Get Your Stock of Electrode Pads for Tens Unit Now

Get Your Stock of Electrode Pads for Tens Unit Now

  1. santamedical123
    Are you a regular user of TENS unit? Then you must have requirement of electrode pads for it. Now you can buy Santamedical 10 Snap-On Re-Usable White Carbon Electrode Pads with Premium Gel, which is compatible with all common electronic pulse massagers.

    With the growing popularity of tens unit pulse massager demand of Santamedical electrode pads is also rising day by day. Still many people won't not be familiar with tens unit terminals. TENS allude to Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, in which the electrical impulses are utilized to ease the ache and soreness of muscles. These electrodes provide instant relief from any kind of pains within a few minutes. Santamedical electrode pads are made high quality material. Here we mention some different features and functionalities which made this product of the best of its category-

    • Works as a pain reliever- Electrode pads are effective enough to treat all kinds of pains whether it is nerve torment, muscle torment, or joint pain. A number of people get benefits from this therapy. You will simply need to ensure that you utilize it effectively in a proper manner. It will surely helpful for you to alleviate your pains in a short time period.

    • Superior conductivity- Working mechanism of the electrode pads is completely dependent on the impulse conductivity level of the unit. If the conductivity level of the terminal is high it will more prominently alleviate your torment sensation. While using electrode pads for tens unit you will need to accurately place the pads on the affected area. After that the unit will send electronic impulses to the skin through the electrode pads. And these impulses prevent the transmission of pain indicator from achieving the cerebrum.

    • Reusable capacity- Santamedivcal electrodes pads has capacity to work with various frequencies. They will empower the body to generate natural pain reliever chemicals. Due to these chemicals your body get relief from the pains for long time. These cushions are reusable and they naturally clung to your body. After using it you can store it, and utilize it when you require it.

    So don’t delays now order it to get relief from your muscle aches!!