Road Junctions and Intersections

Types Of Road Junctions

  1. Oshin Deshmukh
    Types Of Road Junctions
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    Road Junctions and Intersections
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    • 1. Oshin A Deshmukh INTERSECTIONs: An intersection is a road junction where two or more roads either meet or cross at grade (i.e. are at the same level). An intersection may be 3-way, a T junction/T intersection or fork, 4-way – a crossroads, or 5-way or more. It may often be controlled by traffic lights, and may have a roundabout or an island. TYPES OF INTERSECTIONS: Intersections are classified as 3-way, 4-way, 5-way, 6-way, etc. depending on the number of road segments (arms) that come together at the intersection.  3-way intersection - A junction between three road segments (arms), is a T junction (two arms form one road) or a Y junction.
    • 2.  4-way intersections usually involve a crossing over of two streets or roads. In areas where there are blocks and in some other cases, the crossing streets or roads are perpendicular to each other. However, two roads may cross at a different angle. In a few cases, the junction of two road segments may be offset from each when reaching an intersection, even though both ends may be considered the same street.
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    • 4.  5-way intersections are less common but still exist, especially in urban areas with non-rectangular blocks.  6-way intersections usually involve a crossing of three streets at one junction; for example, a crossing of two perpendicular streets and a diagonal street is a rather common type of 6-way intersection.  Seven or more approaches to a single intersection, such as at Seven Dials, London, are rare. Fork: A fork is a type of intersection. When a road splits, the main road steers to the left or right, depending of what side you drive on, and the smaller road heads straight. It is common for 2 lane roads. Heading toward the main road, the traveler must turn left or right. If a road has a curb that sticks out, it is not classified as a fork.
    • 5. Nowadays Roads at different levels are used to regulate the traffic flow. Some of the types are:
    • 6. SIGNALS AND SIGNS They pay an important role in functioning of the junctions as they not only control the traffic but also regulate them.
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