmen Lew
    • 12. Everything’s good to go, so John plugs his WingThing into his plane’s cockpit… Carmen Lew
    • 13. …and off he goes! Carmen Lew
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