Meet Generation Z: Forget Everything You Learned About Millennials

Marketers have been focused on Gen Y (a.k.a. Millennials) for more than a

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    Marketers have been focused on Gen Y (a.k.a. Millennials) for more than a
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    Meet Generation Z: Forget Everything You Learned About Millennials
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    • Meet Generation Z Forget Everything You Learned About Millennials
    • 2 Meet “Generation Z,” Americans born after Gen Y (from 1995 to present) who are currently under the age of 18. Marketers have been focused on Gen Y (a.k.a. Millennials) for more than a decade. In fact, Millennials are the most researched generation in history! But Gen Z is different from the Millennial generation. In many ways, Gen Zers are the opposites or extreme versions of Millennials and marketers need to adjust to them. We are just beginning to understand Gen Z and its impact on the future, but here is what we know and foresee…
    • There is a population tsunami approaching 3 Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2012 (via Mintel 2014) Millennials ( 20-37 ) 24.5% Gen Z ( 3 hours per day on their computers for non-schoolwork-related purposes (compared to 22% a decade ago)
    • Their social circles are global 38 Source: JWT Intelligence and Pew Research center 81%of online teens use some kind of Social Media 26%of Gen Z would need to fly to visit most of their social network friends
    • They are hyper-aware and concerned about man’s impact on the planet 39 Source: Unilever Project Sunlights How Children Inspire Sustainable Behavior in Adults, August 2013; JWT Intelligence 80%know about man’s impact on the planet 9 of 10continue to feel optimistic about their own future 7 of 10feel optimistic about the future of the environment 78%are concerned about world hunger 77%are concerned about children around the world dying of preventable disease 76%are concerned about man’s impact on the planet
    • They are less active 40 This generation is much less active than previous generations. In some cases, sport is viewed as a tool for health instead of play and gaming may have replaced outdoor activities. Source: Mintel, Activities of Teens and Kids 2013, Entertainment software association 2013 51%of teen boys list gaming as their main source of entertainment 66%of 6-11 year olds list gaming as their main source of entertainment
    • They live-stream and co-create Gen Z gravitate to live-streaming media, such as Twitch and Ustream. Two-way live-streaming and video- conferences (think: FaceTime and Skype) are their preferred ways to communicate. 41 Source: JWT Intelligence #1live-streaming platform in the world is Twitch, which features live video gameplay, news and chat
    • 42 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 -2 -4 Scratch Fresh Oven Stove-top % change projected annual eatings F2018 vs. 2013 Gen Z Millennials Gen X Source: NPD Group’s “Future of Eating,” 2014 They are the biggest foodies Their interest in cooking is expected to increase over the next five years.
    • Teen obesity has nearly tripled from 1971-2010, now stabilized at around 18.4% Teenage boys are more likely than girls to be obese (18.6% vs. 15%) 43 Unfortunately, they’re also obese Source: Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, 2013 (via Mintel 2014). Percentage of obesity among high school students, by state, for selected year 2003 and 2011
    • But, food is their main vice 44 A Different Set of Vices Are having less sex (but more un-protected sex) Are more obese Are recycling and up-cycling Are more sedentary Are a happy lot Are focused on sharing Are self-confident Source: Mintel 2014, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2014 LUST GLUTTONY GREED SLOTH WRATH ENVY PRIDE
    • 45 How to connect with Gen Z?
    • 46 Tech Innate: 5 Screens Think in 4D Judiciously Share (GeoLoco Off) Active Volunteers Blended (race & gender) Togetherness Mature Communicate with Images Make Stuff Have Humility Future Focused Realists Want to Work for Success Collective Conscious Tech Savvy: 2 Screens Think in 3D Radical Transparency: Share All Slacktivists Multi-cultural Tolerance Immature Communicate with Text Share Stuff Have Low Confidence Now Focused Optimists Want to be Discovered Team Orientation Don’t treat them like Millennials Gen Z Millennials
    • 47 Gen Z Millennials Very Different Experiences and References Politics Media Communication Homosexuality is no longer considered a disease Portable media player The DVD, an optical disc computer storage media format is announced Instant messaging, a type of online chat, is released by Microsoft Mobile phones with the ability to send text messages Massachusetts legalizes same-sex marriage Commercial music streaming services The video-sharing website Youtube is launched Snapchat, a photo messaging app is introduced Smartphones with a multi-touch interface Telecommunications Music Don’t treat them like Millennials
    • 48 Checklist for connecting with Gen Z 1. Depict them as diverse (ethnically, sexually, fashionably) 2. Talk in images: emojis, symbols, pictures, videos 3. Communicate more frequently in shorter bursts of “snackable content” 4. Don’t talk down… talk to them as adults, even about global topics 5. Assume they have opinions and are vocal, influencing family decisions 6. Make stuff — or help Gen Z make stuff (they’re industrious) 7. Tap into their entrepreneurial spirit 8. Be humble 9. Give them control and preference settings 10. Collaborate with them — and help them collaborate with others
    • 49 11. Tell your story across multiple screens 12. Live stream with them — or give them live streaming access 13. Optimize your search results (they do their Internet research) 14. Talk to them about value (they care about the cost of things) 15. Include a social cause that they can fight for 16. Have your house in order (in terms of sustainability) 17. Help them build expertise…they want to be experts 18. Tease (think: ephemeral, puzzles, surprises and games) 19. Feed their curiosity 20. Feed them Checklist for connecting with Gen Z
    • 50 Gen Z topics & interests: what we’re tracking… Economic Disparity Gender Equality & LGBT Rights Malala TECHNOLOGY ISSUES NEWS Mixed Reality Socialism & Communism MEDIA & CULTURE 3D Printing & Doodling School Shootings Total Solar Eclipse March 2015 Whisper Common Core Education Nationwide YouTube Stars Drones iPhone 6 Twitch Wearables Oculus Rift Global Warming Weather Refugees Cost of Education Loneliness Brazil & The World Cup Gaga in Space 2015 Girls in STEM Net Neutrality Back to School Elon Musk Texting While Driving Tuna the Dog Autonomous Cars Tuna the Dog Avatar 2 2016 Star Wars Episode VII 2015 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 8/8 Hunger Games Mockingjay 11/21 Teen Choice Awards 8/10 Kids Choice Awards 7/17 MTV VMAs 8/24 Tarzan November Earth to Echo August 22 Jump Street June GEN Z 5
    • Want to apply Gen Z insights to your business? We will continue to track Gen Z, adding a global perspective from our Scout Network (now in 11 countries) combined with international social listening. Stay tuned. Reach out to us if you want to explore how to apply these learnings — and future Gen Z insights — to your business. We can package Gen Z insights in a variety of formats, such as: • Customized “Meet Gen Z” reports, designed for sharing and educating • Immersive get-smart-fast-on-Gen-Z workshops • Gen Z insights-to-applied-marketing round table discussions • Bi-weekly “Gen Z Trend Pulses” — sharable newsletters on Gen Z culture and marketing opportunities 51
    • 52 SOCIAL AGENCY PR AGENCY DIGITAL AGENCY SEARCH AGENCY EVENT MARKETING AGENCY ADVERTISING AGENCY agency of relevance - Social & Cultural Listening - Competitive Intelligence & War Gaming - Segment Analysis &Tracking - Topic Deep Dives - Event Tracking - Issue Monitoring - Real-time Burst identification - Channel Analysis - Content & Influencer Strategy - Editorial & Cultural Calendars - Macro Trend Identification & Quantification - Projecting Segments into the Future (Consumers of the Future) - Product, Service & Packaging Development - Business Model Design & Reimagination - Business Context Analysis - Futurism - Whitespace Identification - Brand/Partner & Acquisition Recommendations - Pre-Planned (70/30) Content Production - Online and Offline - Real-time Content Production - Real-Time Commerce - Social Media Content (short and long form) - posts, tweets, vines, videos, blogs, etc. - Community Management - Influencer Outreach - Channel Optimization & Fan Base Development - Analytics & Measurement - Real-Time Media Amplification cultural strategy at the core cultural intelligence innovation content & distribution powered by BRAND 5
    • Sign up on our website to receive updates and future reports: For more information: 212.894.5100 @sparksandhoney
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    From a leader's point of view, I have found this generation generally seems very adept with cognitive thinking skills, however some struggle with tactile skills. The good thing is once they learn a skill it usually does not have to be re-taught. That is a positive for employers.
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