GaN Power Devices Market size and forecast, 2017-2027

GaN Power Devices Market

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    With the growing usage of power devices, Gallium Nitrate (GaN) power devices market is significantly growing in various application such as switch mode power supply, monitor control, hybrid battery control and power factor correction controllers. Gallium nitrate is widely adopted to design power devices. Hence, it helps to improve overall efficiency of power conversion in solar grid, wind grid and smart grids.

    GaN power devices are used for medium voltage power application which in turn also help to improve power handling capacity and switching. The two major technologies used for the implementation are semiconductor material technology and transistor application technology are used to improve efficiency and reliably of GaN power devices.

    GaN Power Devices: Drivers and Challenges

    The major driver are significantly growing the market of GaN power devices due to increase in demand for high power transistor application technology and high temperature applications that has led to the increase in usage of GaN industrial devices. These devices are widely used in radio frequency amplifiers, high voltage applications. Due to the ability of gallium nitrate power devices to operate at high frequency, power density, and temperature with improved efficiency and linearity. Since, accelerated improvement in GaN technology and many organizations are coming up with new innovative products which are cost-effective with better design and performance.

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    Such innovations has rapidly increased the demand for GaN power devices in various application areas such as information and communication technology and it plays a vital role in GaN power device market in positive manner. The major restraints faced by GaN power devices market are high initial implementation cost.

    GaN Power Devices: Segmentation

    Segmentation on the basis of technology:

    • Semiconductor material
    • Transistor application technology
    Segmentation on the basis of Wafer:

    • Manufacturing process
    • Wafer size
    • Design configuration
    Segmentation on the basis of device:

    • GaN power discrete market
    • GaN power IC market
    Segmentation on the basis of product:

    • GaN opto semiconductor
    • GaN power semiconductor
    Segmentation on the basis of verticals:

    • Computers
    • Information and communication technology
    • Consumer Electronics
    • Medical
    • Automotive
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    GaN Power Devices: Regional Overview

    Presently, Japan is holding largest market share of GaN power devices by the rise in usage of application and continuous development of semiconductor industry.

    The market of GaN power devices witnessing tremendous growth in the region of North America, due to large adoption of high speed switching of GaN power devices.

    GaN Power Devices: Key Players

    Some of the prominent players of GaN power devices are:Fujitsu Ltd., Toshiba Corp., Koninklijke Philips N.V., Texas Instruments, EPIGAN NV, NTT Advanced Technology Corporation, RF Micro Devices Incorporated, Cree Incorporated, Aixtron SE, International Quantum Epitaxy plc, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation , AZZURO Semiconductors AG

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    GaN Power Devices Market