Green friendly furniture cleaning When you are cleaning your furniture, the last

  1. fiskemktg When you are cleaning your furniture, the last
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    Green friendly furniture cleaning
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    • 1. Green Friendly Furniture Cleaning
    • 2. When you are cleaning your furniture, the last thing that you want is to fill your home with known carcinogens. Yet this is exactly what you are doing when you use some of the most used products on the market today for cleaning your furniture. Take a look at the label of your furniture cleaning products and see what they contain. Do they contain any of the following?
      • Perchloroethylene
      • 3. Petroleum Distillates
      • 4. Nitrobenzene
      • 5. Napthalene
      These are all toxins and all but Petroleum Distillates are carcinogens, which mean they have been linked to cancer. Surely you can find a better way to clean your furniture without exposing yourself as well as your family to toxic chemicals! Now you can. Not only can you clean greener and healthier but you can also save money at the same time when you take the following tips. Cleaning green is the way to go when you want to get your furniture clean. Some of the products that you can use for this purpose include the following:
      • Essential oils
      • 6. Linseed oil
      • 7. Olive oil
      • 8. Baking Soda
      • 9. Beeswax
    • All of the above are non-toxic and can be used in a variety of ways. The pure forms of these products are cheaper than the retail cleaners and do a better job of getting your wood as well as your upholstery clean. Want to clean your wood? Use linseed oil and then polish it with beeswax. The wood will stay in better condition for longer and repel dust. Do you have a stain on your upholstery? Use club soda to clean it up. You can also get your upholstery cleaned when you use essential oils (a few drops) and baking soda mixed together and let the solution sit on the upholstery. After it sits for about twenty minutes, simply vacuum it up. The essential oils will make the upholstery smell very nice and the baking soda will remove odors as well as residue from the upholstery. You do not have to spend a lot of money on cleaning products for your furniture nor do you have to use products that contain poisons that can harm your family. Toss out the commercial cleaners when it comes to cleaning your furniture and start cleaning the green and non-toxic way. You will save your health as well as your money when you use the above mentioned green products for cleaning your furniture and your furniture will be cleaner for the wear as well. We wish that you find this content on furniture cleaningadvantageous. For more information on leather furniture cleaning, I suggest you pay a visit to this site
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