Green Jobs for Veterans - Opportunities Available and Benefits of Hiring Veterans

In spite of the recession in the American job market, the green jobs sector is

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    In spite of the recession in the American job market, the green jobs sector is
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    Green Jobs for Veterans - Opportunities Available and Benefits of Hiring Veterans
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    • 1. In spite of the recession in the American jobmarket, the green jobs sector is growingrapidly.Green industries generate more than eightmillions job opportunities to Americanresidents.With the right public policy, these jobopportunities could grow to be as much a 40million by the year 2030.
    • 2. According to a recent article that appearedin the New York Times, fifty six thousand newlytrained workers and fourteen thousandproject managers would be required torealize the one year energy efficiency goalsthat president Barrack Obama has set.Veterans can take advantage of these jobopportunities.
    • 3. Green jobs are described as the jobs orcareers that contribute to making Americamore environmentally friendly andsustainable.Green jobs for veterans are available in manyfields such as alternative energy, energyconservation, green construction, sustainableagriculture, environmental remediation andnatural resource management.
    • 4. Green careers lead to job prosperity andsecurity for Americas veterans.In addition to this, they strengthen theeconomy and the health the planet.Green jobs for vets are meaningful especiallyfor veterans who have expressed a leadershipand willingness capacity in serving theircountry.
    • 5. Veterans can seek employment in well-knownfields after receiving three to six months ofhands on technician training but greenemployment opportunities also exist for morespecialized, higher trained veterans.The following are some of the green jobopportunities available for veterans.
    • 6. Clean or green tech process management.The field of life cycle assessment is growingand can offer many green jobs for vets.This field serves the role of providing customerswith the missing information regarding theimpact that manufactured products and theprocess used to produce them have on theenvironment.
    • 7. Green tech process management consultantsstrip products apart to get information aboutall the components used to create them, theprocess used to acquire and accumulate rawmaterials and how each component ismanufactured.They also gather information about how thecomponents are assembled, how theproducts are distributed and the impact ofdisposing the products.
    • 8. In this way the consultants provide consumersand companies with a detailed look at theethical and environmental impact of theproducts that people buy every day.Environmental public relations and marketingprograms.Most companies now incorporate some form ofenvironmental marketing programs such asensuring that their headquarters buildings areLEED certified or placing Energy Star stickers ontheir products.
    • 9. This is bound to continue and veterans canfind jobs as educators or consultants whoadvise companies on the certifications theyshould get.They can also act as advisors about creatingefficient working conditions for employeeswho mine raw materials and how to createrecyclable products.
    • 10. Streamlining processes.When most veterans leave the military, they haveexposure to the Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigmathought processes. They also know a lot aboutstreamlining processes like informationmanagement, supply chain management andnetwork and communication structure.Veterans can therefore provide companies withimportant consulting services in productdevelopment process greening.
    • 11. Why hire veterans?Veterans are able to offer the much neededcreativity in the workplace because they aregenerally innovative and adaptive to mostsituations.Veterans are also able to help improve acompanys responsiveness and adaptabilitypotential.
    • 12. For years, military veterans are forced to livewith much less than they should have.They are therefore able to take whatever theyhave and transform it into whatever needs tobe accomplished.This mindset is valuable to any company thatis seeking to recover and one of the reasonsof hiring veterans.
    • 13. For more information and resources aboutgreen jobs for US vets.Visit
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