Apple iWatch Design Predictions

Design predictions for an Apple iWatch

  1. divadwg
    Design predictions for an Apple iWatch
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    Apple iWatch Design Predictions
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    • The watch form factor is not the best design solution for a 21st century wrist worn deviceThe sports band may be
    • Long and skinny has been the form factor for news since ticker tapesA screen that fit on a band would be the right shape for the delivery of nuggets of information: like news headlines; tweets or SMS messages
    • Which leads to a band design with a wide rectangular display
    • And one button - which logically sits on the back, where the clasp is.
    • Apple’s single button on the iPhone could easily contain a fingerprint sensor
    • Because the device is worn - attaching it would allow for secure, personal authentication: snap on touch authenticates open - breaks authentication
    • Satellite devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops could also be authenticated: authenticated iWatch no need for passwords while using web on any of these devices
    • A further secure mode could display a time sensitive number, making it moresecure than an RSA SecureID key fob*can only be used by fingerprint authenticated user and de-activates if stolen
    • An infinite, scrollable range of apps can be shown as a single row of iPhone style chicklets, with left andright arrows for navigation.These arrows could also be physical buttons next to the screen. All navigation can be done using these forforward and back, e.g. next message when viewing tweets.Apps themselves would be passive. You wouldn’t write tweets from teh device.This removes the need forSiri to control UI, which would limit its use, and a cop-out design wise. Siri would likely be a secondaryway to interact.
    • Charging:Within the clasp, Nike Fuel Style, but possibly Apple proprietary connector
    • A connected watch, will make your otherdevices personal & secure and work togetherwith them:alert when wallet, keys, iPhone lostreplace passwords (optional one time code,encrypted authentication)ticker style - one message at a timeinformation alertspersonal health, fitness, sleep monitoring... tell the time
    • People only have two wrists, and they tend towear something on one.The inclusion of a watch on the Nike Fuel Bandmeans that some people wear this deviceinstead of a watch to avoid wearing more thanone device.Too early to say if this is a fashion.Some of these people are target luxury watchcustomers.
    • This person can afford a Rolex Could be an issue for luxury watch makersBut he is on the board of Nike and is making an iWatch
    • If luxury watch is to iWatch as Vertu was to iPhone
    • pre-modernist jewelry mechanical fetishism pre-electronic precision Could be an issue for luxury watch makers
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  1. Dr SN Dalton
    Dr SN Dalton
    Version: 12/03/2013
    Like the talk. We have been doing research into physical interfaces. One important possible interface element is that you get orientation/movement which you can use for a lot of interface activity. Myo ( MYO - The Gesture Control Armband incorporates nerve sensing technology to give finger/ hand shape position. With this your interface becomes more like Harry Potter hand waving. Imagine pointing to the TV palm out like a policeman to stop it. Finger flick to carry on.

    Accelerometers means you could have a simple fitness app - if you could measure pulse then you could save about 80,000 US lives a year by detecting early signals of cardiac arrest. Sleep apps for phone are very popular this might be another early big market for iWatch apps.

    One of our experiments was helping to people learn practice violin ( getting arm/body position is important). So the use of a vibrotactile element (vibrator) is very important ( helps get your attention sent info back). You could program these things to help with learning drumming or ballet or other physical skills. Some people done good work with relearning to walk after strokes - a bit specialised but shows the potential for novel interaction with iWatch. So the iWatch could be the Wii Fit of the mobile gaming world.

    As far as the you identifier - you could make it use body electricity to modulate a unique signal to each device you touch. Basically if your wearing your watch your system knows it's you the moment you touch it. No long in screens just touch. Same goes for the 3 card reading locked doors you have to pass in order to just go to the loo. Could be replace by pressing the flat plat as you push the door.

    Personally I'm expecting the iWatch to be a small upgrade to the old IPod with multi-touch. little more than iPod mini + bluetooth and apps would be a huge achievement for Apple now.

    love to the talk.