UX Research in mobile

Why and how of UX Research

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    Why and how of UX Research
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    UX Research in mobile
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    • 1. • you are just a small part of your potential audience • it is hard to analyse yourself • we tend to simplify others and their motivation and goals; • we often misinterpret problems of others You are not your target audience
    • 2. • they will tell what you want to hear • or something they would like to think about themselves • they can’t want something that they can’t imagine • there is a risk that ideas you will get will be limited by the imagination of others Never ask people what they want
    • 3. • get to know needs and priorities of your customers • understand the physical contexts for your product • understand social connections, family and friends relationship • understand their habits and behaviour Get to know your users
    • 4. Articulate your hypotheses and goals
    • 5. Identify who you want to talk to
    • 6. Write a recruiting screener
    • 7. James&Lo)on,&42& Derek&Hanson,&35& Brandy'Rubin,'19' Molly'Symmonds,'39' Racquel'Malone,'26'
    • 8. • take notes • smile • ask open-ended questions • get their story • shut up and listen • don’t talk about your product • ask about future behaviour • sell • ask leading questions 90% listening 10% talking
    • 9. 10 min, 1 idea per sticker • What I heard • What I saw • What stood out
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