EverFirm Serum

  1. fariha martin
    directly to the eye Terracotta powder or tanning powder should only be used with a beautiful, smooth complexion, as it usually contains luster pigments that emphasize and strengthen wrinkles. Tips and tricks for rouge: So that powder rouge does not "stick together" with the foundation, powder must be applied beforehand. This also makes corrections easier. For light skin slightly pigmented rouge tones are recommended, in dark and tanned skin, however, also highly pigmented rouge. The most natural thing is to powder over the rouge again. The rouge can be placed with a small brush the most accurate. For full faces, a matte rouge is recommended so that the face does not look even rounder. The color of the rouge should be adapted to that of the lipstick. That should be avoided: Do not spread transitions with your fingers, always use a brush. The skin fat could make the make-up spotty and you have to start from scratch. Too strong tones are not appropriate for the rouge. Choose better muted, classic, flattering tones. If tinted day cream is used, cream rouge fits better than powder rouge. Then do not apply powder that smears. Tips and tricks for eyebrow styling: If you have light eyebrows, you can color them with the hairdresser and save the daily coloring with the brow pencil. Simply pluck too wide eyebrows with the tweezers or have the beautician give you advice and advice.

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