GO BRAND YOURSELF. How to land a job with personal branding in 5 steps

How building a strong Personal Brand could help you find your next job.

  1. Lorenzo Galbiati
    How building a strong Personal Brand could help you find your next job.
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    GO BRAND YOURSELF. How to land a job with personal branding in 5 steps
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    • GO BRAND YOURSELF!LorenzoGalbiatiHow to land a job withApril 2013PersonalBrandingIN 5STEPS
    • BRANDCHOICECan becompared totheHIRINGPROCESS
    • Traditional Decision Making ModelNeed RecognitionInformation SearchEvaluation of AlternativesDECISION(Post-decision Evaluation)
    • However,In the current marketunlimited choice options are available
    • And decisionmaking canbecomeOVERWHELMING
    • decision makers will rely onHence,HEURISTICS(or, cognitive shortcuts)
    • And choose the option that is mostPOPULARRECOGNIZABLEFAMILIAREMOTIONAL
    • In Marketing terms…They will pick theSTRONGEST BRAND
    • Wins the saleThe STRONGEST brandJOB
    • How can you build a STRONG BRAND?SO…
    • Uncover your(1) FirstBRANDIDENTITY
    • You now have to decide what ‘image’ youwant for your brand. Image meanspersonality. Products, like people, havepersonalities, and they can make or breakthem in the market place”“David Ogilvy
    • Try to answer the followingquestions
    • “A creativeWHO AM I?consumer psychologistwith a passion forunderstandingThe links betweenbehaviour and brands“
    • WHAT DO I DO?“I’m experienced inproducingconsumer-based insightsfor global brandsand able toturn curiosity into actions“
    • WHY DO I DO IT?“I’m passionateaboutbrandsand to deepenmy understanding ofhuman behaviour”
    • Identify your(2) SecondSTRENGTHS
    • Strategic Insight and Storytelling
    • CRITICALcreativethinking&
    • TimeManagement
    • Identify what makes you(3) ThirdUNIQUE
    • Be yourself,everyone elseis alreadytaken”“Oscar Wilde
    • Identify your(4) FourthTARGETSEGMENTS
    • If you’renot thinkingsegments, youare not thinkingmarketingTheodore Levitt ”“
    • Clearly define theyou areROLESTARGETING
    • THE STRATEGYCONSULTANT• Works for a small-medium sized brandstrategy or innovation consultancy• Has some experience in qualitativeresearch and strategy, and a creativebackground• Loves moderating creative workshops tofacilitate problem solving and brandbuilding“The thing I love the most about my job isthe possibility to work on a wide variety ofaccounts. Each project I’ve worked onrequired a unique mix of creativity andinnovation. I believe that successfulstrategies are built on a brand’s heritage.”
    • THE ACCOUNTPLANNER• Works for an Ad-agency, acting as abridge between the client and thecreative team• Acts as the ‘voice of the consumer’within the agency, trying to understandconsumers’ needs and desires• Responsible for matching the client’sobjectives with consumer needs, andwriting the creative brief“Most people think that only copywritersand art directors work in Advertising.They’re wrong. Ad agencies need peoplethat can fill the gap between AccountManagement and CommunicationsStrategy. They need people like me.”
    • THE ASSISTANTBRAND MANAGER• Works in the Marketing department of alarge client-side company• Responsible for assisting the brandmanager in the development of brandproposition and strategy, andmonitoring the brand’s performance• Liaising with brand strategyconsultancies, and advertising andmarket research agencies“The best thing about my job is feeling likea part of a big family. I work with differentteams within the company, and receiveongoing training and mentoring. I’mgrowing with the company!”
    • Formulate your(5) FifthCOMPETITIVEPOSITIONING
    • Don’t hide your differences,But shout about them.Be proud of them”“Sir John Hegarty
    • MarketingKnowledgesize= Creative ThinkingMECreativeMarketerEconomicsStudentCommsExpertConsumerUnderstandingCompetitor Analysis and PositioningMarketResearcher
    • IDENTITYNow, let’s put all the bitstogether…STRENGTHSUNIQUENESSTARGETPOSITIONING++++
    • …To create aUNIQUEMIX
    • STRONG
    • About theof this presentationAUTHOR
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    • What youDON’T KNOWabout ME
    • I LIVEin London
    • Where I WORK inMarketing Researchand Strategy
    • I’mFROM Milan
    • where I’ve STUDIEDPsychology
    • I’ve also livedin Leiden(The Netherlands)
    • Where I SPECIALIZED inEconomic and ConsumerPsychology
    • Now, I’d love to hear whatGET IN TOUCH!www.galbiatilorenzo.com@lore_dropLorenzo GalbiatiYOU think
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