Patriot Power Greens

  1. cerys lucas
    What is Patriot Power Greens? Where does all this medical research come from? And being as we're always looking to expose the next money making fake product, it made perfect sense that we did a little digging into exactly what this so called 'super drink' is really all about. Ultimately, most of the ingredients in Patriot Power Greens rely on the power of antioxidants to achieve their active effects. Well, like my roommate relates, "You get what you give." Patriot Power Greens isn't not the same for everyone. This 'body on fire' (and excess acid) philosophy can create chaos and contribute to everything under the sun of health issues and problems like: joint, back, hip and knee aches and pain physical fatigue and discomfort mental fog and cloudy memory heart, arteries and nerve cells new cellular growth and regeneration The solution? I paid for 2 months of the autoship, called their customer service (who answered quickly – and are right here in America!) and was able to cancel with no problem.

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