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Transparency of elections? How much they are willing to cast vote?

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    Transparency of elections?
    How much they are willing to cast vote?
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    • 1. &1&May 2nd , 2013&‫ق‬‫ل‬‫خ‬‫آواز‬A combined project of
    • 2. &2• 11 May – Election Day is very close• Political pundits are anticipating about expected political scenario• But what are public beliefs about– Transparency of elections– How much they are willing to cast vote– What is their criteria of voting– Candidate is important or party is important– How women will vote– How much they believe that conditions will improve after elections• To answer all these questions Pulse Consultant asked few questions with 1324Pakistani adults males /females , a representative sample of urban population of top15 cities in the month of April 2013• This report is the combine effort of Pulse Consultant & Umeed.pkUnderstand Drivers of Voting
    • 4. &4• Despite of all media rating & entry of “Political talk shows’ on ‘Prime Time” – on overalllevel even in urban scenario - the interest in politics – doesn’t seems as high as one canexpect – Amongst females only 20% & amongst males around 43% respondents claimedthat they have interest in politics• Majority of the males are aware that they are a registered voter – but 45% of the femalessaid that either they are not a registered voter or they are not aware with their votingstatus• 48% males & also equal percentage (48%) of female respondents agreed with thestatement that females voters will cast the vote to that candidate to whom their malefamily members will prefer to vote. However 26% females disagreed with the statement& showed a rebellious attitude towards males supremacy• Allowing women to drive a car – is a symbol of women rights in Muslim society.Interestingly Pakistani males (52%) have no problem in allowing females to drive the car.Only 26% males respondents disagreed with this ideaKey findings
    • 5. &5‫آپ‬‫ے؟‬‫ہ‬‫ی‬‫پ‬‫س‬‫چ‬‫ل‬‫د‬‫در‬‫ق‬‫کس‬‫سے‬‫است‬‫ی‬‫س‬‫کو‬17%26%23%6%28%7%13%23%15%43%‫ی‬‫پ‬‫س‬‫چ‬‫ل‬‫د‬‫ادہ‬‫زی‬‫ہت‬‫ب‬ ‫ی‬‫پ‬‫س‬‫چ‬‫ل‬‫د‬‫ھ‬‫چ‬‫ک‬ ‫ک‬‫ہت‬‫ب‬‫ہ‬‫ن‬‫ادہ‬‫زی‬‫ہت‬‫ب‬‫ہ‬‫ن‬‫م‬ ‫کم‬‫ھ‬‫چ‬‫ک‬ ‫ں‬‫ہی‬‫ب‬‫ھی‬‫ب‬‫ل‬‫ک‬‫ال‬‫ی‬Males FemalesMales : 43%Females : 58%Males : 34%Both GenderFemales : 20%
    • 6. &6‫اآپ‬‫ی‬‫ک‬‫ر‬‫ووٹ‬ ‫رڈ‬‫سٹ‬‫ج‬‫ر‬‫ں؟‬‫ی‬‫ہ‬721711553312‫ےہ‬‫ررٹسجڈ‬‫ووٹ‬‫ریما‬ ‫ےہ‬‫ںیہن‬‫ررٹسجڈ‬‫ووٹ‬‫ریما‬ ‫ںیہن‬‫ولعمم‬Males FemalesBoth Gender
    • 7. &7‫ےگ‬‫ڈاںیل‬‫ووٹ‬‫رمد‬‫ےک‬‫رھگ‬‫ریمے‬‫وکسج‬‫یگ‬‫ڈاولں‬‫اوکس‬‫ووٹ‬‫ںیم‬/‫و‬‫وک‬‫ایس‬‫وخانیت‬‫یک‬‫رھگ‬‫ریمے‬‫رمد‬‫ےک‬‫ریمےرھگ‬‫وکسج‬‫یگ‬‫ڈاںیل‬‫وٹ‬‫ےگ۔‬‫ڈاںیل‬‫ووٹ‬2919361062028261511‫اافتق‬‫ادہ‬‫زی‬‫تہب‬ ‫اافتق‬‫مک‬‫ھچک‬ ‫االتخ‬‫ہن‬‫اافتق‬‫ہن‬‫ف‬ ‫االتخف‬‫مک‬‫ھچک‬ ‫االتخف‬‫ادہ‬‫زی‬‫تہب‬Males FemalesMales : 16%Females : 26%Males : 48%Females : 48%Both Gender
    • 8. &8‫اچےیہ‬‫رکین‬‫گ‬‫ڈراویئن‬‫وک‬‫وخانیت‬21312411 1333 31254 6‫اافتق‬‫ادہ‬‫زی‬‫تہب‬ ‫اافتق‬‫مک‬‫ھچک‬ ‫االتخ‬‫ہن‬‫اافتق‬‫ہن‬‫ف‬ ‫االتخف‬‫مک‬‫ھچک‬ ‫االتخف‬‫ادہ‬‫زی‬‫تہب‬Males FemalesFemales : 64%Males : 52%Females : 10%Males : 24%Both Gender
    • 10. &10• Majority (68%) of the urban males respondents have no faith on Pakistani current electoralprocess & agreed with the statement that “Clear – transparent elections are impossible inPakistan’• Almost half (55%) of the urban males respondents are foreseeing the betterment in countryconditions after election whereas almost quarter (22%) of the respondents disagreed withthis statement.• Due to social & electronic media campaigns to bring change via vote casting – 58% of urbanmales respondents are convinced to cast vote in upcoming elections• Securing of personal interest / benefits seems one of the major drivers (48%) in motivationto choose candidate to cast vote.• Half of the urban males respondents (50%) will prefer the party over candidate’s personalcharacter.Key findings
    • 11. &11‫ےہ‬‫انکمم‬‫گ‬‫ی‬‫انشکیل‬‫افشف‬‫اصف‬‫ںیم‬‫ااتسکن‬‫ی‬43%25%12%11%9%‫اافتق‬‫ادہ‬‫زی‬‫تہب‬ ‫اافتق‬‫مک‬‫ھچک‬ ‫االتخف‬‫ہن‬‫اافتق‬‫ہن‬ ‫االتخف‬‫مک‬‫ھچک‬ ‫االتخف‬‫ادہ‬‫زی‬‫تہب‬Males Only‫اافتق‬‫ومجمیع‬:٪68‫االتخف‬‫ومجمیع‬:٪20
    • 12. &12‫ےگ‬‫وہاجںیئ‬‫رتہب‬‫احالت‬‫ےک‬‫ااتسکن‬‫ی‬‫دعب‬‫ےک‬‫ات‬‫ااختنی‬‫ان‬16%39%23%12%10%‫اافتق‬‫ادہ‬‫زی‬‫تہب‬ ‫اافتق‬‫مک‬‫ھچک‬ ‫االتخف‬‫ہن‬‫اافتق‬‫ہن‬ ‫االتخف‬‫مک‬‫ھچک‬ ‫االتخف‬‫ادہ‬‫زی‬‫تہب‬‫اافتق‬‫ومجمیع‬:٪55‫االتخف‬‫ومجمیع‬:٪22Males Only
    • 13. &13‫ںیم‬‫اگ‬‫اجؤں‬‫رضور‬‫ڈاےنل‬‫ووٹ‬‫دہعف‬‫اس‬32%26%24%9%9%‫اافتق‬‫ادہ‬‫زی‬‫تہب‬ ‫اافتق‬‫مک‬‫ھچک‬ ‫االتخف‬‫ہن‬‫اافتق‬‫ہن‬ ‫االتخف‬‫مک‬‫ھچک‬ ‫االتخف‬‫ادہ‬‫زی‬‫تہب‬‫اافتق‬‫ومجمیع‬:٪58‫االتخف‬‫ومجمیع‬:٪18Males Only
    • 14. &14‫رکواےئ‬‫اکم‬‫ذایت‬‫ریمے‬‫وج‬‫اگ‬‫ڈاولں‬‫اوکسووٹ‬‫ںیم‬23%25%23%22%7%‫اافتق‬‫ادہ‬‫زی‬‫تہب‬ ‫اافتق‬‫مک‬‫ھچک‬ ‫االتخف‬‫ہن‬‫اافتق‬‫ہن‬ ‫االتخف‬‫مک‬‫ھچک‬ ‫االتخف‬‫ادہ‬‫زی‬‫تہب‬‫اافتق‬‫ومجمیع‬:٪48‫االتخف‬‫ومجمیع‬:٪29Males Only
    • 15. &15‫اریٹ‬‫ی‬‫دہ‬‫دنسپی‬‫اینپ‬‫رصف‬‫وت‬‫ںیم‬‫ےہ‬‫وکن‬‫ادیموار‬‫ڑپاتھہک‬‫ںیہن‬‫رق‬‫گ‬‫ف‬‫وکیئ‬‫ےس‬‫اس‬‫دہاتوہں‬‫وکووٹ‬24%26%33%12%5%‫اافتق‬‫ادہ‬‫زی‬‫تہب‬ ‫اافتق‬‫مک‬‫ھچک‬ ‫االتخف‬‫ہن‬‫اافتق‬‫ہن‬ ‫االتخف‬‫مک‬‫ھچک‬ ‫االتخف‬‫ادہ‬‫زی‬‫تہب‬‫اافتق‬‫ومجمیع‬:٪50‫االتخف‬‫ومجمیع‬:٪17Males Only
    • 17. &17• Women population constitute almost 50% of the Pakistani population• They are progressing, vibrant & are an active part of the society• No political system can run without their contribution & participation• They are in the parliament & discussing politics at equal level with their male counterparts• Women are also hosting political debates & discussions at many TV channels• In upcoming elections which will be held on May 11 – many political parties are giving a fairrepresentation to women in their electoral panel• It’s important to gauge the women‘s attitude towards politics & systemsWomen Empowerment
    • 18. &18• Only 18% urban females have any interest in political talk shows , 63% have no interest• Only 23% of urban female respondents tune any political talk show by themselves,otherwise they(43%) only see these shows as their male family members are watcing thatprogram• Despite lack of interest in politics (20%) majority of the urban females (68%) believe thatwomen should take part in politics• Majority (61%) of the females residing in urban centers agreed with the statement thatwomen should cast vote in up coming elections• A split opinion was observed when they were asked what will be their behavior if anywomen candidate contest election from their constituency – 40% said they will cast thevote to that lady, 31% were undecided & 29% didn’t agree with this ideaKey findings
    • 19. &19• Opinions split again ,when it was asked that whether women should attend political gatherings- 40% are against this idea, 28% undecided & 32% are willing to participate in politicalgatherings• 46% of the women believe that female politicians perform better than their male counterpartswhere as 27% disagreed with this statement & same quantity (27%) are un-decided• Similarly 41% of the urban female respondents believe that female political analytical anchorpersons are performing better than their male counterparts, where as 30% are undecided &29% believe vice versa• Majority (63%) of Pakistani urban women believe that – they are free & there are no un-necessary restrictions imposed on them by their male family members• When female respondents were asked to recall any three alive women politicians – half (51%)of them couldn’t recall any female politician’s name• However amongst known female politicians – top 5 belongs to PPP• Sharmila Farooqi (14%), Sheri Rehman (14%) & Hina Rabbani Khar (13%) are most popularfemale politicians amongst femalesKey findings
    • 20. &20‫ںیہن‬‫دیپسچل‬‫اخص‬‫وکیئ‬‫ےس‬‫وشز‬‫اک‬‫ی‬‫ایسیس‬‫واےل‬‫آےن‬‫رپ‬‫وی‬‫یٹ‬‫ےھجم‬33%30%19%9%9%‫اافتق‬‫ادہ‬‫زی‬‫تہب‬ ‫اافتق‬‫مک‬‫ھچک‬ ‫االتخف‬‫ہن‬‫اافتق‬‫ہن‬ ‫االتخف‬‫مک‬‫ھچک‬ ‫االتخف‬‫ادہ‬‫زی‬‫تہب‬Females Only‫اافتق‬‫ومجمیع‬:٪63‫االتخف‬‫ومجمیع‬:٪18
    • 21. &21‫وہےت‬‫رےہ‬‫ھکی‬‫رمد‬‫ےک‬‫رھگ‬‫اگلیت‬‫ںیہن‬‫ےس‬‫وخد‬‫ایسیس‬‫واےل‬‫آےن‬‫رپ‬‫وی‬‫یٹ‬‫ںیم‬‫ںیہ‬‫اےہ‬‫اڑپی‬‫گ‬‫اےئلیسداھکیی‬16%26%35%14%9%‫اافتق‬‫ادہ‬‫زی‬‫تہب‬ ‫اافتق‬‫مک‬‫ھچک‬ ‫االتخف‬‫ہن‬‫اافتق‬‫ہن‬ ‫االتخف‬‫مک‬‫ھچک‬ ‫االتخف‬‫ادہ‬‫زی‬‫تہب‬‫اافتق‬‫ومجمیع‬:٪42‫االتخف‬‫ومجمیع‬:٪23Females Only
    • 22. &22‫انیلاچےیہ‬‫ہصح‬‫ںیم‬‫ایسس‬‫وک‬‫وخانیت‬36%32%19%4%9%‫اافتق‬‫ادہ‬‫زی‬‫تہب‬ ‫اافتق‬‫مک‬‫ھچک‬ ‫االتخف‬‫ہن‬‫اافتق‬‫ہن‬ ‫االتخف‬‫مک‬‫ھچک‬ ‫االتخف‬‫ادہ‬‫زی‬‫تہب‬‫اافتق‬‫ومجمیع‬:٪68‫االتخف‬‫ومجمیع‬:٪13Females Only
    • 23. &23‫ااچےیہ‬‫گ‬‫اجی‬‫رضور‬‫ڈاےنل‬‫وکووٹ‬‫وخانیت‬32%29%24%9%6%‫اافتق‬‫ادہ‬‫زی‬‫تہب‬ ‫اافتق‬‫مک‬‫ھچک‬ ‫االتخف‬‫ہن‬‫اافتق‬‫ہن‬ ‫االتخف‬‫مک‬‫ھچک‬ ‫االتخف‬‫ادہ‬‫زی‬‫تہب‬‫اافتق‬‫ومجمیع‬:٪61‫االتخف‬‫ومجمیع‬:٪15Females Only
    • 24. &24‫یگ‬‫ڈاولں‬‫ووٹ‬‫یہ‬‫اوکس‬‫ںیم‬‫وت‬‫وہیت‬‫ادیموار‬‫اخوتن‬‫وکیئ‬‫ںیم‬‫ہقلح‬‫ریمے‬‫ارگ‬18%22%31%14%15%‫اافتق‬‫ادہ‬‫زی‬‫تہب‬ ‫اافتق‬‫مک‬‫ھچک‬ ‫االتخف‬‫ہن‬‫اافتق‬‫ہن‬ ‫االتخف‬‫مک‬‫ھچک‬ ‫االتخف‬‫ادہ‬‫زی‬‫تہب‬‫اافتق‬‫ومجمیع‬:٪40‫االتخف‬‫ومجمیع‬:٪29Females Only
    • 25. &25‫ے‬‫ئ‬‫ی‬‫ہ‬ ‫اچ‬‫ا‬‫گ‬‫ی‬‫اج‬‫رضور‬‫ںیم‬‫وسلجں‬‫ایسیس‬‫وک‬‫وخانیت‬13%19%28%17%23%‫اافتق‬‫ادہ‬‫زی‬‫تہب‬ ‫اافتق‬‫مک‬‫ھچک‬ ‫االتخف‬‫ہن‬‫اافتق‬‫ہن‬ ‫االتخف‬‫مک‬‫ھچک‬ ‫االتخف‬‫ادہ‬‫زی‬‫تہب‬‫اافتق‬‫ومجمیع‬:٪32‫االتخف‬‫ومجمیع‬:٪40Females Only
    • 26. &26‫اقمےلب‬‫ےک‬‫رمدوں‬‫وخانیت‬‫رتہب‬‫ایسس‬‫ںیہ‬‫وہیتکس‬‫دان‬17%29%27%13%14%‫اافتق‬‫ادہ‬‫زی‬‫تہب‬ ‫اافتق‬‫مک‬‫ھچک‬ ‫االتخف‬‫ہن‬‫اافتق‬‫ہن‬ ‫االتخف‬‫مک‬‫ھچک‬ ‫االتخف‬‫ادہ‬‫زی‬‫تہب‬‫اافتق‬‫ومجمیع‬:٪46‫االتخف‬‫ومجمیع‬:٪27Females Only
    • 27. &27‫زجتہی‬‫ایسیس‬‫رتہب‬‫ادہ‬‫زی‬‫رمد‬‫ںیم‬‫اقمےلب‬‫ےک‬‫ارکنی‬‫وخانیت‬‫وایل‬‫رپآےن‬‫وی‬‫یٹ‬‫ںیہ‬‫رکےت‬20%21%30%16%13%‫اافتق‬‫ادہ‬‫زی‬‫تہب‬ ‫اافتق‬‫مک‬‫ھچک‬ ‫االتخف‬‫ہن‬‫اافتق‬‫ہن‬ ‫االتخف‬‫مک‬‫ھچک‬ ‫االتخف‬‫ادہ‬‫زی‬‫تہب‬‫اافتق‬‫ومجمیع‬:٪41‫االتخف‬‫ومجمیع‬:٪29Females Only
    • 28. &28‫وہیئ‬‫اگلیئ‬‫اں‬‫ادنبی‬‫ی‬‫اسری‬‫تہب‬‫رضوری‬‫ریغ‬‫رپ‬‫ھجم‬‫ریمے‬‫ےن‬‫رمدوں‬‫ےک‬‫رھگ‬‫ے‬‫ریم‬‫ںیہ‬9%12%16%18%45%‫اافتق‬‫ادہ‬‫زی‬‫تہب‬ ‫اافتق‬‫مک‬‫ھچک‬ ‫االتخف‬‫ہن‬‫اافتق‬‫ہن‬ ‫االتخف‬‫مک‬‫ھچک‬ ‫االتخف‬‫ادہ‬‫زی‬‫تہب‬‫اافتق‬‫ومجمیع‬:٪21‫االتخف‬‫ومجمیع‬:٪63Females Only
    • 29. &29Top Most Popular Female Politicians51%14%14%13%10%8%6%5%4%4%Could not recallShermeela FarooqiSheri RehmanHina Rabani KharFirdos Ashiq AwanFameeda MirzaMarvi MemonKhush BakhtNasreen JaleelKashmala TariqFemales Only
    • 30. &STUDY SCOPE
    • 31. &31• 1324 interviews (Equally divided into males & females) conducted in 15 citiesbetween age group 18-45• On 95% confidence level the error of margin is +3.78Sample Size DistributionLower Sindh Upper SindhSouthernPunjab Central PunjabNorthernPunjab KPKBaluchistanKhi Hyd. Suk. LarkBhawpr Mul Lhr Fsd Gujw Sgd Rp/Isl Skt Pwr Abtt Qut222 60 60 60 60 84 160 102 60 60 120 60 84 60 60282 120 144 382 180 144 60
    • 32. &32• is a forum with a singular mission, to make people participate inbuilding Pakistan through vote that is our UMEED for Pakistan.•The polls, videos and actions we create build awareness of issues that shapeour opinion to vote for the UMEED of Pakistan.• We want people to vote for themselves to live in corruption free, peaceful &prosperous Pakistan. We want to educate people that as Pakistani it is theirright to vote but make sure that your vote does not elect any corrupt, lota,extortionist, opportunist & ideological traitors.•This time vote for Pakistans ideology, corruption free, lota free and down toearth leadership that lives simple life as a common man of Pakistan – An Introduction
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    • 34. Click to edit Master title style&34• An emerging name in the field of marketing research, business strategy assistance &communication services consultancy, but as an expert brings more than 12 years ofexperience in diversified areas of FMCG, media, pharmaceuticals & opinion polls• Well versed with business analytics, modeling to help effective decision making• Have high involvement from project design to sharing the findings stage• Experienced proficient team, have capability of handling nationwide quantitative andqualitative studies@ Pulse Consultant – A “Strategic Partner” like an“Extended Brand Team”Pulse Consultant is …
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    • 36. Click to edit Master title style&36• Innovation & exploration of new ideas is the basic key of positive & continuouschange – but all these should be based on Academic knowledge & practicalexperience• Developing Insights beyond numbers – which should be instrumental forstrategy formulation – but this couldnt be possible without understandingconsumer’s behavior & market needs@ Pulse Consultant we are focusing on innovative but academic based researchmethodology which are more strategy driven rather than providing just numbers@ Pulse Consultant – Improvising academic research methodologiesto gain innovative, strategy driven research solutionsPulse Consultant’s Philosophy
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