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    Dinesh industries is a largest Company of steel Industries we are a leading exporters of Alloy Steel ASTM A234 WP22 Fittings India. supply a wide variety of A234 WP22 Fittings Large Stockist of A234 WP22 Fittings distributor A234 WP22 Fittings Top Manufacturer, distributor and Wholesale of A234 WP22 Fittings large supplier of A234 WP22 Fittings.ISO Certified Manufacturer, Supplier of Alloy Steel Buttweld Pipe Fittings in India. Seamless ASTM A234 WP22 Pipe Fittings Supplier.AS WP22 Pipe Fittings, Alloy Steel ASTM A234 WP22 Reducer, ASTM A234 WP22 Elbow & Tee at most attractive price around the globe which satisfy the requirements of both strength and durability. We supply ASTM A234 Alloy Steel Buttweld Pipe Fittings in small/large quantity

    Visit Us: http://www.dineshindustries.com/ste...bonsteel-pipefittings-manufacturer-suppliers/

    Corrponding Office
    Addrs: 1st Floor, Sunrise House C.P. Tank Road, Mumbai - 400 004.
    Phone: +91 22 66595411
    Email : info@dinhindustries.com
    Email: ketanmehta@dinhindustries.com

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    Robert Glen
    Version: 2016-12-02
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