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Outdoorable Magazine is a Biannual Publication of the Lagos State Signage &

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    Outdoorable Magazine is a Biannual Publication of the Lagos State Signage &
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    • 2. 023 016 003 007 025 069 CONTENTS INVENT SPOTON E-MOTION PRIMEDIA CLEAREDGE 004 023 036 INVENT SPOTON E-MOTION PRIMEDIA CLEAREDGE 053 OUTDOOR COMPANIES APPROVED BY LASAA SIGNAGE EXHIBITION & CONFERENCE A first for West Africa - Funto Johnson THE LAGOS COUNTDOWN City takes bold new step in new year celebrations OUTDOORABLE 5IVE The most outstanding structures in Lagos - Kofoworola Gbolasere BECOMING AN INSTITUTION - Temitope Akande LASAA the Go-To Agency on Outdoor Expertise GOVERNOR FASHOLA VISITS LASAA AMBIENT MEDIA AFRICA'S LARGEST OUTDOOR AGENCY Nigerian Group steers Continental Outdoor Media Turning OOH on its head - Babs Fagade
    • 3. Editorial PUBLISHER Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency EDITOR-IN-CHEF George K. Noah EDITORIAL DIRECTION Scribes Lane ASSOCIATE EDITOR Kofoworola Gbolasere EDITORIAL ASSISTANT Funto Johnson ADVERTISING SALES Email: outdoorable@lasaa.com Tel: + 234 704 500 3800 EDITORIAL TEAM Temitope Akande Idowu Omisore Mayokun Aofiyebi Rotimi Osiyoye Alex Balogun Zainab Adewale DESIGN / LAYOUT Vee Global Concept COVER PHOTO ’Dayo Adedayo 005 | Outdoorable Follow us /LASAA @LASAA /LASAA /LASAA /LASAA he Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency is responsible for regulating and Tcontrolling outdoor advertising and signage displaysinLagosState. With the vision to be 'an international leader in signage control, outdoor advertising regulation and civic beautification', LASAA hit the ground running. The arbitrary deployment of billboards and posters in the city of Lagos was brought to a halt, heralding a sea-change in the outdoor advertisingindustry. The Agency's commitment to improving aesthetics and safety in the sector led to new measures to rid Lagos of practices anathema to modern development. Old billboards gave way to daring and artistic ones; Iconics, LEDs and Water Advertising blended aesthetics with creativity to present an entirely new streetscape and skyline. Thanks to these innovations, Lagos today stands at par with top cities around theworld. Managing Director George Noah, set out the goals of LASAA to include: “the promotion of urban development through advertising, ensuring complementary role between environment and outdoor advertising, promoting quality service through an excellent work force and increasing revenues of the state and local authorities.” He noted that “outdoor advertising plays a fundamental economic role in society, and contributes an estimated excess of N20billion to theLagosStateeconomyannually. “Lagos remains the nation's economic nerve centre, with over 2,000 industries. With such diversity, it has become a socio-cultural melting pot attracting Nigerians and foreigners alike. As such, LASAA is constantly promoting ultramodern advertising formats that are allowable within the scope of our regulatory framework. We hold a unique position to showcase advertising formats that are aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly. As a result, LASAA has set itself a target to encourage unique advertising formats on the streetscapes of Lagos, in line with themega-cityvisionofthegovernmentofLagosState.” LASAA was established by the “Lagos State Structures for Signage and Advertisement Agency Law (2006) as Amended.” The law empowers the Agency to “Regulate outdoor structures for the display of signage, hoarding and advertisement in Lagos State and for connected purposes.” Among the Agency's functions as defined:: “Control outdoor structures to be used for signage and advertisement; Issue licences and permits for the construction and placement of outdoor structures in any part of the state; Protect the environment from potential adverse impact from visual blights; Control the number, size and location of outdoor structures; Ensure that outdoor structures are soundly and carefully designed, erected, modified, maintained or removed when no longer in use to avoidpotentialdamagetolivesandproperty”etc. The Agency maintains 22 branch offices in different parts of the state in order to bring service closer to business andallstakeholders. ABOUT LASAA
    • 5. About Helios Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Continental Outdoor has a portfolio of over 28,000 advertising opportunities in South Africa and 14,000intotalinSub-SaharanAfrica. The company's policy is to have a physical presence in every country it serves, and Nigeria may not be an exception. It is believed that the company will either acquire an existing outdoor agency in Nigeria, or form a merger with a major player in the industry. Whichever way it plays, The Helios Investment Partners is an Africa-focused private investment firm established in 2004 by co-founding partners Tope Lawani and Babatunde Soyoye. The company operates a family of funds aggregating more than $1.7 billion in capital commitments, pursuing a full range of investment types, including business formations, growth equity investments, structured investments in listed entities and large scale leveragedacquisitionsacrossAfrica. Helios is one of the largest investment firms focusing on Africa and is among the few independent pan-African private equity investment firms to be founded and managed by Africans. The firm also managed the $110 million Modern Africa Fund on behalf of a range of investors which included the U.S. government's Overseas Private Investment Corporation. The investment experience of the firm spans across some of the world's most competitive and demanding markets such as the Texas Pacific Group (TPG Capital), Investcorp, Terra Firma and JPMorgan. 006 | Outdoorable Believe it or not, Africa's biggest outdoor agency is ow n e d by a N i g e r i a n investment group. Continental O u t d o o r M e d i a , w i t h i t s headquarters in South Africa was acquired in a $146.8 million deal by an investor group led by Nigeria's Helios in 2009. The outdoor agency already operates in 13 other Sub- Saharan African countries, namely: Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, M a u r i t i u s , M a d a g a s c a r , Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, there is no gainsaying that the combination of the investor group's financial strength and expertise will create a ripple effectintheout-of-homeindustry. Many outdoor practitioners are bracing themselves for the exciting challenge of having Continental Outdoor as a major player in the industry. Some agencies may have to refocus strategies and effect an overhaul of their structures, in order to compete successfully with the financial muscle of Continental Outdoor. Analysts predict possible mergers, to enable local agenciescomeupstronger. On its part, Continental Outdoor is expected to build on its longstanding position as the most experienced, operationally capable and best capitalized outdoor advertising company in Africa. Its clients include internationally recognized brands including:Coca-Cola,StandardBankandAngloAmerican. Advert on Continental Outdoor's Citilite range billboard Continental Outdoor Media billboard Continental Outdoor Media already operates in 13 Sub-Saharan countries NIGERIAN INVESTMENT GROUP CONTROLS AFRICA'S BIGGEST OUTDOOR AGENCY “Industry watchers say the arrival of Continental Outdoor heralds a new era in out-of-home business in Nigeria” ŸA revolutionary new biodegradable product is being introduced into advertising structures by Continental Outdoor. Made of recycled textiles, the new product will not harm the environment, unlike the PVC flex facematerialwidelyusedintheindustry. ŸRenewable energy focus sees the company making increasing use of solar panels to power outdoor structures; it is also changing high wattage bulbs to LED lightingtoconservepower. ADELAIDE MCKELVEY, DIRECTOR, REST OF AFRICA OUTSIDE SOUTH AFRICA FOR CONTINENTAL OUTDOOR MEDIA. BABATUNDE SOYOYE, HELIOS INVESTMENT PARTNER TOPE LAWANI, HELIOS INVESTMENT PARTNER Continental Outdoor Media billboard L-R ŸInstallation of timer switches on many illuminatedoutdooradvertisingstructures,to cut down on electricity usage. The illumination goes off from 1am to 5am when, according to the company, “most consumers areofftheroads.”
    • 6. OOH SECTOR IN LAGOS STATE 006 | Outdoorable Continental Outdoor Media billboard N50 BILLION WORTH OF COMMERCE GENERATED ANNUALLY, OVER 100,000 EMPLOYED Out of home medium in Lagos State now offers new technologies, new formats, and more creative thinking to help advertisers and their agencies take their message to consumers. The industry has embraced innovation in order to keep pace with fast changing needs of consumers. New creative campaignsensurethatmessagesare not ignored, blocked, or skipped. For product advertising restricted to “adult hours”, OOH offers 24-hour advertising, beating TV and radio hitherto handicapped by this restriction, especially for alcoholic beverages. As a result of booming internet connections on mobile phones, the medium sends consumers to web search and social media platforms, generating all-important word of mouth and viral marketing. Nevertheless, the sector is bedeviled by some crucial challenges including the reluctance of most advertisers to embark on short term cost effective campaigns, the reluctance to deploy campaigns in more populated areas of the state such as Alimosho, failure to embrace appropriate OOH platforms suitable for specific locationsandinevitablefailureofOOH campaigns due to creatives only suitableforpress. In an exclusive study undertaken in conjunction with LASAA, Ideas House Consultancy, discovered that OOH reaches consumers no matter what their media consumption habits are. This is because OOH advertising bridges the gap between the in-home message and the out-of-home purchase. And the advantage of the “lastword”isnevermoreevidentthan when it comes to last-minute, impulsebuying. Versatile formats including inflatables, bus shelters, parasols and litter bins offer 'blank canvas' creative potential to break through the clutter and hold people's attention, wherever they work, shop, travel, and play. This is very evident in metropolitan Lagos where commuters spend a considerable time in rush hour traffic. Some companies including NIPCO in Apapa, ARM in Ilupeju, and Zenith Bank in Victoria Island, are now embracing digital signage for their first party signs. Other big brands are considering this new initiative. Several other brands including Coca-Cola are opting for iconic platforms that offercompetitiveadvantage. Over the past decade, Nigeria's Marketing Communications Industry has witnessed one of the most significant changes in the economic landscape of the country. As liberalization and subsequent privatization of hitherto publicly run enterprises coupled with the significantinflowofForeignDirectInvestmentbythelarge multinationals gathered full steam, Marketing Communications Industry has immensely benefitted from the internal growth and healthy competition between rival companies. The advent of the GSM companies started the wave and the spend trend trickled down to other vibrant sectors such as FMCG, Alcoholic Beverage and Financial Institutions. Now, within this entire spectrum of monumental change, the nation's OOH market landscape and relative industry size has grown exponentially. In actual fact, the OOH market is currently one of the fastest growing practices within the IMC space. With a more structured and professionally managed industry, the opportunities for futuregrowthandexpansionareunprecedented. The LASAA/Ideas House report shows that in Lagos State alone, the turnover of OOH sector is in excess of N50bn, employing over 100,000 persons in various capacities, from structural engineers to creative design specialists, outdoor site erectors to fabricators, foundation companies to architects, printers, casual workers, security companies, warehouse managers and logistics companies. Some of the most notable changes in the outdoor space especially in Lagos State has been the introduction and growth of LED boards which has tremendously transformed the advertising landscape whilst giving companies the unparalleled opportunity to have their brands visible in the most dynamic and ideal manner possible. As we look forward to the next 10 years with great optimism, the expectation is for the OOH industry to grow even bigger than its current state as the economy turns around and investment confidence and appetite increases in the sector. LASAA will continue to remain innovative and promote excellence by regulating the practice for the benefit of all. Perhaps by that time, the sector would be worth more than100bnperyear. OUT OF HOME SECTOR IN LAGOS STATE FABRICATORS – This group constitutes companies who fabricate OOH structures in various formats includingbutnotlimitedtobillboards, bus shelters, kiosks, signages, steel frames, small formats such as litter bins, parasols tables and chairs. Fabricators also include those who build OOH structural foundation and theircasualworkers. INSTALLERS - Installers are primarily those who deploy and fix OOH materials of all kinds. From climbing a tall tower to mounting a new material on unipole to changing materials on street lamp posts, installers usually undertake temporary work. Their role is extremely sensitive yet critical to theOOHindustry. LARGE FORMAT PRINTERS - An entire industry on its own, large format printers focus on printing companies who fuel the OOH sector with various print materials, designs and formats. A large concentration is based at the ShomoluaxisofLagos. LANDLORDS - Since OOH business cannot exist without premises and these sites are owned as Landlords. They are crucial stakeholders in the industry that cannot be ignored. There are several types of Landlords with the most common being Federal Government highways, (including militaryandpoliceformations), State Government infrastructures “The OOH market is currently growing practices one of the fastest within the IMC space’’ COMPOSITION AND VALUE OF OUT OF HOME SECTOR IN LAGOS STATE OUTDOOR MEDIA BUYING FABRICATORS INSTALLERS LARGE FORMAT PRINTERS LANDLORDS OUTDOOR SPECIALIST AGENCIES OUTDOOR PROTECTION SERVICES OTHERS MOBILE ADVERTS TOTAL 8.6BN 1.5BN 382M 8.275BN 1.875BN 370M 8BN 1.25BN 50.29BN including roads, parks, open spaces; and finally, properties owned by companies/Privateindividuals. OUTDOOR AGENCIES - These are LASAA registered companies authorised to undertake the business of owning billboards and other outdoor structures in Lagos State. Their capabilities include design and deployment of OOH materials to site. Approximately 140 of them exist in the state and are members of Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria(OAAN). OUTDOOR PROTECTION SERVICES - Hitherto referred to as "Area Boys", OPS managers reside in local governments protecting outdoor sites on a 24hr basis. Unregulated, they remain a crucial element in the wheel of OOH practice in Lagos State and the countryatlarge. MOBILE ADVERTS – This sector covers all forms of mobile advertisement from partial car branding to complete wrap around as well as bus and truck branding. BRT and LAGBUS mobile advertising, taxi digital signage are also classified under mobile advertising. Kenny Salami, MD/CEO Ideas House Ltd speaking at the OOH session A cross section of stakeholders at the Out-of-Home session
    • 7. agos is set to host Africa's biggest Signage and Billboard exhibition this Lsummer, according to plans unveiled by LASAA. The Agency is putting finishing touches to preparations for the event, the first of its kind in West Africa, which holds at nd the Eko Hotel Convention Centre from 22 to th 27 June, 2014. Tagged the 'Signage and Outdoor Conference and Exhibition Africa (Lagos 2014)', it will feature about 300 exhibitors and conference participants from Europe,Asia,AmericaandAfrica.Thefirstever signage and billboard exhibition in the West African sub-region, the event is expected to attractover4,000visitors. The conference and exhibition will offer By Funto Johnson The event will be Africa's biggest and the first in West Africa signage and billboard owners a platform to displaytheircreativeinnovationstotheworld. Nigerian exhibitors and delegates will also have the added advantage of participation on home turf, in what is expected to become an annual event on the outdoor industry calendar in Lagos State. LASAA says the maiden edition is geared towards creating a convergence of stakeholders within the out- of-home advertising industry. It will focus on trends, best practices, innovations and challenges within the Nigerian and African contexts. Like cities including Dubai, Munich, Beijing and Johannesburg where signageandbillboardexhibitionsare 005 | Outdoorable Photo Courtesy: Lagosphoto/AAF SIGNAGE AND BILLBOARD EXHIBITION HOLDS IN LAGOS IN JUNE The exhibition is expected to take Nigeria's blooming outdoor industry to new heights. held regularly, the Lagos event will showcase the very best of signage and billboards alongside powerful representations of ideas that set the pace in the outdoor advertising industry. Steering the preparations for the highly anticipated event is George Noah, MD of LASAA, who said, “The objective is to provide a veritable platform for the growth and development of signage and outdoor advertising in Lagos State, Nigeria and Africa. The event is expected to attract from within and outside the country, industry regulators, consultants, designers, researchers, brand managers, media buying agencies, event companies, suppliers, manufacturers, exhibitors in the signage, digital signage, retail signage solutions, outdoor media as wellasscreenanddigitalprintingindustries.'' Hopes are riding high for the exhibition, which is expected to take Nigeria's blooming outdoor industry to new heights. Similar exhibitions in cities like London and Milan are reported to generate billions of dollars of sales for exhibitors serving the printing, signage and outdoor advertising industries. Many international stakeholders are already signed up for the inaugural edition, thereby offering a world class showcase for those who participate. “LASAA is set to put the city of Lagos on yet another global stand economically and otherwise. The exhibition will provide for the comparison of creative inventions in signage and billboards via [set] parameters, with eventual winners emerging,”Noahsaid. ''Our objective is to create an enabling environment that will help all players in our sector to grow their business and to keep abreast with new innovations from across the globe. Visitors and participants are expected to discover the latest developments in equipment, software, signage and outdoor materials, systems, fittings and fixtures. Participants can maximise their time at the eventbytakingpartinthetailoredconference sessions as well as experiencing live d e m o n s t r a t i o n s a n d n e t w o r k i n g opportunities. In addition, the conference and exhibition will deliver new market breakthroughs, significant on-site sales, joint venture opportunities, new trading partners and an improved regional profile for manufacturers.” Judging by LASAA's enviable record in organising successful events, practitioners say they are looking forward to the first ever Lagos signage and billboard exhibition, which they describe as a move in the right direction. Over the years, the Agency has provided an oasis of calm from the arbitrary display of structures in Lagos State. Hardly surprising therefore, that many are already predicting thatthecomingexhibitionwillbeasuccess. Exhibitors already committed to the event include: Rotapanel (Holland) Primedia (South Africa) Agfa (Belgium) Saga Group (Dubai) andInventMedia(Nigeria).
    • 8. BECOMING AN INSTITUTION By Temitope Akande LASAA shares outdoor expertise with other agencies Johannesburg JPC has the task of managing property portfolio in Johannesburg, while engaging state-owned properties and structures in revenue generation and beautification. Unlike LASAA which has the autonomy to enforce regulations regarding illegal structures, JPC has no discretionary powers to throw the book at offenders. The South African Agency is nonetheless very effective in achieving its mandate, as demonstrated by the striking outdoor sites and sights on show on the streetsofJohannesburg. At a parley held in South Africa, LASAA andJPCdiscoveredthattheyhavemoreareas of commonalities than differences, thus paving the way for strategic cooperation between them. Plans are under way for a staff exchange programme which will see LASAA staff widen their knowledge base in South Africa while JPC officials will come to pick up bestpracticesinLagos.Anotherkeyfeatureof the cooperation is the GIS Map software that JPCwillnowmakeavailableLASAA. OlumideSogunle,LASAADeputy Managing Director who led the delegation to South Africa, declared the trip a success. He noted that the GIS Map software will “aid the online tracking of all outdoor structures, applications and the processing of such, facilitatingthepromptdeliveryofservices.” The stage is set, therefore, for an exciting collaboration that will make for more vibrancy in outdoor advertising in Nigeria and South Africa. The alliance is also expected to strengthen LASAA's operations and enhance the drive for a beautiful Lagos, while presenting a platform for stronger internationalties. On the home front, several other states are queuing up to tap into LASAA's experience in the field. Approaches have been made to seek the Agency's assistance in establishing outdoor signage regulatory bodies in five states. The message has so far been taken to: Ekiti State, Ogun State, Oyo State, Osun State and Ondo State - all certified brand believers in the winning model as tried and tested by LASAA. L ASAA is increasingly the go-to authority on advertising signages, as the Agency becomes a leading institution in the outdoor landscape industry. LASAA's rising profile is evidenced by the growing list of organisations knocking on its doors for partnership and collaboration. Its expertise and experience in outdoor advertising are highly sought after at home and abroad; and it is rising to the challenge, offering mentoring and start-off support to those who wish to set up their own signage controlauthorities. Notable among the Agency's new collaborators is the South African signage m o n i to r i n g a n d r e g u l a to r y b o d y, Johannesburg Property Company, (JPC), which has opened up channels of cooperation withitsNigeriancounterpart.Themovebrings with it opportunities for extending the frontiers of knowledge on a diverse range of activities and competencies in the outdoor advertisingindustry. PhotoCredit:ABIODUNOMOTOSO
    • 9. ASAA is the preferred partner for stakeholders and other state governments in Nigeria keen to maximise the potentials of Loutdoor advertising in their respective areas. This was evident in a training workshop held in Osogbo, Osun State, on 19th April, 2012, at which key staff of LASAA participated. Temitayo Etomi (Special Adviser to the Managing Director on Operations) as well as Kofoworola Gbolasere and Mayokun Aofiyebi of LASAA's Corporate Affairs Department featured prominently at the workshop, held at Delightsome Hotels and Resort in the Osun State capital. In an engaging lecture titled, 'Harnessing the Potentials of Outdoor Advertising to Propagate the Six-Point Agenda of the Osun State Government,' the trio shared LASAA's experience and expertise with theircolleaguesoperatinginOsun. Specially packaged for Osun State media persons by Concepts and Contracts Limited, the workshop delved into the need for proper management of state assets in order to bring about positive impacts ongovernmentpolicies. Etomi called on the Osun government to “identify and classify its state signage assets.” This, she noted, would enable it account for a proper management of these assets and ultimately, “institute a medium of creative information dissemination owned and managed by the state government which will boost the six-point agenda, whilst at thesametime,generaterevenue.” Another speaker, Dele Alake, veteran journalist and Managing Director of Television Continental (TVC), shared the wealth of his experience with the delegates. Addressing “The Challenges of InformationGeneration,DisseminationandPropagation;Conscien- tising the Public on the Merits of the State Government Six-Point Agenda,” Mr. Alake called on journalists and media executives in the state to make themselves “indispensable for the system.” He stated that “strategic communication management should be used devastatingly to gain public confidence.” The media veteran further added that media attention should be focused on the developmental projectsofthestategovernment. Other speakers and participants at the training included the Commissioner for Information and Strategy for Osun State, Sunday Akere, who represented Governor Aregbesola; Kehinde Bamigbetan, Executive Chairman, Ejigbo Local Government who served as training moderator on the day; Bisi Akande; and Kayode Samuel, who delivered alectureontheFreedomofInformationAct. PREACHING THE OUTDOOR GOSPEL IN OSUN By Idowu Omisore L-R: Mayokun Aofiyebi, Temitayo Etomi, Kehinde Bamigbetan (Chairman, Ejigbo Local Council) and Kofoworola Gbolasere 005 | Outdoorable OsunState EkitiState Nationwide InOsunState,aLASAAteamcomprisingTemitayoEtomi,SpecialAdviserto the Managing Director on Operations, as well as Kofoworola Gbolasere and Mayokun Aofiyebi of the Corporate Affairs Department, was on hand to shareideaswithcounterpartsinOsogbo.Inalecturetitled,'Harnessingthe PotentialsofOutdoorAdvertisingtoPromotetheSix-PointAgendaofOsun State Government,” Etomi canvassed the need for Osun State Government “to identify and classify the State's signage assets.” This, she said, would help to properly account for the management of the assets and ultimately institute a mechanism of creative information dissemination, owned and managed by the state, which will in turn boost the Osun Government's six- pointagendawhilegeneratingrevenue. A working visit to Lagos by Mr. Eleaza Olumuyiwa Ogunmilade, Director General of the Ekiti State Signage and Advertising Agency (EKSAA), is also yielding results. The visit and earlier parleys led to a partnership deal between EKSAA and its Lagos counterpart; and a subsequent visit to Ekiti by LASAA MD George Noah, underscored his commitment to the arrangement. Accompanied by Ms. Etomi and Head of Corporate Affairs, Temitope Akande, Mr. Noah said the purpose of the visit was to assist in the regulatory and revenue-generation functions of EKSAA, including the development of an Outdoor Masterplan, Signage Enumeration and Situational Analysis, Image and Reputation Audit, Structure Segmentation andPricing. “We found during our visit that, Ekiti may not possess the population and commerce of Lagos, but there are vast potentials of untapped products and services to add more pep and aesthetics to the environment aswellasincreaserevenue,”Noahobserved. Mr. Ogunmilade expressed similar sentiments. “We recognise the giant strides made by LASAA in recent years and hope we can benefit from that wealth of experience,” he said. “This is a collaborative initiative; as such we believe there are some areas LASAA too can learn from us. We intendtoputinplacesystemstohelpusrunefficiently,inadditiontogiving ourstaffrequiredtrainingforthejob.” LASAA's preliminary report on the EKSAA DG's working visit has been sent to him, and Ekiti Sate Governor Dr. Kayode Fayemi, for consideration and requisite action. The report is expected to help redefine the Ekiti outdoor landscape in a way that will not escape the attention of the target audience, practitioners, tourism investors and all who appreciate the aestheticbeautyofthestate. Similar collaborations are ongoing with the Ogun State Signage and Advertisement Agency (OGSAA) and the Oyo State Signage and Advertisement Agency (OYSAA). As it helps others to achieve the dream of establishing their own outdoor regulatory bodies, LASAA is becoming the gold standard in the advertising signage field. It is now setting its sights on bringingtoexistencearegulatorybodyforadvertisingpracticesinNigeria. Agency officials say the proposed body is aimed at providing an efficient and effective framework as well as guidelines for outdoor advertising control, one which will also promote sustained economic growth, and contribute to the conservation of tourism while assisting the growth of newerregulatoryagencies,amongstothergoals. In its vision to nurture a unified outdoor advertising regulatory organisation and ultimately a member organisation with similar bodies across the globe, LASAA is living up to its reputation as a touchstone in the industry. It hopes to create a platform for sharing ideas, protection of industry interests and general collaboration for sustainability in the emergingworld. “GIS Map software will aid the online tracking of all outdoor structures, applications and their processing, facilitating the prompt delivery of services” PhotoCredit:ABIODUNOMOTOSO
    • 10. MD/CEO of LASAA, George Noah, joined others in welcoming the development of the giant structure. “Our ultimate goal is to create an outdoor advertising world that will rival top cities in the world. The unveiling of the largest outdoor structure in Africa by Primedia is certainly a huge step towards achieving our outdoor master plan,” Mr. Noah enthused. He reiterated that LASAA will continue to collaborate with practitioners and other stakeholders to deliver an aesthetically pleasing skyscape that willtransformthefaceofLagos. The TBS tower outdoor structure is set to clock up an average of 1.5 million views daily, thanks to clear sightlines from many Lagos locations. It can be seen from the Third Mainland Bridge, Eko Bridge, Carter Bridge, Bonny Camp, the Boat Club, Radisson Blue Hotel on Victoria Island, and many other parts of LagosIsland. Primedia reports an encouraging response to the structure, and the company is busy fielding enquiries from advertisers. “Immediatelythestructurewashoisted,Samsungwasthefirstto show interest in the towers, although for a very short campaign; and upon seeing the impact of the towers, several prospective clientshaveindicatedinterest,”Oyedejisaid. Formerly known as Race Course, Tafawa Balewa Square is named after the first Prime Minister of independent Nigeria. Its towers (each 60 metres high) were constructed in 1959. The potential advertising space on each tower is 1600 square metres. It all adds up to an irresistible setting for outdoor practitioners. And so, to Tafawa Balewa Square's gigantic horses and monumental Eyo masquerade sculptures is added another icon: Primedia'stoweringnewstructure. · The TBS structure is temporarily rested but Primedia Out Of Home Nigeria assures that it will be back soon to displaysomeofthebestadvertisingontheseshores. “The unveiling of the largest outdoor structure in Africa by Primedia is certainly a huge step towards achieving our outdoor master plan” 005 | Outdoorable Photo:Dargrace afawa Balewa Square, site of many historic occasions in the past, now has another distinction, as host to the largest Toutdoor structure in Africa. With an imposing 3200 square metres of advertising space, the ambitious structure is mounted on the twin towers of the monument, popularly known as TBS. The structure is set to become one of the most sought after outdoor spacesinLagos,asoveramillionpeopleadaywillseeanyadvertising displayed there. The unveiling, in August 2013, created much excitement in the industry and advertisers are lining up to be among thefirsttotakeadvantageoftheprimelocation. Niyi Oyedeji, Managing Director of Primedia Out of Home Nigeria, owners of the structure, revealed that it was completed at AFRICA'S BIGGEST OUTDOOR STRUCTURE Twin towers of the TBS host 3200sqm of advertising space 006 | Outdoorable the cost of over 50 million naira. He said that the inspiration for the scale and the design came from world famous structures like the Ponte Building in Johannesburg, South Africa; and One Times Square, New York. It was a delicate process preparing the site, according to Mr. Oyedeji. “Mini brackets were fabricated to fit to the side of the entire stretch of the towers to create extra support for the structure. We also brought in experts to supervise and certify the strength of the structure as being able to withstand the strong Atlantic wind,” he disclosed. Deployed for the successful completion werenewgeneratorstopowerthemaximumstrengthlightsfornight illumination, security, a specialised team to flight banners, and the printingofthemassivebannersneeded.
    • 11. he Executive Governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Raji Fashola was given a rousing Twelcome when he paid a courtesy visit to LASAA recently. The visit, on 18 July, 2013, marked the Agency's move to its showpiece new Head Office along Mobolaji Johnson Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos. Mr. Fashola's memorable visit, tagged 'The Apprentice', had an interesting twist, as the governor was put through the typical daily activities of the Agency. It was rounded off with a short presentation by LASAA MD, George Noah. Accompanied by the Commissioner for the Environment, Tunji Bello, the governor inspected the various departments, seeing for himself the high standard of service provided by theAgency. The governor interacted with members of staff and commended the great strides of LASAA whilechallengingthemtoreachforgreaterheights. GOVERNOR FASHOLA VISITS LASAA 005 | Outdoorable The Lagos Governor waves to staff of the Agency George Noah (r) makes a presentation to Governor Fashola during the latter's visit to LASAA George Noah (r) makes a presentation to Governor Fashola during the latter's visit to LASAA
    • 12. he Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge is a thing of beauty. An architectural cantilever principle, utilising tailor-made launching girder and lifting masterpiecethatissettobecomeamajortouristattraction,the frames. Tbridge is one of the new icons of Lagos; and was commissioned “The pylon with its two curved legs characterises the by Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola on May 29, 2013 as part of the appearance of the bridge. Up to a height of 50 metres, the pylon is A- Democracy Day celebrations. Celebrated as a major dividend of 14 shaped, after which the pylon legs change form and curve outwards to years of Nigeria's democracy, the suspension bridge was conceived by the top... For inspection and maintenance purposes, both pylon legs the Fashola Administration in 2008 and was opened to the public a as well as the main bridge superstructure are accessible from the merefiveyearslater,onJune1st,2013. inside. The cable-stayed bridge was constructed at the cost of 29 “The foundation comprises close-end driven steel piles “with a billion naira and delivered by Julius Berger Plc. According to the diameter of 914 millimetres and an average length of 50 metres were Commissioner for Works and Infrastructure for Lagos State, Obafemi used. These steel castings were then reinforced and filled with Hamzat, the Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge “was designed to service and concrete. The pylon structure is built on 43 bored piles with a diameter provide access around the Elegushi Roundabout and Lekki Phase I.” of1,524millimetresandamaximumof75metres.” Dr. Hamzat noted that the axis “is the fastest growing real estate Present at the commissioning of the historic bridge werecorridor in Africa. It recorded tremendous growth in the number of dignitaries including former governors of Lagos State, Alhaji Lateefpeople residing or working along the corridor. This led to the need to Jakande and Brigadier-General Mobolaji Johnson (Rtd); Oba of Lagos,create an alternative route. Our choice is this new cable-stayed link HRM Oba Rilwan Akiolu I; former Secretary to the Government of thebridge,thefirstofitskindinWestAfrica.” Federation, Yayale Ahmed; and the Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Wolfgang Goetsch, MD of Julius Berger Plc, briefed on the AdejokeOrelope-Adefulire. technical details of the 1.358 kilometres bridge, which boasts an elegant pylon that dominates the skyline on its end of Lagos. Goetsch said the bridge “has two principal parts: a 722-metre long full 'span approach bridge' on the Lekki side located just above water level and a 635-metre long cable-stayed bridge with a precast structure called the'mainbridge'. “The main bridge is suspended from a 91-metre high pylon and provides the 9-metre headroom above water level to allow for maritime traffic. All bridge deck elements were pre-fabricated in Julius Berger's production facilities here in Lagos. The span elements of the approach bridge were installed by two specially designed launching girders. The main bridge section comprises pre-cast segmental box girder elements, installed according to the balanced “Our choice is this new cable-stayed link bridge, the first of its kind in West Africa” AN ICON FOR LAGOS Lekki-Ikoyi Bridge is the newest tourist attraction in the city Lekki-Ikoyi Bridge is the newest tourist attraction in the city
    • 13. he Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency (LASAA) is to work in collaboration with the Nigerian Armed Forces and Tthe Police to tackle illegal outdoor structures in the barracks. Longstanding discontent over violations of the Lagos State Structures for Signage and Advertisement Laws 2011 (as amended) could have set the Agency and the security forces on a legal collision course. Any such escalation proved unnecessary, however, as the Military and the Police came to an agreement with LASAA on the peculiarities of their locations, while accepting the Agency's regulatoryfunctionsregardingoutdoorstructuresinLagosState. In a two-day retreat held at the Golden Tulip Hotel, Festac Town, Lagos on 6th and 7th September, 2013, the Agency charted a way forward with representatives of the Military and the Police. Tagged 'LASAA, Military, Police, Operators of Mandate Collaboration By Kofoworola Gbolasere Retreat', the retreat was aimed at defining the roles of the respective stakeholders in the industry. The situation on Army, Navy and Air Force bases, as well as Police Barracks, had hitherto militated against LASAA's stated objectives, constituting a major impediment to the attainment of the Agency's beautification and regeneration goals. A recent survey showed that over 350 billboards and signages on Military bases and Police barracks across the state were in direct contravention of the law. Notable among these were structures on prominent sites including: Bonny Camp, Victoria Island; Police Barracks, Apapa; Police Medical Services Headquarters, Falomo; Army Cantonment, Ikeja; and Marda Barracks in Yaba. Many failed to make the grade in terms of size, quality, materials used, proximity to other advertising structures, location and degreeofillumination. Unipoles (single pole structures carrying a load of over 400kg) were of particular concern. An audit found that no fewer than 15 of these were newly erected in the Lagos suburbs of Awolowo Road (Ikoyi), Yaba, Obalende, Victoria Island, Onikan and Surulere. At least 31 similar structures were at the same time being cast at several locations across the state. This, despite Lagos State Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola's directive outlawing Unipoles; and the Agency's notification to all practitioners of its plans for their gradual elimination. Unipoles are often erected within residential areas, across link roads and highways; and completed within 10 days or less – from the casting of the foundation to the erection of the various membranes. It will be noted that they usually require a period of four months for proper construction and erection. Lapses in the deployment of outdoor advertising hoardings can lead to grave consequences, as demonstrated when a 72-sheet Unipole collapsed around Falomo Roundabout, Ikoyi, Lagos,in2012. The lack of due care in the erection of structures, therefore, has severe implications for physical and urban planning operations in the state. Hardly any consideration is given to the type of structure being deployed vis a vis the land use of the area – whether Residential, Commercial, Restricted or Educational – the types of buildingsandsurroundinginfrastructure.The Agency commenced a systemic elimination by designating “No Unipole Zones”, only to find many more surfacing overnight in the mostinappropriatelocations. LASAA currently has 708 Third Party billboards and outdoor advertising structures registered on its database. A staggering one- third of Third Party structures in Lagos State are illegal. Many are located in and around Federal Government Institution territories, especially military and police zones - areas to which the Agency's officials typically had no access. The proliferation of illegal structures is also a major impediment to the safety, security and the social and economic advancement of Lagos residents. For example, at least 70 billboards were found to havebeenerecteddirectlybeneathorcloseto high-tension electrical cables. 54 were in dangerous proximity to drainage channels, while 34 were within distances of less than 40 metres. All that is set to change, as stakeholders at the retreat deliberated on the modalities for registration and regularisation of outdoor advertisement structures within Military and Police formations. Representing the Lagos State Ministry of Justice was Mr. Lanre Akinsola who raised a six point agenda, whichwasadoptedasaguidetowardsfinding a lasting solution to the issue. Top on the agenda was the process of seeking approval for new outdoor advertisement structures withinmilitaryformationsinthestate. A review of existing structures on Military and Police bases is to be carried out and adjustments made, in order to achieve conformity with LASAA's vision. The Agency will collaborate with consultants and personnel of the Military and Police, to ensure a transparent and objective consideration of all their requests for approval of outdoor advertisement structures. Medspace Managers (outdoor consultants to the Army) aswellasrepresentativesofotherformations (Navy, Air Force and the Police) will therefore present all future applications for sites within military premises to LASAA for final approval. Agency officials are now assured of access to Military bases and barracks in order to carry outtheirduties.StructureswithinMilitaryand Police premises that meet the requirements willbeconsideredforanupgradebyLASAA. In addition, the retreat cleared a path through a most contentious area of illegal advertising signage in Military and Police locations, that of lost revenue. It is a shortfall that has given rise to complaints and petitions to LASAA from the Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria. Sub- standard structures on Military and Police formations cost less to erect and maintain, and so their advertising rates are cheaper, inviting greater patronage. For practitioners who operate within the law therefore, illegal structures create a depression in the company accounts. While the regulatory fees for maintaining a Unipole structure amount to N2.000.000 (two million naira) per annum, an illegal structure can be leased for N800,000 (eight hundred thousand naira). Registered outdoor advertising practitioners invest significant resources in constructing, maintaining and marketing well-built structures but lose out as the business goes elsewhere. The knock-on effects of the practice are just as dire for Local Governments across Lagos State. On the 350 illegal structures discovered, local and state governments lose an estimated N380.000.000 (three hundred and eighty million naira) in revenue annually. This represents losses on Third Party structures alone; there are thousands more signagesthathaveeludedLASAA'saudit,until now. But relief is on the way, as fees will now be payable to LASAA by consultants and outdoor practitioners who deploy outdoor advertisement structures within Military and Policeformationsinthestate. LASAA COLLABORATES WITH MILITARY AND POLICE ON OUTDOOR ADVERTISING Breakthrough in two-day retreat on illegal structures in the barracks 015 | Outdoorable 016 | Outdoorable “A recent survey showed that over 350 billboards and signages on Military bases and Police barracks across the state were in direct contravention of the law” Billboard interferring with electricity powers lines at Army Cantonment, Bonny Camp
    • 14. It doesn't end there. Stakeholders at the retreat also agreed on the need to streamline the number of structures that clutter up spaces like Bonny Camp. This is welcome news. Experts have raised concerns about the visual clutter occasionedbyanover-saturationofadvertising messages. Researchers at Princeton University's Neuroscience Institute found a connection between visual clutter and the “mental chaos” that severely restricts the ability of the brain to focus and process information. Another study in Australia established the link between the visual clutter of advertising billboards erected less than 60 metres apart, and the visual distraction that impairs driving abilities, with the potential to increaseroadaccidents. With the new rules of engagement betweenLASAA,theMilitaryandPolice,itseems betters days are here for outdoor advertising on the barracks. Managing Director of LASAA, Mr. George Noah, expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the retreat, noting that the intention had been to “reach an amicable ground in the area of outdoor structures within the military and police formations.” He added that LASAA has the mandate to regulate outdoor structures within the state and will strive to achieve an outdoor scenery that will compare with cities around the world. He thus enjoined the military and police to collaborate with the Agency in order to achieve the uniformityofoutdoorstructuresinthestate. Police formations. Representing the Lagos State Ministry of Justice was Mr. Lanre Akinsola who raised a six point agenda, which was adopted as a guide towards finding a lasting solution to the issue. Top on the agenda was the process of seeking approval for new outdoor advertisement structures within militaryformationsinthestate. A review of existing structures on Military and Police bases is to be carried out and adjustments made, in order to achieve conformity with LASAA's vision. The Agency will collaborate with consultants and personnel of the Military and Police, to ensure a transparent and objective consideration of all their requests for approval of outdoor advertisement structures. Medspace Managers (outdoor consultants to the Army) as well as representatives of other formations (Navy, Air Force and the Police) will therefore present all future applications for sites within military premises to LASAA for final approval. Agency officials are now assured of access to Military bases and barracks in order to carry out their duties. Structures within Military and Police premises that meet the requirements will be consideredforanupgradebyLASAA. In addition, the retreat cleared a path through a most contentious area of illegal advertising signage in Military and Police 'Let us reason together' - delegates in conversation LASAA MD George Noah in conversation with Lieutenant Samuel Fiyai of the Nigerian Navy over lunch locations, that of lost revenue. It is a shortfall that has given rise to complaints and petitions to LASAA from the Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria. Sub- standard structures on Military and Police formations cost less to erect and maintain, and so their advertising rates are cheaper, inviting greater patronage. For practitioners who operate within the law therefore, illegal structures create a depression in the company accounts. While the regulatory fees for maintaining a Unipole structure amount to N2.000.000 (two million naira) per annum, an illegal structure can be leased for N800,000 (eight hundred thousand naira). Registered outdoor advertising practitioners invest significant resources in constructing, maintaining and marketing well-built structuresbutloseoutasthebusinessgoes elsewhere. DISCOUNTS APPLICABLE ŸEffective January 2014: All Light Emitting Diode (L.E.D) structure owners within Military and Police formations to pay 50 per cent of annual rates, payable to LASAA, on business districts and airport rates. ŸEffective June 2014: Owners of other structures (unipole, ultrawave, billboards – 46/96 sheets) to pay 50 per cent of annual (pro-rated) rates, payable to LASAA, on 'restrictive' zones as classified by the Agency. ŸAll structure owners to pay concessionary sum of N500,000 in 2013, to enable Military/Police representatives sensitise owners of advertisement structures about developments resulting from the new partnership. OUTCOMES OF THE RETREAT ŸConsultants or personnel of the Military and Police are recognized as 'landlords' of their premises and may charge fees for erection of billboards, payable by outdoor advertising companies. ŸConsultants and other appointed representatives of Military and Police formations to pay annual registration renewal fees of N100,000, as applicable to all outdoor advertisement agencies registered with the Agency. ŸLASAA to give preferential billing rates to those who deploy structures within Military and Police formations, to enable 'landlords' maximise the revenue derivable from outdoor advertisement within their locations. ŸLASAA to give 50 per cent discount on rates payable by those who deploy billboards on other outdoor advertisement structures within Military and Police formations in Lagos State. “ Olamide Oyegoke of the Enforcement Department and Akaninyene Akpan of Lagos State Police Command, Ikeja 017 | Outdoorable 018 | Outdoorable Bukky Ayodele, Head of Innovation and Design at LASAA, makes a point MD George Noah with members of the Armed Forces at the retreat Olumide Sogunle (LASAA Deputy MD, right) and a military delegate The retreat sought a way forward on illegal structures on military formations
    • 15. 025 | Outdoorable uccessful cities around the world recognize that a key element of their Splanning strategies is the conscious integration of outdoor advertising structures to improve the urban landscape, image, character and quality of life of residents. Cities noted for their urban design such as Paris, Geneva and Dubai to mention a few, have taken care to conceptualise and articulate a common vision and goal for their metropolitan precincts. They acknowledge that, without a clearly defined plan, the potential success of urban renewal efforts is liable to be compromised. To guard against this, they have drafted plans to guide the development and deployment of structures in and around their ruralandurbanspaces. A major focus of the plans is the Outdoor Signage/Billboard Master Plan, a guide that creates a design vision and an action plan for how outdoor advertising would enhancethelook,feelandcharacterofacity. Proposed plan will provide a holistic breakdown of the ideal vista of Lagos OUTDOOR MASTER PLAN TO DELIVER THE LAGOS OF LASAA'S DREAMS
    • 16. uch master plans take into consideration factors including Sdesign, illumination, format, quality of construction material, spacing, positioning and integration into the environment where theyaredeployed. Thanks to LASAA, Lagos is to join the league of Paris, Hong Kong and others by launching its own Outdoor Master Plan, a carefully designed layout of the desired look of the streetscape and skyline of Lagos State. A lot of effort and innovative thinking has gone into the proposed plan which, by the time it is fully implemented, will provide a holistic breakdown of the ideal vista of Lagos. In a major orientation drive, many outdoor practitioners have already been asked to redesign their structures to be in line with the vision. In other cases, new cutting edge designshavebeendeployed. LASAA MD, George Noah, shed some light on the project: “After almost five years of our operations, LASAA will embark on this journey to create our vision for how outdoor advertising will enhance the character and aesthetics of our great state. This Master Plan will enable us pictorially answer crucial questions such as: what kind of signs can I put up in certain areas (for example, Central Business Districts, Market places, areas of historical importance)? What are my obligations regarding landscaping and beautification?” He further indicated that, while some areas would be designed to allow for maximum innovation and creativity in order to drive commerce and tourist activities, others would be designated Restrictive or Prohibited areas. Whatever the locality, the Agency assures that all structures reflect the energy, passion, creativity and uniqueness of the people of Lagos State. According to Noah, “This would definitely help bring our vision for Lagos State to life and help us reduce costs, as the Plan... would, as clearly as possible, provide guidance on grey areas before practitioners or signage owners visit our offices. They would know with theclickofabuttonthattheplanisforallareas and how they must deploy their signage or outdoorstructuretoconformtothevision.” The self-help focus of the Master Plan will help cut down on the time practitioners expend on consulting the Agency on basic aspects of the industry, and will help reduce bureaucracy, allowing for more effectiveness allround. “At the end of the day, we would have created and shared our collective vision, and fast tracked our plans to ensure the urban regeneration and rejuvenation of Lagos State using outdoor advertising structures,” Noah concluded. LASAA invites suggestions and feedback on the implementation of the initiative. The Lagos Outdoor Master Plan is to be shared with members of the public on completion, so that all of the city's residents canhaveaccesstotheguide. “LASAA will embark on this journey to create our vision for how outdoor advertising will enhance the character and aesthetics of our great state” 005 | Outdoorable 006 | Outdoorable
    • 17. “LASAA and Insight Communications have displayed great ingenuity in delivering outstanding advertising campaigns” Trophy haul unprecedented in public sector LASAA WINS BIG AT LAIF AWARDS he Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency (LASAA) Tbagged eight awards at the recently concluded 2013 Lagos Advertising and Ideas Festival (LAIF). The awards ceremony, held at the Intercontinental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos, was the culmination of the 40th anniversary celebrations of its organiser, the Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria (OAAN). LASAA’s gongs were part of a massive haul of 26 awards carted away on the night by its creative partner,InsightCommunications. According to the organisers, this year’s awards, tagged ‘It’s a Gr8 LAIF’, were held in recognition of “great ideas as well as marketing communications excellence.” LASAA’s eight awards consisted of gold, silver and bronze in four main categories, namely: Press, Outdoor, Radio and Television. The Agency’s success was unprecedented; not in a long time has a public sector organisation had such a remarkablewinningstreakataprestigious showcaselikeLAIFAwards. Managing Director of LASAA, George K. Noah, noting that the awards ushered in a new dawn in the arena of public sector campaigns, thanked the organisers for celebrating the fruits of the Agency’s successful partnership with Insight Communications. He lauded what he called the wonderful contributions of Insight Communications to the production of the exceptional campaigns that garnered the awards. Mr. Noah expressed the hope that the feat achieved through the collaboration would help “ginger the various arms of government and government agencies to use the professional services of qualified agencies in Nigeria like Insight Communications.” According to Bunmi Oke, President, AAAN, the “LAIF awards seek to recognise creative excellence, improve as well as promote the spirit of healthy competition whilst applying global best practices.” In thisregard,shenotedthatLASAAand Insight Communications have displayed great ingenuity in delivering outstanding advertisingcampaigns. S a m O s u n s o k o , A c c o u n t Management Director for Insight Communications, beamed with pride at the awards.“Thislatestwincontinuesthetrend in which we are recognized both locally and internationally for what we do,” he declared. Osunsoko affirmed the company’s commitment to building strong and formidable brands that will always win in themarketplace. Over the years, LAIF has become perhaps Nigeria’s most coveted awards when it comes to celebrating creativity in advertising. It draws advertising gurus and agencies from all over Nigeria to the annual ceremony. A total of 21 agencies vied for laurels in this year’s awards, which saw LASAA and Insight Communications top the chartsinallcategories. Brand Category Title Class of Award 1 LASAA Radio – Corporate Image Lottery Gold 2 LASAA Radio – PPSC Fire Gold 3 LASAA Television – Corporate Image Lottery Silver 4 LASAA Television – PPSC Lottery Silver 5 LASAA Radio – Corporate Image Fire Silver 6 LASAA Radio – PPCS Lottery Silver 7 LASAA Radio – Corporate Image Villager Bronze 8 LASAA Radio – PPCS Villager Bronze 006 | Outdoorable
    • 18. What opportunities do ambient media present to the operators of outdoor advertising and sign makers? By Babs Fagade hat was previously a very predictable consumer modelintermsofincomebracket,race,interestsand Wlifestyle goals has become a constantly evolving selection of people that is almost impossible to bracket or box, turningcommercialmarketingonitshead. There is a new buzzword for all these accessible media - ambientmedia.Ambientmediaisfarmoreaccessibleandhasa far greater reaching potential than conventional outdoor advertising media, simply as a result of its nature. Also known as 'alternative media', it refers to non-conventional advertising that is more specifically consumer focused, and aimed at the consumeratatimewhenitwillbemoreeffective,attimeswhen they are mobile or active, and at times when they are more receptivetotheadvertising,aswellasclosertotheproducts. So, what opportunities do ambient media present to the operators of outdoor advertising and sign makers? Ambient media includes wrap-arounds, shopping centres, taxi ranks, campus promotions, branded cars, moving ads, on-pack advertising, forecourt advertising, truck advertising, airport advertising,stadiaandwashroomadvertising. Currently only in Lagos, wrap-arounds refer to huge PVC billboards that are placed around buildings, and structures, particularly while they are being built. Wrap-arounds are usually temporary, and last only while the renovations or building is in progress. They can have a huge impact if done correctly – as the building gets taller while it is being built, your wrap can expand to cover huge areas that would otherwise be almostimpossibletoadvertiseover,evenifonlytemporarily. Alternatively, there is a growing trend toward wrapping already erected buildings that are not used for anything else. Such buildings are usually old and often decrepit, making them an eyesore; and having a wrap-around on the building is often far more attractive than the actual building face. There are some buildings, particularly in the Lagos, however, that are neither old nor decrepit and are used regularly for wrap- arounds. A huge advantage to using buildings as a structure is that it has height, framework and can be viewed from a distance.APVCtypemeshbannermediacanbeusedinsteadof a solid PVC banner media, which allows light into the building and can be seen through from the inside, even though the viewing quality of the wrap may not be as good. Tall buildings that are wrapped provide a huge area for your sign to be viewed - in areas that are densely populated during office hours - by a hugecrosssectionofpeople. With the advent of wireless media and portable workstations, Wrap-Arounds ShoppingCentres shopping centres are home to far more consumers on a daily basis. The introduction of digital in-store signage allows the advertiser to access his consumer at a time when he or she is in a buying mindset, or in a relaxed frame of mind, as well as when they are in close proximity to the product. This shortens the time space gap between when the consumer experiences the advert and when they have access to the product, increasing the effectiveness of the advert. Plasma screens with running adverts are increasingly being used in shopping centres, as well as advertising on trolley handles and coffee cups. Small adverts that are placed strategically can have more of an impact with consumers than a larger ad that is viewed in a different environment when the consumer is less open to yourcampaign. As a hub of activity for large portions of every day, as well as home to traffic from a huge portion of the population, taxi ranks present a large marketing opportunity for those willing to invest the time and research into creating an effective marketing strategy. Because people spend time at a taxi rank waiting for taxis both before and after work, there is a market for a variety of products, and a time frame where the same market will certainly be in one place, at the same time, every day. With the advent of portable branded kiosks and stalls, branding has been made easier and cheaper for the marketers to access a huge section of their target market. Placing barkers and stalls at taxi ranks gives you access to a captive market that is probably going to be in proximity to your product for a set period of time, every day. A branded stall or kiosk will be an effective method of creating brand awareness and with large potential for accessing new potentialcustomers. These can apply to trucks, cars, taxis or basically any surface on a vehicle that will allow for a self- adhesive substrate or magnetic sheeting to be attached to it. Effective both as part of long and short term advertising campaigns, branded cars have the advantage of reaching a vast and mobile audience. Its viewing potential increases exponentially compared to that of an advert that isstationary,andtheadvertisementisfairlyquick and inexpensive both for application and removal. The vinyl graphic remains clear and bold for three to five years after it has been applied. Once removed from a car, a new graphic can be applied to replace the old one without damaging the paint or affecting adhesion of the second application. Depending on the kind of exposure that you are looking for and the market you are aiming at, vehicle branding on different vehicles increase the level of your exposure dramatically andquickly. Research has shown that on pack advertising has a direct effect on the consumer market – it is closest to the time when they are buying the product,andisthelastopportunitytheadvertiser TaxiRanks BrandedCars OnPackAdvertising has of persuading the customer to purchase their product. On pack promotions, tear off recipes or coupons, or competition forms are the most effective forms of on pack advertising that have an effect on thecustomer. Often overlooked, this kind of branding has the same benefits as vehicle branding, but is often not used to its full potential. Marketers seem to be largely unawareoftheeffectivenessofthistypeofbranding. The sides of open trucks that are often attached with ropes around the border can be easily printed on to become an interesting advert rather than a monochromatic piece of PVC. Similarly, painting the sides of trucks that are not open, or branding them with self-adhesive vinyl is far more effective than a single colour along the side of the truck Moving ads attract attention through their motion – think rotating standalone signs and dart ads. These are usually portable, easy to store, inexpensive and requireminimalmanpowerortimetoinstall. One of the least complicated types of advertising, requiring minimal financial input, refers to the poster boxes on the back of toilet doors and washrooms in the public sector. Effective as a result of a captive market, in order to have maximum impact, advertisers will often have more success with a wry approach to the advert rather than a conventional, practicalone. Ambient media is on the increase in many countries, and the opportunities for huge advertising potential are limitless, if marketers get on board and use resources that are, for the most part, already available. As markets and advertising evolve in this country,merelykeepingupissimplynotanoption. TruckAdvertising MovingAds WashroomAdvertising “Barkers and stalls at taxi ranks give you access to a captive market that is probably going to be in proximity to your product for a set period of time, every day” AMBIENT MEDIA Turning OOH on its Head 027 | Outdoorable 028 | Outdoorable OUTDOOR REPUBLIC
    • 19. OBJECTS OF DESIRE MEET THE OUTDOORABLE 5IVE We profile some of the most outstanding structures in the city By Kofoworola Gbolasere t is clear that in the world of out-of-home Invent Media's “facilities are made up of doubt, the innovative new arrival raises the bar advertising, the regular everyday structure the largest collection of wide format digital in outdoor advertising in Nigeria and Africa as a Iwill no longer do. There is an exciting new printers in the West African sub-region.” For whole. It doesn't end there. The water structure shift in favour of standout, cutting-edge them, “marketing communication is integral to is expected to help generate a new riviera designs that make unforgettable statements, business survival,” and comes with the scenery around the Marina, as restaurants and while at the same time heralding a sea-change responsibility “to deliver the best customer bars are planned for the area. The Lagos Marina in terms of aesthetics in their immediate service experience and superior returns at all ofthefutureisjustroundthecorner. surroundings. All around Lagos, bold, futuristic times.” structures are pointing the way forward in the On the unique positioning of the outdoor industry, and visionary practitioners are structure, Olasehinde disclosed that location is The innovative four-sided Vision LED E- risingtothechallenge.Wepresentquickprofiles a top consideration for his agency, hence the Motion Cube takes pride of place at the First of the Outdoorable 5ive in the Lagos cityscape, choice of the Adeniji loop of bridges that Roundabout (Admiralty Roundabout) along the andthebrainsbehindthem. complements the imposing size of the Lekki-Epe Expressway. Gravity-defying and structure, giving advertisers optimum value for tilted, it almost makes viewers hold their heads theirmoney,withhighaestheticbeauty. at an angle in wonder. The first of its kind in Structures don't come more The Adeniji Iconic is notable for many Nigeria, the Cube's dimensions are 4.096m × spectacular than Invent Media's outstanding reasons, not least its role as cover image for the 4.096m each on a pitch pixel measuring butterfly shaped display, which takes pride of revised edition of Chief Femi Ajayi's book, 10.667mm. With a ground space of 1.8m and a place on the Adeniji Adele Interchange. It is a 'UnderstandingOutdoorAdvertising'. maximum total height of 5.9m, the structure, spellbinding sight for thousands of commuters The eye-catching structure is a designed in-house by the E-Motion team, more daily in its prime location, at the point where the pleasant feature for residents and visitors in the than holds its own in our Outdoorable 5ive. E- Third Mainland Bridge links with Lagos Island. city, and has redefined the scenic quality on its Motion's Cube is only the second of its kind to be The Adeniji Iconic, as it is popularly known, is one endoftheThirdMainlandBridge. erected in the world; the first went up in of the best loved outdoor advertising displays in Malaysia, while Thailand trailed a distant third, the city, and it's not difficult to see why. The afterNigeria. larger than life back-to-back dual display that It's a brave new world on the Lagos E-Motion was set up in 2005 and quickly takes centre stage on the Adeniji loop, hits the Marina, where a breathtaking water advertising grewintooneofthebestOut-of-Homeagencies viewer where it matters, making this one of the screen was unveiled earlier this year. The in Nigeria, and prides itself as “the most process choicestadvertisingspacesinthecity. innovative digital projection which covers 200 driven” outdoor advertising company in the A remarkable 500 square metres in size square metres of water area, is the very first of country. E-Motion is the sole advertising agent (250sqm per face), the well-articulated its kind in the whole of Africa, and wowed all who for the Lekki Concession Company (LCC), structure is the first of its kind in the state. witnessed the launch. The dreamy aqua-wonder monetising some 0-15km of the Lekki-Epe Invent media Limited said that careful represents the realisation of the vision of Spot Concession Road for the LCC. At the helm of the consideration went into its design, driven by the on Media, which worked with LASAA and the agency is the dynamic duo of Sim Shagaya and need to make a difference in the industry. “A Lagos State Water Ways for the successful Demola Gbadegesin, who serve as MD/CEO and butterfly cannot be compared to a hawk. When execution of the project. It's no tall tale; water Director respectively. Shagaya and Gbadegesin you see our iconic digital display, you see all the advertising has arrived in the city built on the are graduates of the Harvard Business School, qualities that set us apart,” said Orogun lagoon and it's here to stay. Utilising a variety of with impeccable professional pedigrees; but Olasehinde, General Manager of Invent Media. media including moving images and laser they are not about to rest on their oars, and are He further stated that the company offers and graphics, the display comes with a powerful rear determined to maintain their innovative streak. maintains “choice outdoor sites that stand out HD colour video projector and a water jet Not for them the forgettable billboards that all year round.” Few who have seen The Adeniji sprinkler system that is set to transform the blend into the background; the more dominant Iconicwouldarguewiththatassertion. Marina, especially at night. It certainly gives a and outstanding the structure, the better. With Invent Media was incorporated in 1992 newmeaningtoEkoAtlantic. practitioners like these, there is little doubt that with the vision to “provide the best of services to Thousands got a sneak preview of the thefutureofoutdooradvertisingisindeedbright meet visual communication aids and billboard water advertising at the Lagos Countdown's inNigeria. sites.” The agency has broken new frontiers in water projection on New Year's Eve, 2012. Now the outdoor advertising industry, most notably the eagle has landed, to the delight of all. MD of with its launch of the first LED display in the Spot On Media, Sesan Ogunro, allowed himself a If there were a competition for the most industry. “Our diverse range of clients benefit smile of satisfation at the unveiling. The water ambitious outdoor display in Nigeria, then from... practical mixed ideas tailor-made to advertising, he informed, will “project as many Primedia Out of Home's imposing structure, address specific needs; it is our culture to asfivetotendifferentadvertsintermittentlyand mounted on the twin towers of Tafawa Balewa ensure that our concept harmonises with and has the [capacity] to recycle the water into Square (TBS) in Lagos, would be a serious supportourclient,”Mr.Olasehindesaid. energy to power the display system.” Without contender. Covering a space of 3200 square E-Motion InventMedia SpotOnMedia PrimediaOutofHome “A butterfly cannot be compared to a hawk. When you see our iconic digital display, you see all the qualities that set us apart” 005 | Outdoorable 006 | Outdoorable
    • 20. “Water advertising has arrived in the city built on the lagoon and it's here to stay.” “With practitioners like E-Motion, there is little doubt that the future of outdoor advertising is indeed bright in Nigeria” metres, it is the biggest structure Nigeria took their inspiration from space. in its crown: the first curved light in Africa - and advertisers are iconic locations like New York's After its successful test- emitting diode (LED) structure in reportedly falling over themselves Times Square. Founded in 2007, run, Primedia has temporarily West Africa. A nine by six metres toshowcasetheirproductsthere. the company is a subsidiary of rested its prized structure for double sided curved screen The 50 million naira South Africa's Primedia Ltd. keener calibration, so that it will representation with an elevated structure is one of many world- Leveraging on its wide experience come back even better and height of over 60 metres, the beating new designs which show from the South African outdoor stronger. So, in short, if you find structure is surrounded by four that LASAA's relentless drive for a industry, Primedia Out of Home yourself passing anywhere near elaborate water fountains which more beautiful Lagos skyscape is Nigeria aims to “engage in large TBS soon and see the sky-high togethercreateastunningvista. bearing fruit. As MD of the Agency, scale projects whose benefits structure, don't blink and wonder if Owners of the structure, George K. Noah, enthused at the create rewards to a range of you're in South Africa or America. Clearedge Media Limited, engaged launch, “The unveiling of the stakeholders over a period of time ThisisLagos. the best of Chinese engineering largest outdoor structure in Africa and with long term goals.” The expertise to assess and design the by Primedia Out of Home is company self-funds its projects magnificent structure, with the certainly a huge step towards such as the monumental TBS After four years of intense final installation and set up achieving our outdoor master structure,leavingnodoubtastoits planning, creativity and over a handled by local professionals. In plan.” status as a big player in the million dollars spent, the Oshodi true Clearedge style, the emphasis Primedia Out of Home Nigerian outdoor advertising Heritage Garden revealed the jewel was not just on erecting an ClearedgeMediaLimited 005 | Outdoorable 006 | Outdoorable Seeing is believing - E-Motion's Cube at Lekki Phase One Roundabout
    • 21. “If you pass anywhere near TBS soon and see the sky- high structure, don't blink and wonder if you're in South Africa or America” “Clearedge locations defy the norm; we combine spectacular structures with stunning scenic views to deliver the complete package” innovative structure, but also on creating an conceiving the Maryland Tunnel), the same “Our avowed belief is that when things are done aesthetically pleasing environment to enhance thinking and the same feeling to Oshodi, and that right,theimpactiseverlasting-thatiswhyweaim thequalityoflifeforLagosresidents. was why Oshodi came out to be what it is… to the for environmental artistry and scenic The Park is powered by a 200KVA transformer with acclaimofallthathaveseenit.” beautification.” two supporting generators of 200KVA and 65KVA The mission of Clearedge is to “provide respectively. An underground sprinkler system incomparable visibility of clients' outdoor advert wasalsoinstalledtomaintainthelushgrassinthe intents through unconventional creative inputs garden. and technology that compares to global best Thanks to its location in the heart of the practices, with sensitivity to local flavour and ever bustling Oshodi – one of the major transport regulations whilst staying ahead of competitions and commercial hubs of Lagos - it is estimated at all times.” Clearedge parades talent and thatthestructureaveragesabout1.2millionviews expertise in conventional billboards display, rental daily. And there's more good news for advertisers, and fabrication, wall murals, media campaign as Clearedge is working to install an iris capture planning and execution, civic beautification mechanism on the structure, to obtain eye-view alongside a host of other exciting out-of-home recordsofthestructureonadaytodaybasis. practices. “We are a company that not only Clearedge Media Limited was founded in believes in sticking up structures, there has to be 2006 by Chijioke Alozie, Chairman and Chief more,”Aloziestated. Executive Officer of the company, which is also Mr. Alozie noted that while some just set responsible for the evocative Independence up structures, Clearedge aims at creating Tunnel in Maryland, Lagos. “You would have seen advertising sceneries that people can walk into. that the Maryland Tunnel was something out of “Our locations defy the norm; we combine the ordinary,” said Alozie. He added that his spectacularstructureswithstunningscenicviews company “transferred the same vision (used in to deliver the complete package,” he declared. Is your structure Outdoorable? Are you a practitioner who maintains a structure you consider outdoorable? Or you've sighted an outdoorable structure in your environment you think is worthy of mention? Then write to tell us in no more than 300 words about the structure, explaining why you think it is outdoorable. Please include two JPEG photos of the display. Also include your name and location. The best contributions will be published in the next edition. The editor's decisionisfinal. Please send words and images by email to: .outdoorable-mag@lasaa.com 005 | Outdoorable 006 | Outdoorable PhotoCredit:ABIODUNOMOTOSO
    • 22. Contrary to popular belief in society that Area Boys are decadents driven by the unscrupulous motives to extort and create chaos, a tale told by one of their very own, Tunde Balogun offers a different perspective that calls to question this hitherto held belief, revealing instead a group of well organized and uncompromising loyalists withcommittedcauses. Tagged by outdoor practitioners as a 'network of coordinated uncontrolled persons with territorial control who effect judgment when ignored', Tunde Balogun spoke up at a recent meeting of all stakeholdersintheoutdooradvertisingindustry,heldat the LASAA office. “We are young educated men (and in some cases women) who have come together to ensure activities within our jurisdiction are conducted peacefully, provided the OOH and other business people are willing to part with a token to enable the 'Boys' cope with the harsh economic realities that exist in the country,”saidBalogun. The perspective of the Area Boys was such that, though their modus operandi in carrying out their activities might seem a little unorthodox, they always ensure adherence to mutually agreed terms with all of their 'clients'. They recognized the penchant for citizens to lookdownonthemsincetheydonothavethebackingof either the law or enforcement agencies. However, the area boys who have among them first degree holders, polytechnic graduates and school dropouts, argued that their quest is for a means of livelihood not available fromgovernment. Interaction with the echelons of the Area Boys community revealed that their activities span across all states of the federation; and the common denominator - the need to keep body and soul together - gave rise to theareaboysphenomenon. Also in this edition is an exclusive interview granted by Tunde Balogun, the leader of the area boys Gbagada Constituency, which suggests that interaction with the group, rather than disdain for their members, could foster a safer and more secure environment for practitioners within the out of home section of the Nigerianeconomy. 005 | Outdoorable Photo Credit: FEMI ADEBESIN-KUTI The story told by an Area boy proves different when viewed from a different perspective AREA BOYS OF NIGERIA The story told by an Area boy proves different when viewed from a different perspective
    • 23. A fresh perspective is given to the area boy syndrome in this revealing interview with leader of the Gbagada Constituency Tunde Balogun. I am Tunde Balogun. I head the Gbagada constituency all the way to Bariga. I am strongly involved in the out-of-home business. I am well known by outdoor practitioners [for] providing security to outdoorstructures. Weholdourplaceintheindustry.Ihavebeenin this business of outdoor before LASAA was established. We monitor and protect billboards for practitioners and they pay us in return. I know all the members of OAAN, I have attendedtheirmeetingseverally. (Smiles)Thisisamisconceptionthathasgone on for very long. What we do is protect billboards from saboteurs. We gave ourselves the mandate that come what may, we will ensure the safety of structures within and sometimes outside our constituency even at the expense of our safety. In exchange we demand financial compensation in order to keep body and soul together. We are not the bad guys as perceived, instead we put ourselvesatrisktofulfillourpartofthedeal. Tellusabitaboutyourself How do you see your position in the outdoor industry? Some practitioners are complaining that you damagetheirbillboards,howtrueisthat? Says Gbagada Constituency Leader, Tunde Balogun ‘WE ARE STAKEHOLDERS NOT AREA BOYS Sohowmuchdoyouchargeperboard? Sodoesthatguaranteethesafetyoftheboards? Speaking of members, how many do you have in yourconstituency? So,acrossthestate,whatisthetotalnumber? Doyouhaveafamily? Whatisyourlevelofeducation? Depending of the size and type of structure, we collectaboutN200,000fora48SheetLED.Fora96 Sheet we collect N400,000. And we either collect it at a go or in two installments. This money is then sharedacrossallmembersoftheconstituency. Nothing can happen to that board. When I, Tunde Balogun, give my word, I keep it. I have once been stabbed in the buttocks while protecting a billboard. I will not collect money and fail to deliver. We do not operate like that. I have a name to protect. In my zone, I have about 150 boys that work with me. We are about 35 to 40 thousand in all, and I am foremost. Not yet, although I have a daughter. And I plan on settlingdownverysoon. I have my school leaving certificate, although I didn't finish my university degree. I have brothers withmasters(degrees). PhotoCredit:FEMIADEBESIN-KUTI 005 | Outdoorable We monitor and protect billboards for practitioners and they pay us in return
    • 24. agos State has declared war on the indiscriminate deployment of posters and banners, with a ‘Zero Tolerance’ policy aimed at Leradicating the menace. In line with the new approach, LASAA, which has been battling posters on a daily basis, is getting even tougher, with a major drive to ensure that offenders are made to see theerroroftheirways. Poster pasting is one of the factors working against the beautificationofthecityofLagos.Itisapersistentactthatinvolvesthe arbitrary display of posters, defacing many surfaces in the city and resulting in the littering of its streetscapes. Since inception, the Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency has consistently kicked against this unbecoming practice, while at the same time raising awarenessaboutitsnegativeimpactontheenvironment. LASAA’s Enforcement Team has tackled the problem on all fronts for many years. The department has in the recent past acquired additional Ford trucks in order to boost its capacity and the effectivenessofitsdailypatrols.HeadedbyOlamideOyegoke,theteam (including security personnel and artisans) mounts daily patrols to apprehend regular offenders; and launches a blitz on the illegality by cleaninguppostersassoonastheyappear. “Churches have remained persistent in the pasting of posters,” notedOyegoke,whoseteamconstantlyadvisesreligiousorganizations and other poster-prone parties of alternative methods of advertisement, such as television commercials and handbills. The department pays particular attention to areas of high incidence, with the largest number of infractions observed in the Ifako-Ijaiye and AlimoshoLocalGovernmentAreas. The team has also been very pro-active in finding new ways of dealing with poster offenders, who seem unrelenting in their activity and constitute a major nuisance to the Lagos outdoor space. Previously, the Enforcement department took action against defaulters only after being notified by local governments, but changed tactic in recent times, and took to writing letters directly to poster ZERO TOLERANCE: LASAA WAGES WAR ON POSTER OFFENDERS offenders. Failure to comply with the letter by removing the posters, couldleadtoarrestandthepaymentofafine. Faced with LASAA’s determined stance, poster offenders found new ways to deface the city, principally by adopting wall writing as advertisement, sometimes using paint. Officials also rose to this challenge, even going as far as using hot water to flush the walls clean of paint. The Corporate Affairs department complements these efforts with concerted anti-poster campaigns on selected billboards and operational vehicles. Temitope Akande, head of Corporate Affairs and PR department, said anti-poster campaigns were part of a “renewed communications strategy to enlighten the public on the determination oftheAgencytoeradicateillegaloutdoordisplays.” There can be little doubt, therefore, as to LASAA’s commitment with regard to posters. And with Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola’s recent ‘Zero Tolerance’ directive, the Agency is stepping up the war on offenders. A team of 96 persons, reporting directly to the office of the Managing Director, has commenced operations, in partnership with a Poster Enforcement Task Force. They are fully trained and equipped to carryoutaclean-upexerciseofposterswherevertheyarefound. Oyegoke sends her 96-strong squad out on the streets day and night. Her mandate is to eliminate poster pasting in the state; and she insists the team is focused on the task at hand and will not be deterred. Poster offenders who repent and turn away from the nuisance activity, can also key into the drive. Second category employment has been created for erstwhile offenders; they will be put in charge of spots designated for regulated poster pasting, and will police unwanted activityintheirjurisdiction. With the steps being taken, officials are confident that walls and other Lagos surfaces are now hostile territories for those who pastepostersindiscriminatelyaroundthecity.“IfLagosistoreachthat level of optimal aesthetic class where its streetscape and skyline can favourably compete with top countries around the world, all hands must be on deck to rid the state of poster pasting,” said Managing DirectorGeorgeNoah. Newanti-postermeasures Poster Boards - LASAA has approved the deployment of poster boards across the state, to be managed by former offenders. There will be financial incentive for the board manager, who will be expected to keep his or her designated area free of posters, and will be held accountableforanybreaches. 96-strong squad on the streets daily, as Agency launches blitz on posters. 005 | Outdoorable LASAA's Enforcement team works to rid the city of posters
    • 25. 006 | Outdoorable 005 | Outdoorable he management of the Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency (LASAA) has denounced the Tcontinuous flouting of its laws by practitioners and advertisers. Managing Director, George Noah, observed that offenders are kicking against the laws governing the agency and byextension,thelawsofthestate. He expressed displeasure at the relentless activities of individuals and organizations who continue with the infractions, despite warnings and penalties issued by the Agency as regards thearbitrarydeploymentofoutdoorstructures. “Amazingly, these offenders are top companies and qualified practitioners who understand the rules of the game, yet… they go about defacing the cityscape with illegal and unapprovedstructures,”Mr.Noahnoted. He declared that the Agency will no longer tolerate such infringements, and vowed that drastic measures will be taken against culprits henceforth. “It is quite unlawful to consistently carry out an act that the laws of the state otherwise state as illegal,”heconcluded. The Agency is to prosecute offenders to the fullest, going forward. LASAA FROWNS ON PERSISTENT OFFENDERS “Oyegoke insists her team is focused on the elimination of poster pasting in the state and will not be deterred” Anti-Poster Software – The Enforcement Department has developed a software application aimed at tracking down the numbers listed on posters. Defaulters will be apprehended after answering calls to thelistednumbers. Artisans to the Rescue - Artisans have been deployed across all LASAA branches in the Local government areas, to clean up their assigned spots daily. Fine - Defaulters are arrested regularly and made to face the state task force. Fines are payable afteradetentionof24hours.
    • 26. Iconic structures are springing up at the roundabouts, andthistrendwillspreadacrosstheentirestate CIVIC BEAUTIFICATION RINGING IN THE CHANGES utdoor practitioners and private organisations are now even moreinvestedinthetaskofkeepingLagosbeautiful,thanksto Oa new initiative by LASAA. In an unprecedented move, the Agency is involving the relevant stakeholders through the granting of permitsforthebeautificationofroundaboutsandunderpassesacross the state. The aim is to enhance the ever improving aesthetic quality of thecityanditsenvirons. According to Siraj Bello, Head of LASAA's Business Development and Support Department, the strategic granting of permits for beautification and landscaping is intended to achieve the greater buy-in of selected practitioners. As an incentive, holders of such permits will have the right to erect and display approved outdoor advertising structures at the beautified locations that emerge from thearrangement. “This collaboration between LASAA and the involved private parties will help achieve a higher level of beautification for the state, particularly as the drive of the agency is to create an outdoor environment that will rival top cities around the world,” George Noah, MD/CEOoftheAgency,affirmed. Already, the beautification and landscaping of the CMD UnderpassisongoingthroughIntegratedBusinessKonsult,whichwas granted the relevant approval to carry out the work. The company promises to deliver the kind of beautiful scenery that will become a touristattractioninitself. “AlongtheLekki-Epestretch,iconicstructuresarespringing up at the respective roundabouts, and this trend will spread across the entire state,” said Noah. This is already evident at the Lekki Phase One Roundabout, which is graced by an MTN branded gigantic Cube Sign that drawsthe attention of all in the vicinity. New innovative structures are planned to occupy the remaining roundaboutsalongthisaxis. Similarly, the Apapa-Oshodi Expressway is being revamped for outdoor advertisement through careful redesign and planning. Old run-of-the-mill structures are to give way for a more contemporaryoutlook,withdesignsthatwill“literallytransformthe physicallookoftheexpressway,”accordingtotheAgencyboss. “This is part of LASAA's plan to redefine Out-of-Home advertising in the state in line with the directives of Governor Babatunde Fashola,” he said. “We have developed a new design for the Apapa–Oshodi stretch, taking into consideration modern and innovative outdoor structures that will complement the environment.” Asensitisationexerciseisongoing,toexplainthebenefitsof the exercise to practitioners and to bring them on board with the vision. The Agency has notified all whose structures are affected by the plans, particularly owners of Unipoles. As compensation, affected outdoor practitioners will have first right of refusal on new structureswhentheexerciseiscompleted. As it rings in the changes, the Agency has given notification ofthepreferredstructurestypesforintegrationintothenewdesign vision. These are: Portrait, Tower, Cladded columns, V-Shaped, Boundary Wall signs, Bus Shelters and Street Furniture. While allowances will be made for creativity in the new designs, certain specifications are to be enforced, to ensure strict adherence to the outdoormasterplan. Officials say the redesign of the Apapa–Oshodi axis is just one of many steps being taken by LASAA to implement the new outdoor master plan, which will specify the type and location for placement of outdoor advertisement structures. “This is the long run will eradicate clutter and clustering, which the Lagos outdoor advertising space was synonymous with a few years ago,” Noah said. The transformation the Oshodi area has won the commendation of Lagos residents before, despite initial scepticism. It is expected that such commendation will be forthcoming again on completion of the current exercise, by which timeApapa–Oshodiwillbewearingthedesirednewlook. TransformingApapa–OshodiExpressway 027 | Outdoorable 028 | Outdoorable PhotoCredit:ABIODUNOMOTOSO
    • 27. By Zainab Adewale Project will let advertisers know how many people see an outdoor advertising campaign in specific locations. OUTDOOR ADVERTISING AUDIENCE MEASUREMENT COMMENCES IN LAGOS e Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency (LASAA) hasrolledoutitsOutdooraudienceresearchproject,whichis Texpected to reveal fascinating details about the visibility and impact of outdoor adverts in the state. The first of its kind in West Africa, the research will help generate audience estimates for outdoor advertising, so that billboards and other signages can be more profitably deployed. The initiative would also bring the outdoor industry in line with published audience research in other sectorsincludingRadio,Televisionandtheprintmedia. LASAA officials say the data produced will let advertisers know how many people see an outdoor advertising campaign in specific locations, as well as the frequency of the views. The highly specificresearchwillseetheaudiencebrokendownintotypologies including: Age, Gender, Class and Lifestyle. The information produced will be crucial to advertisers in planning and evaluating advertisingcampaignsintheoutdoormediumacrossthestate. h communication opportunities. By definingtheaudience,itwillbepossibleto use the data to plan, trade and compute valuation for the medium.” Noah noted that it will lead to more targeted outdoor advertisements, which will take account ofawiderspreadoftheviewingpublic. “We need to encourage outdoor advertisers to consider more populated areas such as Ikorodu and Alimosho. The LASAA Outdoor Audience research we believe,willrevealthemarketingpotential of previously ignored areas.” Many Lagos suburbs that have not seen a high take- up in advertising signages may start to do so, as the audience measurement reveals their buying power, something outdoor practitionerscannotignore. In addition to billboards, outdoor encompasses advertising on street light poles, bus shelters, umbrellas, chairs, ashtrays, beer mats, mugs, sandwich boards, balloons, airships, floors, doors, litter bins, supermarket trolleys, milk cartons, the backs of supermarket receipts Onlyrecently,ROUTE,anoutdoor audience advertising measuring system, waslaunchedintheUnitedKingdom.With £19million investment in its research, ROUTE records how many people saw an advertisement, how often they saw it and includes the profiles of the viewers. The movements of about 28,000 people were capturedinthefirstphasealone. Like the UK project, LASAA's new initiative is set to change the focus of outdoor media planning in Lagos State from the panel to the audience. The Agency has consistently advocated for a value-driven outdoor sector in light of outdoor practitioners' concerns about low revenue, and the audience measurement exercise is expected to contribute to a positive turnaround in the industry. . “The LASAA Outdoor Audience research we believe, will reveal the marketing potential of previously ignored areas” 005 | Outdoorable 006 | Outdoorable The project is the first of its kind to be initiated in Nigeria since outdoor advertising began in the country over 50 years ago. Managing Director of LASAA, Mr. George Noah, talked up the initiative, saying, “This is a defining moment in outdoor advertising practice in Nigeria. For advertisers to make informed buying decision, data analysis of the target audience is very essential.” He stated further that, “Outdoor advertising markets in developed economies are flourishing because data is available for both buyers and sellers of outdoor spaces, to make informed choices andcarefulplanning. “We need to embark on a scientific audience research measurement to enable the sector compete favourably with Radio, TV and the press.” Noah explained that the outdoor sector needs a people focused measurement system which will analyse audience estimates, for the good of the industry. “Scientific audience measurement will provide details of the Realistic Opportunity to See (ROTS) [a signage], with eye-tracking studies which will gauge the Likelihood to See (LTS) factor of the various types of display. This will also account for scale, orientation, distance, movement, illumination; and spatially analyse the sites in relation to competitors,customerlocationsaswellastrafficpatterns.” TheLASAAMDinformedthattheTrafficAuditcomponentof the project will be of immense value to advertisers in the area of accurate audience figures; it would also help them make informed outdooradvertisingpurchases.“Themediumischangingatarapid rate and we must think from the point of view of the audience, not from the position of a billboard structure. If we start with a deep knowledge of how people move about, advertisers can have the flexibility to decide what they put in their way in terms of
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