The 21 Coolest Internet Of Things Gadgets

The slide deck introduces the 21 coolest internet of things gadgets - connected smart devices you

  1. Bernard Marr
    The slide deck introduces the 21 coolest internet of things gadgets - connected smart devices you
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    The 21 Coolest Internet Of Things Gadgets
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    • 1. 21 Coolest Internet of Things Gadgets
    • 2. No: 1 Google Glass The amazing internet connected glasses that contain a camera, microphone, display and will generally revolutionize the wearable device market. Find out more at:
    • 3. No: 2 Withings Scale These are wifi-enabled scales that recognize you, send your weight and body fat % to your phone and even measures air quality in your room. Find out more at
    • 4. No: 3 Delphi Connect A wonderful way of connecting your car to your phone, allowing remote controls and diagnostics. Find out more...
    • 5. No: 4 Mother Like a mother, you now have a device that looks after you. It connects lots of sensors that will take care of your health, safety and well being. Find out more...
    • 6. No: 5 Trackdot It will monitor your luggage on air travel and text you when it arrives at the destination as well as how far it is from the luggage belt. Find out more...
    • 7. No: 6 Jawbone Up This smart wearable device will sync with your phone and help you monitor your activities, calories as well as sleep. I love the smart alarm! Find out more...
    • 8. No: 7 Fitbit ZIP Great entry level device to start monitoring your activities calories. With that price tag anyone can enter the revolution. There is more from Fitbit… Find out more...
    • 9. No: 8 SkyBell A wifi connected door bell that allows you to remotely answer your door and receive alerts in form of pictures to see who’s calling… Find out more...
    • 10. No: 9 Moto 360 Google powered smart watch equipped with Android-based operating system. The possibilities are endless. Find out more...
    • 11. No: 10 Smart Tennis Sensor A device by Sonly that will make your tennis game a lot smarter. Currently only available in Japan… Find out more...
    • 12. No: 11 Septimu Earbuds Microsoft Research work in progress - will allow sensors in ear buds to work out what mood you are in. Find out more...
    • 13. No: 12 LIFX light bulb A energy efficient and wifi enabled light bulb that you can control from your smartphone – you can even change colours and mood. Find out more...
    • 14. No: 13 Smart Ice Cubes Smart ice cubes that pulse to the beat of the music but most importantly monitor how much and how fast you are drinking. Find out more...
    • 15. No: 14 Bikn Thumb-sized electronic tags which you can attach to any of your possessions, and then locate them through your phone’s GPS. Find out more...
    • 16. No: 15 Smart Diapers Disposable diapers with in-built sensors that parents and paediatricians can use to track a child’s health. Find out more...
    • 17. No: 16 Smart Notifications Software from Base that determines when it is the best time to send you notifications, based on an understanding of how you use your devices. Find out more...
    • 18. No: 17 Kensington Proximo Stops you losing your phone by sending you an alert to your key fob when you are moving a certain distance away from your phone. Find out more...
    • 19. No: 18 Nest Thermostat A thermostat that will get to know you and learn from the way it is used to automatically adjust the temperature in your home. Find out more...
    • 20. No: 19 Belkin Wemo A line of wifi enabled home automation devices that allow you to control most electrical devices from one smart phone app. Find out more...
    • 21. No: 20 Firefox iKettle A wifi enabled kettle that you can operate remotely using your smart phone. You can even set it to start boiling when your alarm goes off. Find out more...
    • 22. No: 21 SmartThings Software that will allow you to control all your Internet of Things gadgets from one place – great if you are getting all the things on this list! Find out more...
    • 23. For More: Check out my blog post on the topic, in which I explain each of these gadgets in more detail: BLOG
    • 24. About This overview was put together by Bernard Marr, Founder and CEO of the Advanced Performance Institute. Bernard Mar is a bestselling business author, keynote speaker, strategic performance consultant, and analytics, KPI & Big Data guru. Read Bernard’s blogs: • LinkedIn Influencer Blog Connect with Bernard on: • LinkedIn • Twitter • Advanced Performance Institute For more articles, white papers, case studies and much more visit the Advanced Performance Institute Knowledge Hub
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