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    Voting rights (1)
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    • 1. Voting Rights in the Unites States BY: Kristen Miller
    • 2. Voting Rights Act of 1965 The voting rights Act of 165 was the movement of African American gaining their legal American rights. Such as the right to vote.
    • 3. Why was this brought to the publics attention? In the century following reconstruction, African American in the South faced overwhelming obstacle to voting. EX: The murder of voting-rights activists in Philadelphia, Mississippi gained national attention, along with the numerous other acts of violence and terrorism
    • 4. Why was this act important? Many African Americans lacked their legal American rights because of the color of their skin. They were not able to vote and if they tried they risked being harassed and physical abuse.
    • 5. Influential people MLK - Martin Luther King Jr. was a very influential person who gave many speeches to help the African American gain their rights.
    • 6. Influential people Lyndon B Johnson was a president at the time who have a speech before the congress and 2 days later he sent the voting Right Bill to the congress.
    • 7. Obstacles faces Congress realized that the existing federal anti- discrimination laws were not sufficient to overcome the resistance by state officials to enforce the 15 amendment.
    • 8. What was the result of this act? Many marches for equality nationwide where many people faced imprisonment for standing up for their rights. African American slowly began to gain their voting rights. African Americans no longer had to do poll taxes or literacy test in order to vote.
    • 9. the voting rights act was signed on August 6, 1965. It outlawed the voting practices adopted by the southern states from the Civil War. 15 amendment
    • 10. http://www.justice.g ov/crt/about/vot/int ro/intro_c.php http://www.blackpas lyndon-baines- johnson-voting-rights- act http://www.civilright rights/vra/ newshour/rundown/d o-you-remember- when-the-voting- rights-act-passed-tell-
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