GTD Basics

Basic explanation about the GTD.

  1. John Calistro
    Basic explanation about the GTD.
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    GTD Basics
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    • 1. Getting Things Done Apply|> Future GTD
    • 2. David Allen Hardcover Paperback iBooks Kindle Audiobook the 1st audiobook its free. Apply|> Future
    • 3. The Problem You are crazy busy You have no time, 24 hours is not enough You need to focus Micro-manager its not the solution You fell that everything is ok Lack of control Et cetera Apply|> Future
    • 4. The Method Collect Process Organize Do Review Apply|> Future
    • 5. Collect (inbox) Brain dump Throw everything in there, bills, business cards, files to review, documents to read, annotations. Apply|> Future
    • 6. Process Delete Defer Delegate Do The “Four Ds” Apply|> Future
    • 7. Process Is it actionable? NoYes > 2 minutes Defer Delegate < 2 minutes Do Delete Someday File Apply|> Future
    • 8. Organize Project Location Person Calendar Apply|> Future
    • 9. Organize Now Next Later Soon Someday Apply|> Future
    • 10. Apply|> Future
    • 11. Daily Review 3 most important things to do today Do not check your email before this task Morning routine Apply|> Future
    • 12. Daily Review The focus for tomorrow What did you do? What can be improved? Night routine Apply|> Future
    • 13. Weekly Review Review the projects The focus for the next week What did you forgot to do? What can be improved? Apply|> Future
    • 14. Monthly Review The focus for your life The big picture Key roles, values and life priorities Someday folder Can be executed at any life-changing event Apply|> Future
    • 15. The method workflow Apply|> Future
    • 16. Apply|> Future
    • 17. Contact John Calistro @JohnCalistro Apply|> Future
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