Green Building Construction in India

Green Building Construction in India

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    Green Building Construction in India
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    Green Building Construction in India
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    • 1. Green Building Construction In India - Use of Modern Technologies to Build and f d h l t ld d Operate Green Buildings p G d g Prof. H. S. Mehta Vishal PorwalPrestige Institute of Technology Intellobuild Project Solutions Indore Indore
    • 2. WeW are a country of t f1.2 Billi n1 2 BillionPeople and counting … d
    • 3. 32% of Indian population l l lives in Urban Areas bgross b l built-up area grew b by10% annually last decade
    • 4. 700% increase in commercial energy gconsumption in the last four decadesand growing …. d i
    • 5. Energy consumption in India will grow up to3 ti times of current consumption by2030
    • 6. There is a shortage of average 225million liter water per day in major Indian p y jCities
    • 7. Green Building Construction presents asolution for sustainable growth
    • 8. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of United States U it d St t“Green building is the practice of creating structures and using processes that are environmentally responsible and resourceprocesses that are environmentally responsible and resource‐efficient throughout a buildings life‐cycle from siting to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation and deconstruction. This practice expands and complements the d t ti Thi ti d d l t thclassical building design concerns of economy, utility, durability, and comfort. Green building is also known as a sustainable or high performance building.”
    • 9. Green Building Construction is Rapidly Gaining Momentum in India
    • 10. 1 Billion square ffootage building t b ildiarea has been certified as green by leading green building rating system LEED-India
    • 11. ThereTh are t established G two t bli h d Green B ildi Building rating systems in India g y LEED INDIA LEED-INDIA and GRIHA
    • 12. Key Green Building Features y g Energy Efficient Lighting
    • 13. Day lighting
    • 14. Our ResearchBring Sunlight inDeep and Darker Spaces
    • 15. That’s me at EPA P3 Award Ceremony y
    • 16. Rain WaterHarvesting
    • 17. Water RecyclingWt R li
    • 18. Right Building i t tiRi ht B ildi Orientation
    • 19. Building Management System g g y
    • 20. Using Renewable Energy g gy
    • 21. Build Green R fB ild G Roof
    • 22. Efficient Water Fixtures
    • 23. Efficient HVAC System
    • 24. Green Construction Materials
    • 25. There are several more ways to go GREENDifferent rating systems provide different g guidelines for building GREEN d d The GOAL is to save the environment and build b ild sustainable buildings t i bl b ildi
    • 26. Benefits of Building Green g Energy Savings Water Conservation Lower Carbon Footprint Reduced Environmental ImpactBetter Indoor Air to Breath and Increased Productivity …… d ti it
    • 27. Wipro saves 40% 4 %energy worth 1 Carore thrupees on a 1,75,000 p , ,sq. feet building every year
    • 28. Godrej saves 63% energy worth 9 Lac rgy w rth L crupees on a 20,000 sq. p q feet building every year
    • 29. ITC saves 45%energy worth 9 0 Lac rgy w rth Lcrupees on a 1,70,000 psq. feet building every year
    • 30. Park Hotel, Hyderabad reduced it s water Hotel it’s consumption by 40%
    • 31. Kalpataru Square in Mumbai is set toreduce it’s water consumption by it s 30%
    • 32. Cost of Building GreenSeveral Studies claim that building green costs more….. moreHowever, Cost of building green is coming f b ld d w sg down significantly a ty
    • 33. Building Year Built-in Area Rating % increase Payback Awarded (Sq.ft) Achieved in cost (years)CII-Godrej GBC, Hyderabad 2003 20,000 Platinum 18 % 7ITC Green Centre, Gurgaon 2004 1,70,000 Platinum 15 % 6Wipro, Gurgaon 2005 1,75,000 Platinum 8% 5Grundfos Pumps, Chennai 2005 40,000 Gold 6% 3Technopolis, Kolkata 2006 72,000 Gold 6% 3Spectral Services Consultants p 2007 15,000 Platinum 8% 4Office, NoidaHITAM,HITAM Hyderabad 2007 78,000 78 000 Silver 2% 3
    • 34. Modern Technologies to build and operate g green
    • 35. EnergySimulation l
    • 36. Building Management System
    • 37. Sensors forMonitoring and dOperating HVAC p gH A systems
    • 38. We need to build more Green Buildings Increase the awareness about Green Buildings Support G S t Green Building R D B ildi R&DProvide Finical Support for Building Green
    • 39. Let’s Together We gBuild a Sustainable Future
    • 40. Paperless Office withA Web Based Construction Management Application
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