The end of the car city - A convenient truth

The end of the car city - A convenient truth

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  1. Alexander Sthle
    The end of the car city - A convenient truth
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    The end of the car city - A convenient truth
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    • THE END OF THE CAR CITY ”A convenient truth” Alexander Ståhle, PHD & CEO ǀ URBAN RESEARCH & DESIGNSPACESCAPE
    • Why cities?
    • Proximity creates livability
    • Proximity creates innovation
    • Proximity creates social wellfare
    • Vad gör en attraktiv plats? Fungerar planen som det var tänkt? Vad skapar närhet och flöden? SOFO Proximity creates value
    • Housing value is 90% walkability in Stockholm Appartment prices in Stockholm regionUrban qualities
    • “Walkability command a premium of $4-34,000” CEO for Cities (2009) ”Walkable urban””Drivable suburban”
    • SHOPS DENSITYDENSITY SHOPS STOCKHOLM MALMÖÖREBRO RESTAURANTS DENSITY “Cities are proximity, density, closeness” Edward Glaeser
    • Density decreases car use Density Travel Dunphy RT and Fisher K (1996)
    • Average commute in Hong Kong is 11 min
    • “Individuals living near transit had a significantly higher level of trust and reciprocity and connections with neighbors.” Patterns of social capital associated with transit oriented development, Journal of Transport Geography, 2014
    • “Denser areas have greater economic mobility.“ (Measuring sprawl, SGA, 2014)
    • “The compact walkable city enhance livelihoods for the poor through affordable mobility. It lower social segregation through proximity of affordable housing to places of work”. Joan Clos, UN Habitat
    • “An advanced city is not where the poor drive cars, but where the rich take public transport” Enrique Penalosa
    • Car accessiblity do not affect appartment prices or office rents in Stockholm Public transport accessibility Officerent
    • Failing office areas without transit and walkability Infra City, Upplands Väsby
    • Inside Infra City, Upplands Väsby Inside failing office areas…
    • "People in denser areas have longer life expectancies." (Measuring sprawl, SGA, 2014)
    • 5% drive to shop downtown in New York and in Stockholm (PPS 2010, Spacescape 2012)
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    important presentation, should be shown to every "wanabe" mayor on every campain - so heqshe will know what we want
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    Wow! Nice job. Do you do presentations on the road?
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    Great perspective on cars! Thank you for sharing!
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    fantastic work
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