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  1. Ryan Dickey
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    NPO.IO Presentation
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    • 1. NPO Ryan Dickey, Miranda Cross, Jackie Meyle, Albert Lloyd, and Megan Ouhl
    • 2. How is NPO beneficial to non- profits?  Provides a place to post jobs  Advertises their non-profit  Greater chance of gaining employees  Allows them to submit journals about their jobs and their benefits
    • 3. Social Media  Advertises a non-profit’s job opportunity post  Increases the chances of a response  Essential in today’s media world
    • 4. Journals  Submitted by students or employers  Provides excellent insight on experiences and news about non-profits
    • 5. Resumés  Allows employer to access potential employee’s resumé directly  Students can submit them anytime
    • 6. How can NPO benefit students?  Provide potential job opportunities  Aids students in finding a job in non-profits  Gives students access to upload resumé for all employers to view  The journals are good examples to those interested in non-profits
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