Green Buffalo Estates

This is the public presentation for a capital raising. Please

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    This is the public presentation for a capital raising. Please
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    Green Buffalo Estates
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    • 2. GREEN BUFFALO ESTATES, TRAINING & TOURISM CENTER $3.5M / 210 acres: 14624 300th Street Ne, Arlington, WA | Snohomish County, WA • 45 Min. Thr-Sat Farm Tours; by Appt Only (11am-3pm) • 3 Hour Saturday Seminar Tour; by Appt Only (starts at 11am)
    • 3. ORGANIC AGRIBUSINESS: PASTURE RANCH $17,000 per acre asking price; currently an organic hay farm • seller financing and 1031 exchange option available • duck hunting, goose hunting, and steelhead fishing.
    • 4. Imagery ©2014 Cnes/Spot Image, DigitalGlobe, U.S. Geological Survey, USDA Farm Service Agency, Map data ©2014 Google - GLAMPING To Training & Education Center Organic Hemp Farm Organic Hemp Farm
    • 5. Complementary & Alternative Medicine Portfolio Green Buffalo Estates Seattle-Area Tourism and Training Estate Southwestern Colorado Training Farms Northern Nevada Training Farms United States Franchisee Farms Alternative Med-Spas Yoga Pilates Massage Cannabis Athletic Clubs Downtown Seattle Downtown Denver Henderson Nevada Summerlin Nevada Green Buffalo Association New Year Annual Network Conference Tradeshow Spring Equinox Induction Ceremony Franchisee Orientation Event End of Summer Harvest Event Thanksgiving Rainbow Warrior Public Service Event
    • 6. GLAMPING SITE-PLAN 18 Units - 30’ Diameter Geodesic Glamping Tents • Full Bathrooms and Bedrooms within Tents • Plus Hydrotherapy Spas, Convenience Store and Private Spa Facility
    • 7. INITIAL SOLARIUM SITE-PLAN Seven Cannabis Sativa Strands, One Fish Farm, Three Bio-filters Acquire Clones, Vegetate, Top, Flower, Trim, Dry, and Cure Each plant produces about 2.5 lbs of Bud
    • 8. COLD WEATHER SOLARIUM DESIGN Proprietary Radiant Heating System; Water Cisterns Sunlight, Organic Soil, LED Lighting, 16 Week Harvest Solar Energy, Aquaponics, Bio-Filter, Fish Farm, Zero Waste
    • 9. BIO-FILTRATION SOLARIUM 3 CHANNELS: Plant Wastewater, Harvested Water, Fish Water Outgoing Water Storage Tanks for Infused Bio-Filtered Water Water Regulation: Probiotic, Oxygenate, and Ph Levels
    • 10. FISH FARMING SOLARIUM NITROGEN; Proprietary Radiant Heating System Sunlight, Blue Light, LED Light, Hemp Seed Feed Solar Energy, Aquaponics, Bio-Filter, Fish Farm, Zero Waste
    • 11. JAX HOAGIE SHACK & JUICERY; SEATTLE Upscale Hot Hoagies with Organic Meats, Buzzer for Pickup Window Gluten Free Organic Potato Bun or House Organic White Wheat Rolls All Organic Fruits and Veggies; Raw Specialty Smoothies; Takeout Window
    • 12. LUNAI’S RESTAURANT – SEATTLE Americanized Fusion Cuisine: Indian/Asian & Middle-Eastern/Mediterranean {40% Vegan + 20% Vegetarian + 15% Fish + 15% Chicken + 5% Pork + 5% Beef} Pasteur Raised, Organic, and Wild Line-Caught Gluten-Free, Olive Oil Free, Raw Local Honey, Coconut & Almond Milks, Coconut Oil & Sugar, etc
    • 13. 22,000sf ALTERNATIVE MED-SPA Pilates-Yoga-Bike Studio, Massage Parlors, Physical Rehab Clinic Alternative Medicine Dispensary and Delivery Service Training Hydrotherapy Pool, Communal Steam, Spa Locker Rooms
    • 14. EIGHT ACRE POT TOURISM STRIP MALL Cannabis Training School, Wholesome Cafeteria, Tasting Room Hemp Museum, Hemp Retail Store, Doctors Office Med-Spa, Several Restaurants, Glass Shop
    • 15. ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE SCHOOL Cannabis Home Cultivation & Professional Solarium Cultivation Cannabis Caregivers Training, Dispensary and Delivery Training Daily Cannabis Tastings, Pairings, and Tutorial Classes
    • 16. HEMP MUSEUM AND 3D-VR SCIENCE RIDE Hemp Use History, Tribal Use History, Global Use History USDA Regulations, Activism, Botany, Special Topics Modern Science: Modern Hemp, Medicinal Cannabis, Vegan Diet
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