Rise Of The Aware

The data all around us can be used to create more engaging digital experiences.

  1. Miika Puputti
    The data all around us can be used to create more engaging digital experiences.
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    Rise Of The Aware
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    • 1. Rise Of The Aware Using data to create new digital experiences Miika Puputti, Creative Director / @miikap
    • 2. 2 There is more data around us than ever before
    • 3. 3 We upload Terabytes of data to the web every day
    • 4. 4 This mass data is key in creating more engaging digital experiences
    • 5. 5 “Creativity is just connecting things.” - Steve Jobs
    • 6. 6 The new innovations are just combinations of this data in new and relevant ways
    • 7. 7 Weather
    • 8. 8 Weather is a big factor in our lives and now weather data can bring new relevance to digital experiences
    • 9. 9 A mobile ad that finds the best weather for a top down test-drive of the new Audi A3 Cabriolet
    • 10. 10 Audi –The Perfect Day Your location
    • 11. 11 Smart combination of data and phone sensors create a more engaging experience
    • 12. 12 Weather data can also be used to drive sales to same day delivery in online stores
    • 13. 13 Your location
    • 14. 14 Location data has been around for a while, but now GPS data and beacons is been used to create something that fits the context of your exact location
    • 15. 15
    • 16. 16 Museums & stores are experimenting with iBeacons to interact and connect with mobile users on-site
    • 17. 17 A report from Adobe said that more than 50 percent of mobile marketers are using iBeacon technology or plan to do so within the next year http://www.computerworld.com/articl...plications/adobe-simplifies-app-advertising-- integrates-marketing-cloud-with-ibeacons.html
    • 18. 18
    • 19. 19 Using Bluetooth, the iBeacon triggers an interaction with the users mobile device, giving a chance to create hyper-local experiences
    • 20. 20 You need to be careful with the frequency of interactions, one push notification too many will make consumers delete your iBeacon app
    • 21. 21 Your health data
    • 22. 22 The idea of the quantified self has been around for some time with many apps and wearable devices record workouts, sleeping patterns and eating habits etc.
    • 23. 23 Nike+
    • 24. 24 Nike+ Kinect
    • 25. 25 Fitbit
    • 26. 26 Converting health data into a meaningful service is all about the ecosystem and how versatile the hardware is
    • 27. 27
    • 28. 28 Wearables can store your health data and in the future that data could be synced to your doctor securely by the health apps
    • 29. 29 Your actions
    • 30. 30 The actions we take before, during and after using digital services, can be tracked and the data can be used to create a more personal experience next time we use them
    • 31. 31
    • 32. 32 Amazon has a predictive algorithm that will be employed to ship products, based on the data collected from the customers even before they place the order
    • 33. 33 Combine and
    • 34. 34 Thank you Miika Puputti, Creative Director Twitter: @miikap
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