Outfitters e-Business Plan

Just made a business plan for Outfitters Pakistan. Business plan just show how

  1. Faisal Basra
    Just made a business plan for Outfitters Pakistan. Business plan just show how
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    Outfitters e-Business Plan
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    • 1. e-Outfitters
    • 2. Enable ‘E’ for Outfitters You can easily think this model as an e-franchise that will not only sell products but will also market your products & brand over Internet. We will sole responsible to manage ecommerce operations as e-franchise and will require access of your products to deliver them to customers at right time. This deal is a good model of Win-Win situation reflecting mutual benefits. We are looking forward to thing done in good way. Customers • Customers are directly connected Ecommerce • The Virtual Shop Outfitters • Company have direct communication with customers.
    • 3. • Today in modern era people seek Internet as primary source of information about all activities of life from education, religious, buying. We understand these needs and can implement e-commerce model for Outfitterss for mutual benefits that generates extra sales. This will increase brand awareness where every customer now having Internet usage. Brand awareness. • e-commerce is affordable in terms of investment & development. It does not require having physical store front, space etc. Its setup is cheaper than physical setup and ROI can be bigger than traditional business model depending upon the e-commerce model. Affordability • having a website on Internet is not enough in this time. Website just indicate that you are alive on the Internet, but when you offer online sales services where customer can buy products from sitting at home, thus you are speaking customer’s language to facilitate them. Competitor advantage • traditional business model is bounded to have limits to customer market. E- business have no physical limits, it can reach anywhere in the world where you can spread and serve the clients. Thus the expanded market will adds extra values in terms of sales, good will and profits. Increased Sales • traditional business only allow certain time to do the business. E-business eliminates this restriction and putting the business serving alive all the time 24/7. 24/7 Service • in traditional business it is not possible to sell off season products due to stores space limitation. E-business also removes this barrier by providing the limitless inventory catalogue, where you can offer off season products at special discounts thus generating revenue before the season comes, and profits. Sell “off Season products” easily
    • 4. The e-marketing, e-branding and e-business We have strong background for online marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing & Web Development. We will be sole responsible to manage ecommerce operations, technical development,product shoot & catalog management, inventory, orders, shipment, payments and software development. In the other hand Outfitterss will only give access to its inventory managing at anywhere factory or a special space.
    • 5. e-OutfittersCRM Brand Buzz Email Marketing Social Media Marketing Listen Customers Directly Business Inteligence
    • 6. Business Inteligence Real Reporting Real Facts
    • 7. Website Traffic Reporting
    • 8. Email Marketing Campaign Reporting
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