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Rejuvonus et Illuminexa

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    Rejuvonus et Illuminexa Chronic urticaria is not widely discussed but it is among the most common skin ailments 20. One in five people in the world at least once in their encounter compete with a kind of hives. And it is not negligible number. Maximum event of chronic urticaria is between 20 and 40 years and a bad treatment can have a long and of course very annoying, which greatly affects the tolerant compete. Even severe symptoms may even threaten the condition. It is an unpleasant skin disease that has never suffered almost everyone. Some people have hives again on the appearance especially those in addition to sturdy - a chronic illness, often the quiet affects long-term problems in almost all areas of the life. Urticaria mainly manifests small or large buds (urticaria) on the skin. They are very pruriginous, until the burning sensation. Movable buds put in put, but usually disappear within 24 hours and leave consecutive followings. They may be in the medium pale red in 20-30% of cases accompanied by itching and swelling. Here Illuminexa assistant to eliminate these consecutive tracks.