State Bar of Arizona 2015 Convention

This presentation was given by Alex Schutte, Director of Operations at GNGF.

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    This presentation was given by Alex Schutte, Director of Operations at GNGF.
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    State Bar of Arizona 2015 Convention
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    • 1. Ethics of Being Online for Attorneys ALEX SCHUTTE
    • 2. @schuttedoit | @gngfound •  ALEX SCHUTTE Alex Schutte Director of Operations
    • 3. Our Book
    • 4. Online heavily used for “research”!
    • 5. 2005 Online = Website 2015 Online = Presence
    • 6. 2005 2015
    • 7. THE FUTURE IS MOBILE *IDC Research Report 2013 have their phone on or near them for all but up to 2 hours of their waking day.79% reach for their smartphone immediately after waking up62% say they can't recall the last time their smartphone wasn't next to them.25% Among smartphone owners age 18-44
    • 8. 2005 2015
    • 9. Firm Website Firm Website Images LinkedIn Yelp Avvo Page #1
    • 10. @schuttedoit | @gngfound How do you influence Google Search to show the RIGHT INFORMATION about your firm at the RIGHT TIME?
    • 11. Directory Listings
    • 12. Google+ Local 16,713 Views! No Branding! No Images!
    • 13. Google+ Local Replace image with g+ pic with visits data
    • 14. Google+ Local (My Business)
    • 15. Ethics issues arise when you “Claim” the listing •  You are responsible for the content of the listing if you claim •  Online Directories are acceptable form of advertising @schuttedoit | @gngfound ETHICS OF DIRECTORIES
    • 16. •  You are responsible for the content of the listing •  Business description •  Categories / Services •  “A lawyer may communicate the fact that the lawyer does or does not practice in particular fields of law or limits his or her practice to or concentrates in particular fields of law.” •  A lawyer shall not state or imply that a lawyer is a specialist in a particular field of law, unless both of the following apply: @schuttedoit | @gngfound ETHICS OF DIRECTORIES
    • 17. @schuttedoit | @gngfound
    • 18. @schuttedoit | @gngfound •  A lawyer shall not make a false, deceptive or misleading communication about the lawyer or the lawyer's service. •  Watch for Comparative Speech “Best” or “Number 1” ETHICS OF DIRECTORIES
    • 19. @schuttedoit | @gngfound •  Be cautious when others are creating your directory listings, even if it is someone in house. •  Always double check the business description and practice areas that are listed on directories. ETHICS OF DIRECTORIES
    • 20. Image of search result with stars
    • 21. Reviews Where to Get Reviews:!
    • 22. Reviews
    • 23. Reviews - The Ethics •  Don’t make up pro/iles to write reviews •  You can’t write your own online reviews •  Don’t pay for reviews •  Be careful when asking for reviews •  You may be responsible for the content of that review
    • 24. A Culture of Reviews •  Ask for paper internal review at closing meeting •  Good review: what’s their email address? •  Ask and provide a how-‐to guide •  Provide guidance on what NOT to say •  It’s not easy in Legal Profession
    • 25. uttedoit | @gngfound
    • 26. Your Website
    • 27. @schuttedoit | @gngfound •  Name / “Brand” •  Where are you located? How can I get a hold of you? •  Phone Number / Contact Form •  Do you understand my problem? What can you do for me? •  Proof I should call you? •  Easy to navigate and find things •  Schema Markup for Google (ask your webmaster) WEBSITE COMPONENTS
    • 28. •  How do I call you? •  What do you do? •  What can you do for me? •  Proof I should call you?
    • 29. Your Website
    • 30. Your Website
    • 31. Your Website
    • 32. @schuttedoit | @gngfound CONTACT FORM WARNING: Conflict Issues
    • 33. @schuttedoit | @gngfound CONTACT PAGE
    • 34. Your Website Disclaimer
    • 35. Responsive Design • Fast Load Time • Access to All Content • Difficult to Code Correctly • THE RIGHT ANSWER
    • 36. Keyword Stuffing “Blocks of text listing cities and states a webpage is trying to rank for” Pasadena, Sherman Oaks, Encino, Culver City, Van Nuys, Santa Clara, Ventura, Simi Valley, Thousands Oaks
    • 37. Content: Blogging? •  SEO Value? •  Fewer Posts, Deeper Content •  Still Important •  Add Personality Ethics: • Don’t use names • Hunter vs. Virginia • Ghostwriter?
    • 38. Creating Content “This does not mean that you cannot do your divorce yourself. However, many people who do not consult with attorneys may leave out certain very important provisions that can come back to haunt them later on, and cost them a great deal.” Nevada Divorce Attorney + 12 Other States
    • 39. Your Website Ethics • Any communication made pursuant to this rule shall include the name of at least one lawyer or law /irm responsible for its content • Do not make statements that lead someone to expect results like “I can save your business” or “I will get you money for your [Blank].” Avoid even saying “I can [Blank] for you” • Practice areas vs. specialist
    • 40. Your Website Ethics • Disclaimers -‐ email vs. website “advertising material” • Make statements that imply results • Trade Names and Distinctive Website • Keep a record = backups!
    • 41. @mark_homer | @gngfound > 25%
    • 42. @schuttedoit | @gngfound Impact of Mobile 66% 9% 25% Desktop Tablet Mobile
    • 43. Mobile Website Search
    • 44. Social Media
    • 45. @schuttedoit | @gngfound SOCIAL MEDIA Not a “Fad” Good For Ranking Looking Beyond
    • 46. @schuttedoit | @gngfound FACEBOOK Branding Cover Image Likes Geo Info Keywords
    • 47. Ethics • What counts as advice • Is this Advertising • Don’t Imply Results or Mislead
    • 48. Ethics of Being Online for Attorneys ALEX SCHUTTE
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