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    • 1. Green IT Presented By: Ms. Pooja Painter MCA III,G.H.R.I.I.T.,Nagpur
    • 2. Agenda • What is Green IT ? • Why Green IT ? • Solutions • Approaches • Ways to be the Green • Green Web Surfing • Conclusion
    • 3. What is Green IT ? Developed Delivered Used
    • 4. Why Green IT ? • Pollution • Toxicity • Increased energy usage
    • 5. Pollution •Manufacturing Techniques •lead, tin, copper, silicon, carbon, iron,aluminum Mercury, Plastics….. •Disposal of computers and components (E waste) •Disposal of these devices constituted 20-50 million tons per year (about 5% of the total waste of the planet)
    • 6. Energy Use of PCs • Energy use comes from – Electrical current to run the CPU, motherboard, memory – Running the fan and spinning the disk(s) – Monitor (CRTs consume more power than any other computer component) – Printers – Servers • Energy also required to run the applications,database etc.. • CPU uses 120 Watts • CRT uses 150 Watts
    • 7. Energy Use In The Data Centre • Consume 10 to 100 times more energy per square foot than a typical office building • Used about 45 billion kWh in 2005 • At current rates, power requirements could Triple in 8 years.
    • 8. Solutions • Reuse: Donate your computer components to people who may not have or have lesser quality computers • Refurbish: Rather than discarding your computer when the next generation is released, just get a new CPU and memory chips – upgrade rather than replace • Recycling: If companies can recycle the plastics and other components, this can greatly reduce waste and toxins.
    • 9. How Do the Companies Rate 8: Nokia - Regained its top position for eliminating the worst chemicals from many products  still needs to report on its recycling rate percentage 7.3: Dell - Still among the top but loses points for not having models free of the worst chemicals strong support or global take back 7.3: Lenovo - Dropping down the rank for not having a clear global take back program still missing out on products free of the worst chemicals on the market 7: Sony Ericsson - Among the top with clear timeline to have products free of the worst chemicals by 2008 need better chemicals take back reporting program
    • 10. Ratings of companies(cont….) 6.7: Samsung - strong position for having a good chemical policy, but still lack products that are free from the worst chemicals its take back system is not yet global and need improvement 6.7: Motorola - some products on the market are free from the worst chemicals but loses points for not providing clear timelines for eliminating these chemicals in all products score points on reporting the recycling rate 6: Toshiba - good improvement particularly on waste and take back criteria moved forward for providing some models without the worst chemicals and for timelines for complete phase out 5.7: Acer - standing still with improved chemical policies but no models free of the worst chemicals needs to improve on take back program 5.3: Apple - top mover with concrete timelines to eliminate the worst chemicalloses points for not have a green product on the market and for a weak take back programs
    • 11. Approaches to GREEN COMPUTING •Virtulization: Virtualization is a key strategy to reduce data center power consumption With virtualization; one physical server hosts multiple virtual servers •Power Management •Reduce noise •Reduce cooling requirements •Reduce operating costs for energy and cooling •Materials Recycling:This can include finding another use for the system (i. e. donated to charity).
    • 12. Way to be the Green ? With existing technology… • Turn off the computer when not in use, even if just for an hour • Turn off the monitor when not in use (as opposed to running a screen saver) • Use power saver mode. • Don’t print unnecessary thing like mails. • Use LCDs instead of CRTs as they are more power efficient
    • 13. Way to be the Green (cont…) When purchasing new equipment… • Use hardware/software with the Energy Star label – Energy Star is a “seal of approval” by the Energy Star organization of the government. • Buying multi-functional equipment.
    • 14. Green Web Surfing Greener Google Browsing: Blackle.com Being Green with Yahoo! Greener FireFox Surfing Other Green Surfing Efforts - -
    • 15. Conclusion • Manufacturer’s today aim to improve energy efficiency by creating designs that minimize power waste and reduce emissions • Devices use less and less power while renewable energy gets more and more portable and effective. • New green materials are developed every year, and many toxic ones are already being replaced by them. • The features of a green computer of tomorrow would be like: efficiency, manufacturing & materials, recyclability, service model, self-powering, and other trends
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