1. Veronica Lane
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    • 1. Detroit Red Wings!!!!
    • 2. captains• These r the 2 BEST captains to ever exist for real. Perfect human
    • 3. the MAGICIAN• Hes magic enough said Realli funny guy with good accent
    • 4. Homer!Swenglish othersFer sureRetiring  Mule He’s just mule I love him Bert Badass Doesn’t like sharing pingpong tables Helmer Ladies man Injured alot
    • 5. GOALIES• JIMMEH He has a cute son Mr brickwall JONAS Tbh idk anything about him Except hes swedish.
    • 6. NEW CAPTAIN Perfect hairPerfect beard
    • 7. ABBY! Others cont… Hi beautiful cemmer Pat We miss him playing  (I know a few are missing don’t judge)
    • 8. KRONWALL• He hits guys really hard• Also known as kronwalling boom
    • 9. Misc info• we are NOT old• 11 time stanley cup winners (HA)• Original six team• We r the best (sorry not sorry) Hockeytown, USA!
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