The 150 Most Powerful Marketing & Sales Tools

Does your marketing and sales need a boost? ELIV8 created this huge list to show you the best

  1. ELIV8 Business Strategies
    Does your marketing and sales need a boost? ELIV8 created this huge list to show you the best
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    The 150 Most Powerful Marketing & Sales Tools
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    • 1. The 150 Most Powerful Marketing & Sales Tools B Y B R I A N D O W N A R D A N D G E O F F B R A N D T
    • 2. HOW-TO USE THIS GUIDE Table Of Contents 1. To go to a specific section, 1. SEO 2. Social Media 3. Curation 4. Visuals 5. Content Marketing 6. Convert Leads 7. Organization 8. Collaboration 9. Email Marketing 10. CRM 11. Research 12. Technical 13. Analytics 14. All-In-One 15. Education simply click on it here in the table of contents. 2. To come back to the table of contents each section divider has a you can click on. 3. If you see a tool you’re interested in, click on its name to visit its website. 4. The asterisks* indicate our favorites or tools we use for our selves and clients. 5. Each section divider has Attract, Convert, Close and Delight across the bottom. If highlighted in green, it indicates the tools listed in that section relate to that stage in the buying process. 6. Share with your friends using the icons in the top right of each page. CLICK TO SHARE
    • 3. Introduction With so many tools and apps promising to save you time and money, it can be overwhelming to choose which tools will work best for your business. That is why we created this huge list of the best and most powerful marketing and sales tools available. These tools cover a wide range of applications to help your marketing and sales processes become more efficient and effective. We hope that you enjoy our selection! This guide was written and designed by Brian Downard and Geoff Brandt. Brian Downard Brian is a marketing professional with over 8 years of experience in digital marketing. Geoff Brandt Geoff is a management consulting professional with over 20 years of experience consulting for Fortune 500 businesses. In 2014 Brian and Geoff founded ELIV8 Business Strategies. CLICK TO SHARE
    • 4. SEO 01 CLICK TO SHARE Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of getting traffic from the search results on search engines, online directories and more. These tools will help you optimize your SEO to increase your online visibility and attract more visitors to your website and content. ATTRACT CONVERT CLOSE DELIGHT BACK TO TABLE OF CONTENTS
    • 5. 01. OPEN SITE EXPLORER* Perform competitive link research, explore backlinks, anchor text, and more for free. 02. SEM RUSH Get information on competitors’ SEO rankings and identify opportunities. 03. QUICK SPROUT* Quickly analyze multiple aspects (not just SEO) on your website and get recommendations. 04. AUTHORITY LABS Track website rankings and changes in Google, Yahoo!, and Bing daily. 05. WORDTRACKER Track specific works or phrases in search engines to reveal high performing combinations. CLICK TO SHARE
    • 6. 06. UBERSUGGEST Get keyword ideas with this free keyword suggestion tool. 07. KEYWORDS TOOL* This Google Ad Word tool provides insight from Google’s search trends, keywords and more. 08. SEO BOOK A suite of helpful SEO tools and resources to help hone your understanding of SEO. 09. MOZ LOCAL* Quickly submit and manage your company to every search engine, directory and online listing. 10. YOAST A Wordpress plugin that makes optimizing your website’s and blog’s SEO a breeze. CLICK TO SHARE
    • 7. Social Media Social media creates opportunities for reaching and engaging your audience and customers at a much lower cost compared to traditional channels. These tools will help streamline the process of researching, posting and measuring you social media marketing. ATTRACT CONVERT CLOSE DELIGHT BACK TO TABLE OF CONTENTS 02 CLICK TO SHARE
    • 8. 11. SOCEDO* Helps businesses discover new social prospects that match their custom criteria. 12. TOPSY* Search and analyze the social web to see which topics and conversations are trending. 13. BUFFER* A simple tool that helps automate your social media accounts for one place. 14. HOOTSUITE Similar to Buffer, but with more features for advanced users. 15. STORIFY Collect media from across the web to create unique content you can embed and share. CLICK TO SHARE
    • 9. 16. SOCIALOOMPH A no-frills social media management tools similar to Hootsuite and Buffer. 17. SHAREDCOUNT* Track the number of times a specific piece of content or link was shared across social media. 18. KLOUT Measure the social influence and authority of your self and others using this tool. 19. BITLY* Make long ugly links shorter and more appealing while tracking clicks. 20. EVERYPOST A mobile app that connects all your social media accounts so you can manage them on the go. CLICK TO SHARE
    • 10. 21. SOCIAL MENTION Real-time social media search and analysis to discover popular topics and conversations. 22. SPROUT SOCIAL* Another social media management tool but with a fantastic dashboard and user interface. 23. CROWDBOOSTER Measure and optimize your social media marketing with easy-to-use analytics and recommendations 24. SLIDESHARE* A platform for businesses to discover, share and present slideshows. This a form of content is highly effective when executed properly. CLICK TO SHARE
    • 11. Curation In order to successfully capture the attention of prospects and customers online, you’ll need a constant stream of interesting, relevant content to share with them. Using these tools you’ll have a never ending supplies of content to share and use for inspiration for your own content. ATTRACT CONVERT CLOSE DELIGHT BACK TO TABLE OF CONTENTS 03 CLICK TO SHARE
    • 12. 25. FEEDLY* Create custom feeds and news boards with your favorite publications, blogs, new sources, etc. 26. FLIPBOARD* An easy to use mobile app that you can use to discover content from your favorite sources. 27. PINTEREST While a social network at heart, Pinterest has endless amounts of great content to discover. 28. EVERPOST.CO* Filters and curates personalized content for you to share everyday. 29. KURATUR If you want fresh, aggregated content embedded in your website, this tool is for you. CLICK TO SHARE
    • 13. 30. TWITTER When you follow the right accounts, you’ll never run out of great content to share. 31. BUNDLR Create bundles with photos, videos, tweets and documents. Bookmark them to share later. 32. STUMBLEUPON Randomly generated content and articles based on your interests and previously viewed posts. 33. SCOOP.IT* Discover, curate and publish great content to aims to increase your visibility online. 34. WORDPRESS.COM Another helpful resource to find unique, curated content from other Wordpress blogs. CLICK TO SHARE
    • 14. 35. SPUNDGE If you’re looking to monetize your content, this tool makes it easy. 36. LINKEDIN PULSE A great resource for articles on business and technology, connects effortlessly with LinkedIn. CLICK TO SHARE
    • 15. Visuals Humans can process visual data much faster than written text. Employing strong visuals in every aspect of your business will help quickly convey your unique value proposition and benefits in every stage of the buying process. ATTRACT CONVERT CLOSE DELIGHT BACK TO TABLE OF CONTENTS 04 CLICK TO SHARE
    • 16. 37. VISUAL.LY* Tell stories with infographics, videos, presentations and micro-content. 38. GIMPSHOP* A free alternative to Photoshop for those who are still new at photo editing. 39. DESIGN SEEDS Color palette ideas to help find appealing combinations of colors. 40. CANVA* Quickly design flyers, posters, Facebook covers, blog graphics and more with this simple tool. 41. PICMONKEY A photo editing tools that focuses more on effects, frames, text and filters. CLICK TO SHARE
    • 17. 42. COMPFIGHT* Search engine for visual inspiration and free stock photos. 43. PICJUMBO Completely free photos for commercial use in any and all of your projects. 44. ISSUU* A publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, newspapers, books, etc. 45. PICTACULOUS Get color pallet suggestions and inspiration from pictures you upload. 46. THE PATTERN LIBRARY A massive collection of unique shapes and patterns for your next “artsy” project. CLICK TO SHARE
    • 18. 47. ICON MOON* A great collection of icons you can download and use in your marketing. 48. SKITCH This mobile apps makes sketching quick ideas easy and integrates with Evernote. 49. RESIZE.IT Resize almost any image in any format with this free online tool. 50. PIKTOCHART* An easy infographic design app that requires little effort to produce high quality graphics. 51. BUTTON OPTIMIZER Design and generate call-to-action buttons in a matter of minutes. CLICK TO SHARE
    • 19. 52. INSTAGRAM* Instagram is a mobile social network that allows you to follow and be followed by other people and businesses, similar to Twitter. It makes creating and sharing beautiful visuals simple. And for some reason people are in love with those darn photo filters in Instagram. CLICK TO SHARE
    • 20. Content Marketing With content marketing, businesses create valuable, relevant and consistent content (videos, blogs posts, ebooks, infographics, etc.) to attract and acquire prospects and leads, with the objective of driving profitable customer action and even customer loyalty. It focuses on owning media, not renting it. These tools will help make the creation and distribution process much easier. ATTRACT CONVERT CLOSE DELIGHT BACK TO TABLE OF CONTENTS 05 CLICK TO SHARE
    • 21. 53. KAPOST Build a content operation that drives results with the Kapost content marketing platform. 54. TOPIC GENERATOR* Get ideas for content topics with this free idea generator from Hubspot. 55. THESAURUS Self explanatory, learn to love it. Mixing up your vocabulary will keep your content distinct. 56. LOOKBOOKHQ Aggregate and deliver content like a newsroom with this handy tool. 57. POWERPOINT/KEYNOTE* All our content is made with Keynote, you’d be surprised what you can create too. CLICK TO SHARE
    • 22. 58. PAPERSHARE A content marketing platform to distribute, syndicate and amplify your content. 59. UBERFLIP Create your own content feed like Flipboard that you embed in your website. 60. PREZI* Need to spice up your presentations? This tool takes presentations to another level. 61. ADDVOCATE An employee advocacy tool that uses your team to build online communities. 62. HARO* (Help a Reporter Out) Find press opportunities by helping reporters find, create and share interesting content. CLICK TO SHARE
    • 23. Convert Leads Creating content is one thing, but the next steps is to use that content to convert your website visitors into leads. The tools in this section make collecting lead contact information easy. Be sure to choose a tool that integrates with your email marketing platform so leads are automatically put into your contact database. ATTRACT CONVERT CLOSE DELIGHT BACK TO TABLE OF CONTENTS 06 CLICK TO SHARE
    • 24. 63. JOTFORM* Use this tool to create everything from surgery to lead generation and contact forms. 64. HELLO BAR* Create an eye-popping call-to-action for your website to drive traffic to your content. 65. LISTBUILDER.IO Scrape the web for lead opportunities with this easy-to-use Chrome plugin. 66. BOUNCE EXCHANGE* Works to turn abandoning website visitors into leads before they leave your website. 67. OLARK Engage in live, 1-on-1 chats with website visitors when they visit your website. CLICK TO SHARE
    • 25. 68. INSTAPAGE* Build, launch and test various landing pages to convert website visitors into leads. 69. LANDER APP A&B test landing pages for your online marketing campaigns. CLICK TO SHARE
    • 26. Organization Not every marketing and sales tool need to focus on prospects and customers. Staying organized internally will make all of your marketing and sales initiates for effective and efficient. Use these tools to help get you on track to organizing your digital workspace. ATTRACT CONVERT CLOSE DELIGHT BACK TO TABLE OF CONTENTS 07 CLICK TO SHARE
    • 27. 70. EVERNOTE* A place to organize all of your ideas and notes in one easy-to-access tool. 71. TRELLO* Manage projects and ideas with this pin board like organization tool. 72. DROPBOX Store and access of your files from anywhere by storing them in “the cloud.” 73. SUNRISE* Syncs all of your various calendars and to-do apps into a single place for you to use. 74. HARVEST Simple time tracking tool to keep track of how you spend your time. CLICK TO SHARE
    • 28. 75. MINDNODE Easy mind starting with a central thought and growing from there. 76. IMINDMAP* Another great mind mapping tool with some different features and options than Mindnode. 77. IFTTT Connect and integrate multiple tools and apps making repetitive tasks easy to automate. 78. NOTABILITY* A fantastic note taking app that allows you to draw, write, import and organize notes. 79. WRIKE A real time digital workspace where teams can collaborate and organize projects. CLICK TO SHARE
    • 29. 80. WUNDERLIST Simple to-do list for organize low level tasks and projects. 81. 1PASSWORD* Keep all of your passwords across the internet safe and organized in one place. CLICK TO SHARE
    • 30. Collaboration CLICK TO SHARE Keeping your self organize is one thing. But keeping your entire team on the same page can sometimes seem impossible. These tools help make collaborating on projects, to-dos, documents and more easier than ever before. BACK TO TABLE OF CONTENTS 08 ATTRACT CONVERT CLOSE DELIGHT
    • 31. 82. ASANA* Our favorite platform for easy team collaboration and project management. 83. JOIN.ME* Instantly share your computer screen or view and control someone else’s screen. 84. CLEARSLIDE A better way to make presentations online with various options for engaging viewers. 85. HUDDLE Secure file sharing & seamless collaboration for remote teams. 86. HIPCHAT Group and 1:1 chat with audio, video, and screen sharing with team members. CLICK TO SHARE
    • 32. 87. SKYPE Free video conferencing tool that makes meeting face-to-face easier than ever before. 88. DOCS/SHEETS/SLIDES* Google’s free, cloud based version of Microsoft Office, that multiple people can share and edit. 89. YAMMER An internal social network for your team to collaborate and converse. 90. SLACK Combination of a social network and project management tool for small businesses. CLICK TO SHARE
    • 33. Email Marketing Email marketing is the quickest, most direct way to communicate with leads and customers. It empowers you to reach your most valuable audience and build stronger relationships with them over time. Staying in your leads’ and customers’ inboxes will keep your business relevant and top of mind which works to convert leads and create post-purchase value to help facilitate repeat sales. ATTRACT CONVERT CLOSE DELIGHT BACK TO TABLE OF CONTENTS 09 CLICK TO SHARE
    • 34. 91. MAILCHIMP* A free, easy-to-use email marketing platform that can work for any business in any industry. 92. AWEBER Simple email marketing platform that emphasizes autoresponders. 93. VERO Track what each subscriber does and send them relevant emails based on their actions. 94. BOOMERANG* Gmail plugin that can schedule emails to send later, email reminders and email tracking. 95. RAPPORTIVE* Get LinkedIn contact information directly in your Gmail inbox. CLICK TO SHARE
    • 35. 96. GETRESPONSE Billed as “world’s easiest email marketing” with multiple other tools, starts at $15 per month. 97. CUSTOMER.IO* Tracks what customers do on your website or app then sends targeted emails. 98. HUBSPOT SIDEKICK* Track who opens your email and see contact information directly in your inbox. CLICK TO SHARE
    • 36. CRM Customer relationship management (CRM) tools will help you effectively track all of your leads. Be sure to choose one that integrates with your email marketing platform. These tools come in handy when you’re qualifying leads and need to keep a log on your interactions with them, their needs and interests, contact information, etc. ATTRACT CONVERT CLOSE DELIGHT BACK TO TABLE OF CONTENTS 10 CLICK TO SHARE
    • 37. 99. NIMBLE* CRM tool that automatically pulls contact profiles, email conversations and social signals. 100. CONTACTUALLY Helps you follow up with the right people, at the right time, to maximize relationship ROI. 101. BASE CRM* Small business CRM tool that is easy-to-use and has multiple functions for different needs. 102. INSIGHTLY This CRM tool also has a low level project management tool if you’d prefer that feature. 103. PIPEDRIVE Uses visually appealing graphics to display the status of your marketing “funnel.” CLICK TO SHARE
    • 38. 104. HUBSPOT CRM* An incredibly easy-to-use, free CRM tool that integrates with Hubspot’s marketing software. 105. SALESFORCE If you have a large sales team that deals with high volumes of leads and sales you’ll a platform like Salesforce made for enterprise CRM. CLICK TO SHARE
    • 39. Research Whether you’re starting a new business or simply looking for your next blog post idea, it’s important to have access to research tools. These tools should help you dive deep into various databases and actually find helpful information. ATTRACT CONVERT CLOSE DELIGHT BACK TO TABLE OF CONTENTS 11 CLICK TO SHARE
    • 40. 106. GOOGLE SEARCH* Probably the most valuable research tool that’s ever been built with limitless possibilities. 107. GOOGLE TRENDS* See which search topics are trending based on date, location and other variables. 108. GOOGLE SCHOLAR Simple way to broadly search for scholar literature you can access, read and use. 109. SONAR SOLO* Interactive map of all trending internet topics and the relevant searches that people use. 110. SPOKE Similar to Google, search structured, hand selected content and relevant feeds. CLICK TO SHARE
    • 41. 111. SOCIAL MEDIA GROUPS LinkedIn and Google+ have groups on almost every topic where you can learn and share. 112. GOOGLE FORMS Create simple forms to gather organization from your customers. 113. SURVEYMONKEY* Complete survey building platform with more layouts, templates and ideas than you can use. 114. GOOGLE ALERTS* Monitor the web for interesting content and get alerts any time Google finds something new. 115. SOOLVE Search suggestions and completions from the top providers on the internet. CLICK TO SHARE
    • 42. 116. TRACKMAVEN A platform for marketers to identify content opportunities, optimize distribution, and reports in real-time. 117. BLOGS & SOCIAL MEDIA Find and bookmark relevant blogs and social media accounts. For example: competitors, partners, influencers, customers and other people/businesses in your industry. CLICK TO SHARE
    • 43. Technical For those who enjoy the more technical aspects of marketing like A & B testing and heat maps. These tools should whet your appetite and appeal to your nerdy side. Keep in mind, these tools aren’t for everyone. ATTRACT CONVERT CLOSE DELIGHT BACK TO TABLE OF CONTENTS 12 CLICK TO SHARE
    • 44. 118. OPTIMIZLEY* Improve conversions through A/B testing, split testing and multivariate testing. 119. CRAZZYEGG* Heat map and scroll map reports you can use to understand how your visitors use your website. 120. CLICKTALE Session playbacks, heat maps and conversion funnels to track website visitors. 121. UNBOUNCE* A landing page builder at it’s core, it provides many technical features for page optimization. 122. VWO (Visual Website Optimizer) Use VWO to tweak, optimize & personalize your website with minimal IT help. CLICK TO SHARE
    • 45. 123. ZAPIER Integrate apps to work together a variety of ways to move information between them. CLICK TO SHARE
    • 46. Analytics BACK TO TABLE OF CONTENTS 13 CLICK TO SHARE Simply put, analytics is a decision making tool for your business. Using analytics you can measure and analyzing marketing performance to maximize its effectiveness. Once you understand your visitors’, leads’ and customers’ behaviors you can optimize your business/ marketing to improve those results. ATTRACT CONVERT CLOSE DELIGHT
    • 47. 124. GOOGLE ANALYTICS* Free website analytics software from Google, the standard in web analytics. 125. KISSMETRICS* Google Analytics tells you what’s happening. KISSmetrics tells you who’s doing it. 126. COLIBRI.IO Paid analytic tool that focuses on customer behavior and acquisition. 127. PIWIK Open source web analytics platform that gives you valuable insights into your website. 128. MIXPANEL* A free analytics platform that focuses on user actions to drive marketing initiatives. CLICK TO SHARE
    • 48. 129. WOOPRA* Track real-time customer activity on your website, blog and landing pages. 130. FOLLOWERWONK Twitter analytics that helps analyze your audience and identify opportunities. 131. CYFE An all-in-one business dashboard that connects multiple tools and puts data in one place. 132. SUMALL* SumAll is your social media and website analytics dashboard available for free. 133. DUCKSBOARD Another simple, visually appealing tool to view and interpret all your data in one place. CLICK TO SHARE
    • 49. 134. GECKOBOARD A data dashboard that makes good use of it’s mobile app for on the go metrics. 135. SOCIAL ANALYTICS Each social network has it’s own place where you can access analytics and dive deeper into your audience insights. CLICK TO SHARE
    • 50. CLICK TO SHARE BACK TO TABLE OF CONTENTS All-In-One 14 While you can still find great success in patching together your own tool set from the options listed in this guide, some platforms put all or most of these tools in one place. Be prepared to pay a premium price for this convenience and know you’ll need to invest time learning the intricacies of each tool if you want to get your money’s worth. ATTRACT CONVERT CLOSE DELIGHT
    • 51. 136. HUBSPOT* The most popular all-in-one marketing platform that has unbeatable resources and gets results. 137. MARKETO Hubspot’s main competitor and for good reason, their platform has great tools and features. 138. SILVERPOP Billed as a behavioral marketing platform, emphasizes email and automation. 139. INFUSIONSOFT Focused on smaller business and limited budgets, this is a great all-in-one platform. 140. ACT-ON Act-On is packed to the brim with features but comes at a heavy cost and only decent UI. CLICK TO SHARE
    • 52. CLICK TO SHARE BACK TO TABLE OF CONTENTS 15 Education With digital marketing moving at such a fast pace, you need to stay informed if you want your business to stay relevant. Here is a collection of our favorite resources and websites. ATTRACT CONVERT CLOSE DELIGHT
    • 53. 141. INBOUND.ORG* A digital marketing community where people share content and up-vote their favorites. 142. INBOUND HUB* Hubspot’s blog has more great marketing articles than you’ll ever have time to read. 143. CMI (Content Marketing Institute) Daily source of how-to insight for content marketing education, events and consulting. 144. CONVINCE & CONVERT A blog started by famous digital marketer Jay Baer that always has fantastic, fresh content. 145. SOCIAL MEDIA EXAMINER* No non-sense, plain-talk social media advice and ideas from various experts. CLICK TO SHARE
    • 54. 146. COPYBLOGGER* Sign up for free to access their library of detailed and information rich ebooks and articles. 147. TOPRANK BLOG With over 10 years of content, you’re sure to find great digital marketing content. 148. SEARCH ENGINE LAND Want to learn more about search engine optimization? This is the blog for you. 149. MARKETING PROFS Marketing resources, strategies, articles, online seminars, case studies, conferences and events. 150. TED TALKS Free video database with access to hundreds of different topics and speakers. CLICK TO SHARE
    • 55. Conclusion Thank you for taking the time to review this huge list of the 150 most powerful marketing and sales tools. Be sure to bookmark and save this guide for future reference. Your next step is to begin putting together your own tool box with the ideas listed here. Play around with the tools you like and see if they offer any value to your business processes. If you found this list helpful be sure to share it with your friends on social media so they can get the list too! CLICK TO SHARE
    • 56. NEED HELP WITH THE TOOLS AND IDEAS IN THIS GUIDE? Learn More About ELIV8’s Management Consulting Services ELIV8 brings together all of the consulting services you need to grow your business. Including marketing, technology and operations. See all of services, learn more about digital marketing or speak with a specialist today. Management Consulting for forward-thinking brands. Marketing Technology Operations ELIV8 YOUR BRAND Click here to learn more
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