Lucky & Huck

a brief powerpoint of my dogs

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    a brief powerpoint of my dogs
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    Lucky & Huck
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    • 1. Lucky & Huck My 2 Dogs
    • 2. Lucky as a puppy
    • 3. A happy Huck outside.
    • 4. Huck & Lucky at play.
    • 5. Huck & Lucky posing for a picture.
    • 6. Huck at Christmas.
    • 7. Lucky waiting for someone to come see him.
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  1. Net Biz Guru
    Net Biz Guru
    Version: 03/06/2008
    The Sprinkle Brigade are a group of three guys from New York, who use their artistic talents to bring people's attention to the problem of dog-poo on the streets, while at the same time bringing a smile to people's faces.
    David G Smith
    iBanter Photo Pimp
    iBanter Comic Creator
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