How to impress an interviewer

So you’ve submitted a great job application and you feel like your dream job is just within reach.

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    So you’ve submitted a great job application and you feel like your dream job is just within reach.
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    How to impress an interviewer
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    • 1. How to impress an interviewer
    • 2. You’ve landed the interview – congratulations! But don’t relax just yet – you still need to impress the interviewer to land that dream role. So how do you do it?
    • 3. 1. Check your watch Being on time for an interview is expected, it shows that you respect your interviewer’s time and that you appreciate the opportunity. Arriving early is even better. It gives you a few extra minutes to take a breath, calm those nerves and get comfortable in the new environment.
    • 4. 2. Dress to impress Dressing the part will not only impress the interviewer, it will give you confidence. Don’t forget that the small stuff – clean fingernails, polished shoes and tidy hair. And remember all the senses. Use perfume and aftershave sparingly and if you smoke try to avoid it for a few hours prior to the interview.
    • 5. 3. Say their name Use the interviewer’s name when you greet them and again at the end when you thank them for the interview. It personalises the meeting.
    • 6. 4. What you do is as important as what you say Make a good impression with open and positive body language by smiling and making eye contact.
    • 7. 5. Show don’t tell Be prepared for any question by having a variety of examples of your skills and achievements.
    • 8. 6. Don’t leave it at goodbye. Follow up after the interview with a note, call or email to thank the interviewer for meeting with you. Use this as an opportunity to provide them any further information that demonstrates why you’re the best candidate for the job.
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  1. Kenneth Petty PMP
    Kenneth Petty PMP
    Version: 22/02/2015
    This is an excellent presentation. Every piece of good advise in one place and an extremely pleasing package with humor and excellent design. Top rate work! Thanks for sharing. I have been recommending it to all my contacts.
  2. Andy Collen
    Andy Collen
    Version: 22/02/2015
  3. Sujithnivas zaz
    Sujithnivas zaz
    Version: 22/02/2015
    It’s a great question, the simple thing all should keep in your mind... How you deliver yourself in front of your interviewer, Be bold when u answer for their tricky question, wear good & clean dress it gives more confident, be smile and keep your eye contacts correctly.
  4. Lorraine Brown Assoc CIPD
    Lorraine Brown Assoc CIPD
    Version: 22/02/2015
    I really the transcript..using the interviewer(s) name, body language for example smiling and eye contact, follow up very good points.