1. Erwin Purwadarma
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    • 2. Company Profile Overview • Fully Licensed Security Company • Security Company with International Standard – ISO 9001:2008 – OSHAS 18001:2007 – Sedex Certification • Offices Throughout Indonesia • Provide a Integrated Security Systems
    • 3. 3 1. Established in 1996, PT NAWAKARA PERKASA NUSANTARA (Nawakara) offers a wide range of Integrated Security System including: • Manned Guarding • Electronic Security Devices • Security Training • Security Consultant • Cash and Valuable In Transit • K-9 Service 1. A dedicated Security Consulting team (Pegasus) formed in 2012 in response to client demand for increased specialist consultancy services. 2. The first national security company achieving Quality Management System ISO 9001 certification in 2004 3. Registered as Recognized Security Organization (RSO) Nawakara Group
    • 4. 4 5. Over + 10,000 Security personel, in 34 Province with more than 80 contract agreement (per December 2013) 6. Obtained Health & Safety Management System OHSAS 18001:2007 7. Member of Supplier Ethical Data EXchange (SEDEX) 8. Founder and Member of Indonesia Security Service Provider Association (ABUJAPI) 9. Member of Indonesia Cash and Valuable Goods Transportation Company (APJATIN) 10.Founder and Member of Indonesia Oil and Gas Security Service Provider Association (ASIM) Nawakara Group
    • 5. Vision To be leading provider of security services in Indonesia and to set the standards for others to follow.
    • 6. Mission • To extensively develop our human resources, implement appropriate security technology and continiously maintain the standards set by our associate company • To adopt a holistic approcach in developing security measures and methodology, encompassing comprehensive network of affiliates and associates, including law enforcement agencies, security forces and local communities
    • 7. Resilience • Well diversified business • Defensive services • Structural growth through the cycle • High customer retention and visibility of earnings Our business is well diversified across in 34 Province in Indonesia and numerous clients sectors. Security is at the core of our service proposition and is one of the areas on which clients focus for cost efficiency and creating opportunities for outsourcing. We have a growing number of long-term contracts coupled with excellent client relationships and a client maintain culture which result in strong client retention rates and good potential growth.
    • 8. Retail Security Event Security & Close Personal Protection Security Training Security Devices & Technology Security Consulting Cash & Valuables Management Services
    • 9. Performance Highlight Sales Performance and Plan 2007-2013 In thousand USD Years No Segments 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 1Oil & Gas 12,188 16,579 18,763 21,234 24,031 27,197 2Mining 6,906 8,530 10,411 12,705 15,506 18,923 3Industrial 11,966 14,191 17,688 22,047 27,481 34,254 4Power Plant 2,385 3,009 4,706 7,359 11,507 17,993 5Commercial & Office Building 2,712 3,485 3,518 3,551 3,585 3,618 6Housing & CMS 595 515 541 568 597 627 7Consultancy - 79 102 132 171 221 Total Sales 36,753 46,388 55,728 67,597 82,877 102,834
    • 10. Performance Highlight
    • 11. Organization Chart
    • 12. Quality Policy The Executive Management Team of NAWAKARA GROUP (PT Nawakara Persada Nusantara & PT Nawakara Perkasa Nusantara) and all Members of Staff strive to be the market leader in the provision of Manned Guarding and Security Management Services across all business sectors in Indonesia. We will achieve this goal by adopting the following strategies: 1. To encourage and facilitate continual improvement covering all aspects of our business. 2. The Quality Management System supports the corporate objectives gained from the business plan; all objectives will be reviewed to ensure maximum value is achieved. 3. The Quality Manual describes the Company guidelines within which decisions may be made and we are committed to training, developing and informing all members of staff to enable them to make effective, Customer focused decisions. 4. Our commitment to quality includes compliance with Industry, Regulatory, Statutory and Business Standards such as ISO 9001:2008, National and Regional Police Regulations and Health and Safety Regulations which are constantly communicated and understood by all members of the NAWAKARA GROUP. 5. We will regularly monitor satisfaction levels with Customers and Staff allowing continual improvement of the service we deliver. 6. We will maintain a profitable operation benefiting both our members of staff and shareholders.
    • 13. Health Safety & Environment Policy NAWAKARA GROUP (PT. Nawakara Persada Nusantara & PT Nawakara Perkasa Nusantara) is fully committed to ensure that all activities are performed safely to prevent injury, work related disease and environmental pollution. NAWAKARA GROUP will support the performance of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) in its service. To accomplish the above statement, NAWAKARA GROUP has detailed commitment as described below: 1. Obey all governmental regulations and other related requirements that can be implemented in HSE-based security which involves people and related government officials. 2. Determine measurable targets to achieve HSE objectives. 3. Provide sustainable HSE training and encourage participation of all employees to perform their work safely. 4. Always integrate HSE priorities in every business decision, in either planning or operation. • All employees working for NAWAKARA GROUP shall follow company’s HSE policy & regulation and report any HSE concerns to NAWAKARA GROUP management. • Periodically monitor, measure and review the performance of HSE program implementation. • Perform a continuous improvement of HSE program implementation in providing safe & healthy workplace; protecting the environment, including conserving energy and natural resources. NAWAKARA GROUP will communicate this policy to all employees and make it available to other concerned external parties.
    • 14. Area Of Operation Pasuruan: Nestle S(3) G(85) Nusa Raya Cipta G(7) Cilacap: Holcim S(16) G(188) S2P S(3) G(49) Batu Hijau: Newmont Nusa Tenggara S(26) G(289) Kolaka: Antam Pomalaa S(25) G(191) Paiton: MHSE Paiton S(2) G(69) Cibinong: Holcim S(28) G(219) Purwakarta: SPV S(3) G(90) Sidikalang: Dairi Prima Mineral S(11) G(57) Muara Enim: TELPP S(10) G(397) IKPT S(2) G(42) Surabaya & Gresik: HESS Pangkah S(4) G(56) Holcim G(16) Lampung: DDSP G(17) Madusari G(10) Nestle G(18) Bengkalis: Kondur S(9) G(74) Sibolga: Agincourt Martabe S(1) G(21) Balikpapan & Samboja: Reps Office G(8) H&H G(36) Hanover G(15) BHP G(10) Baker & Terex G(14) Petrosea (1) G(28) Mataram: Bertais S(1) G(8) Bandung: Branch G(6) Natrindo G(23) Bank Jabar G(48) Jakarta: HO G(39) Holcim S(9) G(240) Nestle G(26) Mayora S(10) G(480) Amindoway G(8) M Imperium S(5) G(71) BMG S(1) G(14) Housing G(46) Pikiran Rakyat G(9) HESS G(45) Natrindo G(6) VGI S(1) G(9) Palembang: Baker Hughes G(9) Medco Soka S(3) G(112) Medan: Natrindo G(8) Tuban: Holcim S(1) G (14) Jambi: Baker Hughes G(3) Anggana: Total E&P S(1) G(127) Medco G(99) Meindo S(1) G(65) Adhi Karya G(7) Jepara: Tanjung Jati B S(--) G(--) HM Sampoern a NHM HM Sampoerna Weda Bay Nickel Inpex Murphy Oil, Eni Oil and Genting Oil
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