Evolving Consumer Expections

Epsilon's presentation, 'Evolving Consumer Expections' looks at the

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    Epsilon's presentation, 'Evolving Consumer Expections' looks at the
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    Evolving Consumer Expections
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    • 2. Hayden Saunders Hayden delivers solutions that help marketers to better understand customers and their cross-channel decisions. Jane Finch Jane is responsible for helping Epsilon’s clients in EMEA to implement and optimise their multi-channel solutions. Senior Project Manager, EMEASolutions Consultancy Director, EMEA
    • 3. • Changes in consumer expectations •What that means for marketing and marketeers •Some practical examples that show how we can embrace that change What We Will Cover Today
    • 4. Consumers have taken control, and we see it every day in their expectations and behaviours •Unprecedented choice  How and when they communicate with brands and each other  Obtain information  Make decisions, shop and buy •Accelerated pace of interactions  Digital interactions enable consumer voices to be heard and amplified across channels in minutes Consumer Empowerment
    • 5. Marketing has changed more in the last 5 years than the previous 50 •Impact of media proliferation •Science versus art •Seamless consumer movement between channels •Consequences of time compression on marketing Marketing Complexity
    • 6. The choices are Marketers at a Crossroads Or… Become paralyzed by the complexity and apparent loss of control 1 Embrace this shifting marketplace with new ways to listen, learn and influence consumer behaviour 2
    • 7. You Have to Be ListeningYou Have to Be Listening You Have to Be Channel AwareYou Have to Be Channel Aware You Have to Have a Message ReadyYou Have to Have a Message Ready You Have to Be IntegratedYou Have to Be Integrated You Have to Have a Multi-Channel PlanYou Have to Have a Multi-Channel Plan
    • 8. You Have to Have MemoryYou Have to Have Memory
    • 9. You Need to Understand the Influencer NetworkYou Need to Understand the Influencer Network
    • 10. You Need to Link all the Interactions by ConsumerYou Need to Link all the Interactions by Consumer
    • 11. Marketers must adopt new ways to … A New Way Forward We call it Customer Experience Marketing Engage Consumers Differentiate Brands Earn Long-Term Preference
    • 12. • Welcomes customer participation into experience design • Facilitates engaging conversations across channels • Evolves conversations into win-win relationships • Inspires consumer involvement and action • Leads to loyalty, giving brands a true competitive advantage • Stops disrupting what people are interested in and becomes what they’re interested in Tenets of Customer Experience Marketing
    • 13. TARGET Experience Maps | Year 2000 Example TOUCHPOINTS SHOP CUSTOMER CALL CENTRE EMAILS / NEWSLETTERS DIRECT MAIL SMS / TEXT PRINT ADS & OUTDOOR ADS BROADCASTS: TV & RADIO WEBSITE Jennifer Thompson • Age 34 • Married mother of 3 • Lives in Basingstoke, Hants • Household income £85,000 • Magazine subscriber to: o Home o Health & fitness • Catalogue buyer ENGAGE 4 On her way back from the supermarket, Jennifer notices an ABC shop, and decides to look at their summer dresses. Jennifer buys a dress. At the till, Jennifer signs up to receive the ABC Fashion mail order catalogue. ONLINE BANNERS / SEARCH BOND 5 Jennifer receives ABC Fashion’s catalogue in the post. While drinking coffee with a friend at home, they leaf through the catalogue and post an order for several accessories to go with her new dress. CONNECT 1 2 3 Jennifer receives her favourite health and fitness magazine in the post and while reading sees a full page ad for ABC Fashion. Later, she sees a billboard promoting ABC Fashion on her drive home. That evening, while watching TV she sees an advert promoting ABC’s new summer collection.
    • 14. TARGET Experience Maps | 2010 Example TOUCHPOINTS SHOP CUSTOMER CALL CENTRE EMAILS / NEWSLETTERS DIRECT MAIL SMS / TEXT PRINT ADS & OUTDOOR ADS BROADCASTS: TV & RADIO WEBSITE Jennifer Thompson • Age 34 • Married mother of 3 • Lives in Basingstoke, Hants • Household income £85,000 • Magazine subscriber to: o Home o Health & fitness • Catalogue buyer ONLINE BANNERS / SEARCH / SM CONNECT 1 2 3 While checking her email online, Jennifer noticed a banner ad for ABC Fashion. She’d heard of the shop as her friend talked about it on Facebook. From the ad, she clicked through to the shop’s website where she saw a dress she liked. She decided to sign up to special offers by email and SMS. 4 5 ENGAGE 6 Minutes later Jennifer received a welcome email from ABC Fashion, which included a 10% limited time discount on their summer collection. Going to the website, she added the dress in the shopping cart but had second thoughts. The next day, a reminder email arrived. A week later a postcard arrived with the same offer and deadline. She went back to the website and completed the order. 7 8 9 10 BOND Following the delivery of the dress, Jennifer received an email suggesting accessories to match. Going into the high street store to look, she decided to buy them. The next week she received a reward voucher in the post. Via one of ABC’s weekly emails she puts an ABC shop link on her Facebook page, as she will earn credits for each friend who signs up to their emails. 11 13 12 14 15
    • 16. Thorntons – Measuring Digital Attention
    • 17. Thorntons – Fast, Automated Eye Tracking
    • 18. Consumers & Data  Email history  Demographics  Preferences  Promotion History  Redemptions  Multi-Channel Interactions  Social comments  Survey Response Consumer Marketing Data Model Consumer Data Marts Consumer Data Marts Consumer Marketing Warehouse Consumer Marketing Warehouse Consumer Data Integration (CDI) Process Data Audit / Exception ReportingData Audit / Exception Reporting Name & Address Standardisation HygieneName & Address Standardisation Hygiene Segmentation EngineSegmentation Engine Consumer Matching / HouseholdingConsumer Matching / Householding Referential Data Referential Data Strategic & Analytic Consulting Customer StrategyCustomer Strategy CRM PlanningCRM Planning Modeling & AnalyticsModeling & Analytics Full Service Agency & Fulfillment Strategy & CreativeStrategy & Creative Account ServiceAccount Service Print ProductionPrint Production Centralised Consumer Marketing Solution Social Media IVR / Call Center Reply Card Coupon Redemptio n $ Brand Website s EmailMobile Consumer Touchpoints & Marketing Channels Data Interfaces Data cleansing, and common key assignation Batch ProcessingBatch Processing Real-TimeReal-Time Real-time content serving Marketing Applications & Integrated Channel Execution Client / Brand Solution Portal Standard / Ad-hoc Reporting Analytics / Modeling Environment Loyalty Solutions Advanced Campaign Management Open Database Access
    • 19. WRAP-UP
    • 20. • Consumer empowerment • Marketing complexity •Data potential •Understand and facilitate the customer experience •Higher conversion, higher loyalty Wrap Up Customer Experience Marketing
    • 21. Q&A
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