UX 在組織內外的推廣

Panel presentation slides in Happy UX Conference Taiwan, 2013 (http://happyux.

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    Panel presentation slides in Happy UX Conference Taiwan, 2013 (http://happyux.
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    UX 在組織內外的推廣
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    • 1. UX 在組織內外的推廣
    • 2. 組織 - UX Communities 外 - Regional & International Communities / Activities 內 - Local Communities / Activities
    • 3. 在外的推廣
    • 4. UXPA International @ravenchai 4
    • 5. UXPA International @ravenchai 5
    • 6. What can we do for Asia? ☺ Daniel Szuc Co-founder of Apogee, Hong Kong (then) Vice-President, UXPA International @ravenchai 6
    • 7. We Responded!! Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, China Singapore @ravenchai 7
    • 8. We need to understand and recognise the uniqueness of each community @ravenchai 8
    • 9. New friendships were born in Hong Kong! @ravenchai 9
    • 10. UXPA ASIA TEAM Daniel Szuc (Hong Kong) Li Yu-Hsiu (Taiwan) @ravenchai Josephine Wong (Hong Kong) Michael Lai (Hong Kong) Jason Huang (China) Hsin Eu (Taiwan) Jill Shih (Taiwan) Richard Tsai (Taiwan) Raven Chai (Singapore) Noriko Osaka (Japan) Toyohiro Kanayama (Japan) Masaaki Kurosu (Japan) 10
    • 11. Connec&ng with Local UX Communi&es Conduct knowledge exchange Provide pla6orm to connect Connected -‐-‐> China Mul:ple Local Communi:es, but yet to connect Hong Kong Singapore India -‐-‐> Vietnam @ravenchai Taiwan -‐-‐> Korea Signs of a growing community locally Japan Thailand Philippines Malaysia Indonesia 11
    • 12. Concept & Model of UXPA Asia Role of UXPA Asia A bridge to connect the local communi:es in Asia Local UX Communi:es Industrial & Domains Facilitate & Support Share & Collaborate @ravenchai Business Organisa:eek:ns Mentor & Innovate Academia Standards & Guidelines Government & Poli:cs Influence & Change 12
    • 13. What we hope to achieve: • Leadership • Impact to product design, strategy • Educa:eek:n • Influen:al • Be a Catalyst • Selfless beyond own country, company, associa:eek:ns & personal agenda @ravenchai 13
    • 14. 在內的推廣
    • 15. OBJECTIVES Create the first UX Conference in Singapore • To connect UX professionals across disciplines and cultures • To establish links to other professional networks • To foster professional and personal relationships Values Openness @ravenchai Embrace Alteration Diversity 15
    • 16. OUTCOME By organising this conference, we hope to achieve the following outcome: • Raise not only the awareness, but the standard of the design practices in Singapore by exposing attendees to world-class UX practitioners with their presentations and workshops. • To help Singapore as a country to establish presence among the global UX conferences as part of the global movement. • Provide an opportunity for product managers, designers, senior executives and startups to tap on global experts to drive product & service innovation. @ravenchai 16
    • 17. ABOUT US UXSG is community initiative to create a platform to connect UX professionals across disciplines and cultures. It is a platform made for and by UX professionals to foster stronger professional collaborations and personal friendships. @ravenchai 17
    • 18. VOLUNTEER TEAM We are a group of professionals who are passionate about User Experience Design, and dedicate our personal time to contribute the community. Raven Chai Shah Widjaja Thye Chuan Tan Wei Meng Lee Founder & Principal Consultant, UX Consulting Founder & Principal Consultant, Nmbl Consulting Web Designer, Independent Freelancer Web Developer, Tinkerbox Studios Pte Ltd Hong Khai Seng Lim Chee Koon Michael Ong Wang Kaisen User Experience Designer & Educator, Republic Polytechnic Lecturer & Course Manager, Temasek Polytechnic Mobile & UX Lead, iProperty Group AVP Group Customer Experience, , OCBC
    • 19. CONFERENCE THEMES Day 1 - Collaboration through Diversity • Our key message is to encourage people to learn to work with others, respect others’ professions, be collaborative for the greater good. • Likewise, we hope our sponsors & partners demonstrate similar values towards their competitors and refrain from “hard-selling” products or services. Day 2 - Bridging Insights into Design • Our key message is to advocate organisations and practitioners to make effort to extract customer insights to drive key design decisions. • As organiser, we hope to understand the attendees’ needs and goals for attending UXSG conference through the interactions and dialogue (conference mobile app, surveys, informal discussion, lunch-time sharing etc) @ravenchai 19
    • 20. OUR SPEAKERS @ravenchai 20
    • 21. TOTAL ATTENDEES: 275 North America Europe Oceania South / East Asia 3% 3% 1% 5% 17% Southeast Asia Singapore 71% @ravenchai 21
    • 22. @ravenchai 22
    • 23. INITIATIVES TO COMPLIMENT @ravenchai 23
    • 24. We hope we will continue to collaborate for the greater cause than ourselves!! @ravenchai 24
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