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    • 1. IGPGodwin A
    • 2. goals• Introduce Individualized Graduation Plan• Expectations for 8th grade• Expectation for High School
    • 3. Middle School IndividualizedGraduation Plan• Is a personalized program of classes you willtake to be successful in middle school andpromote to high school• It is an agreement between you, your parentsand the school including academic andbehavior records• Is a personalized set of classes you have taken,will take, and the grades that must be earnedto prepare you for college and career
    • 4. It is the goal of our school that you complete all middleschool classes with a C or better and participate inmiddle school culmination1st Semester– English 07A / ESL– DRWC/ESL– Math 7A– PE– Science 07A– Mediaval /Mod History 07A– AM Image MS A2nd Semester 7th grade– English 07B / ESL– DRWC/ESL– Math 7B– PE– Science 07B– Medieval/Mod History 07B– AM Image MS B
    • 5. 8th grade1st Semester– English 08A or ESL– DRWC/ESL– Algebra 1 or Math 8A– PE– Science 08A– US History A– Art or ESL some elective2nd Semester– English 08B or ESL– DRWC/ESL– Algebra 1 or Math 8B– PE– Science 08B– US History B– Art or ESL some elective
    • 6. 8th grade• Need to pass all your classes with a C or betterand No ‘u’ s• Options:Self Help, Tutoring, Outside Agency, Extra Credit(ASA)• Attendance• Attitudes• CST – Proficient• End of Year Assessment in Algebra 1
    • 7. High School• Need to pass their courses each year to promote to the next grade– 9th to 10th grade 55 credits;– 10th to 11th grade 55 additional credits;– 11 to 12th additional 60 credits• Enroll in courses identified A-G requirements to meet CSU and UCadmission– 210 A-G credits for the class of 2017/2018• Algebra 1 is the first of these courses• CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam) can be taken from 10thgrade (6 plus chances)• Take it until you pass it
    • 8. Questions
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